Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 16, 2014

Out! Out damn spot!

This morning, we wake to the Moon in Virgo in a nice sextile to Saturn in Scorpio (7:37 AM EDT). Emotions are solid, stable and supported. Grounded.

But, there is water. Still waters. Not stagnant. But still...deep...quiet waters.

I still feel the pull of purge. I met this a bit yesterday. My son, husband and grandson helped me remove my huge lavender plant from the front of my home. The winter was too harsh. It did not survive.

As I watched the roots of this plant being pulled from the Earth, I remembered why I had planted it there. The aroma of lavender would follow you as you entered the house. When it rained, I could open my front windows and allow the freshness to waft in. The plant was there to meet us all when we came home and wish us a relaxed day when we left the house.

I gathered carefully from the plant over the years, saying prayers over it as I cut the blooms and leaves to dry and be used for Spiritual Baths, House Cleanings and Smudging. Yesterday is the first day the roots of the plant were physically disturbed. But, parts of the plant itself have traveled the world and have met people and places I've never seen. From the front steps of my home, this plant was more well traveled than I.

Even on its last day at the front steps, it brought 3 generations of love together.

Now, the dirt is bare. The plant is gone and placed in a spot where it will break down and be food for new life eventually.

The freshly cleared bed holds promise and possibility but looks so empty now. How will I fill the space? I'm free to enlarge the bed. I'm free to plant more lavender there or elsewhere. It is a perfectly clean space from a plant whose bounty has served all well.

Virgo knows pruning and the value of it. Little pieces are cut away—dead pieces, diseased pieces, wilted blooms. As these pieces are cut the remaining plant receives more nutrients. The energy is no longer going to the damaged and now cut away pieces. The plant becomes stronger, more productive, healthier. But, the cut ends must be protected from disease until they heal.

That being said, it always hurts me to prune something.

Chrysanthemums. If you want a beautiful flush of fall blooms, you must cut the early baby blooms 3 times through the year—shaping the plant as you go. It hurts. As if I'm stealing the plants first children. So, I pray. Pisces knows prayer. Pisces knows mourning. Pisces knows sacrifice.

But, does the plant understand?

Today, the Full Moon in Virgo perfects at 1 PM. Then, she goes void until entering Libra at 8:46 PM. There is still time to prune in the morning. Then, rest with healing parts in the evening.

Libra is a busy place. We will feel the pings of the Moon's passage through the t-square and over Mars and over the NN in the early parts of the week.

Heal. Take meticulous care of your pruned parts so that they will be resilient and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Pray because that helps.

Rest after the spot is well scrubbed.

Dream of how you will fill that barren space.