Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 18, 2014

Today has Moon still in Libra moving toward a conjunction with Mars Rx in Libra (at 9:07 PM EDT) and the North Node in Libra. After these aspects, the Moon enters Void status until it crosses into Scorpio in the morning.
I know things don't feel fair or just. We all know it, in one way or another.

Photo Credit: Lisa Iris
Venus in Aquarius is still moving into sextile with Uranus in Aries. I like this aspect a lot. It isn't heavy. It's light and brings accentuation to collaboration with friends. It does induce a sense of freedom seeking. What type of freedom are you looking for?

Freedom of movement? Freedom of choice? Freedom from self-doubt and self-imposed restrictions? Freedom from draining relationships? Freedom from the past? Freedom from restrictions imposed by others. Freedom from loneliness? Freedom from illness?

Venus in Aquarius is independent and unattached. The Lone Wolf (Uranus in Aries) is courting her, whispering in her ear wild ideas of how she can be MORE free. Less restricted. More independent. Can you hear the low rumble of his guttural growl? “Venus, my dear, love is free. Don't listen to them. You can do whatever you want.”

Some of us will respond to that. Some of us will become a little more free. Some of us will take a risk on freedom. But, many will realize that freedom typically comes with some sort of sacrifice or commitment to a new way of doing things. But, who cares. You are free!

Sun is inconjunct the North Node. Jupiter is inconjunct Venus. You may not be able to see how you can fit into this new idea of destiny. You may not see how the North Node in Libra applies to you or what you are supposed to do in order to meet your destiny. You may not see how your generosity (Jupiter) is affecting your monetary (Venus) freedom (Aquarius). You may not understand how simply doing what makes you feel good (Jupiter in Cancer) fosters those feelings of independence and freedom.

You know you want it. You rebel, you.

When Moon meets up with Mars, emotions become more forceful, apparent and ambivalent. If you meet up with someone today who seems to be snapping off heads for no apparent reason, it could very well be because they feel thwarted, disappointed, ineffective, trapped in an effort to make a good decision. But, why are they taking it out on everyone else?

Because Mars in Libra can be passive aggressive, for one. It's not mad at you specifically. But, it is frustrated with life in general and doesn't want to admit to that directly. He would rather just unleash his misery on the world a little bit at a time—little drops of acid. And, when you ask what is wrong, the frustration oozes from his lips as he says, “Nothing.” The contorted and frustrated Mars Rx energy balls up in a person and just seeps out at the weak spots.

Of course, there are other ways this Moon/Mars energy can manifest. It's a good day for sex, for example. Why not use that outlet to combat some of the widespread feelings of ineffectiveness?

And, I'd not worry too much about not being able to logically place yourself in the future today. Instead, listen to what your intuition tells you. Listen to what you feel. Turn off the words for a minute and just sit with that for awhile. Moon (emotion/intuition) will feel it's way across the North Node and Mercury in Pisces has its antenna up feeling for what is not being said.

Linear thinking is sooo LAST month.