Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 19, 2014

Moon has just passed from Libra to Scorpio (5:14 AM) this morning leaving her Void status behind her. Scorpio is not a really popular place for the moon to be, but I happen to like it.

I like Moon in Scorpio because it is in my 9th house. Moon in Libra is my 8th house Moon experience. By the time Moon reaches Scorpio, it has passed over my Libra Stellium and ended with a conjunction to my Sun creating a personal New Moon. It's interesting to consider, but Moon in the sign of Death is like a new beginning for me.

This is why I feel it is important to know your chart and pay attention to the Moon's movements through the signs and houses. If you know ahead of time what Moon aspects and placements are normally difficult (or conversely, easy) for you, then you can plan accordingly.

Besides Moon in Scorpio being in my 9th, I also have a water moon. Therefore, water moons feel natural to me. But, that is not true for everyone.

People with Air Moons typically have the most trouble during a Water Moon. Fire Moons may find themselves a bit uncomfortable on the seas as well.

If you know that Water Moons are typically harsh for you, today's Moon is likely to leave you more waterlogged than normal.

The most prevalent aspects we have today are Moon in Scorpio trine Mercury (8:42 AM) and trine Neptune (4:10 PM). Trines are not considered difficult aspects and I don't expect these aspects to be particularly hard unless you are uncomfortable with Water in general.

If you are accustomed to going with the flow and allowing information to ebb and flow, then today is your day! If you have divination work to do or plan to take extra time meditating, today is your day! If you plan to pretend you are a mermaid or an orca or plan to spend time floating in the bathtub, today is your day! If you need to work with music (or just have a craving for it) or need an boost in the imagination department in order to produce a work of art or writing, today is your day!

If you have to think analytically and mind specific and particular details, today is not your day. If you need to avoid a tough emotional issue, today is REALLY not your day.
While, on the surface we may simply seem to be toiling away at our work, the waters are churning below.

Grounding stones such as Hematite, Tiger's Eye, Obsidian etc. can be of great assistance today as our boundaries are likely to be weak. However, if you are in a position where you could benefit from amping up the intuitive vibes, stones like Larimar, Labradorite and all the various forms of Quartz will help you out. And, if you are seeking healing from these turbulent emotional situations, Amethyst may be your best bet for the day.

Either way, Sun is still inconjunct the North Node, so we still have that “I'm not sure where I fit in” notion. That accompanied by the influx of water can cause uncertainty and emotionality. Allow yourself that space to feel if you need it. Purge if you need it. But, mainly, I would encourage you to take some time float a bit to see where the seas take you. What message is your intuition trying to send? What is buried in your subconscious trying to make its awareness known? There are valuable bits of information floating in the depths. Don't allow fear to keep you from exploring them.