Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 15, 2014

Beware the Ides of March

Today looks fairly nice considering we are working our way to a Full Moon. We wake up to the Virgo Moon sextile Jupiter in Cancer perfecting at 7 AM EDT.

Meaning, we could wake up with big plans for the day.

Each time the Full Moon falls in Virgo, I threaten that I'm going to rent one of those big dumpsters and pull it into the front yard and throw everything in the house away. This is what my natal Virgo energy (Venus) and transiting Virgo energy bring to me.

Virgo does like to clear out and organize. Pisces, however, is ruled by Neptune which rules chaos. With the Sun in Pisces, we do have that polarity going on.

Spring cleaning satisfies the balancing of these two. And, by Spring Cleaning, I mean both physical cleaning and energetic/spiritual cleansing.

Today is a great day for cleaning/charging our metaphysical equipment such as stones and Tarot Cards. It is excellent for meditation. Spiritual cleansing rituals such as Hoo-doo baths and smudging also fit right into the day. Water charged under this Full Moon can be used for a myriad of things throughout the month.

Moon moves from Jupiter into trine with Pluto perfecting at 12:33 PM, giving our emotions fortitude and forbearance. We can dig in deep between the physical or energetic crevices to really pull out the grime.

From Pluto, Moon moves to oppose Chiron which may have us encountering those more deeply rooted psychological pains and giving us an opportunity to clear out some of our clutter associated with that.

Any efforts taken in the name of the Full Moon (which doesn't perfect until tomorrow at 1 PM tomorrow) are best taken tonight since the opposition to the Sun tomorrow is the final aspect the Moon makes before reaching Void status.

This is basically the last hurrah of Pisces season. By the time we make it to the Last Quarter Moon, the Sun will be in Aries. We are set in motion to move out of this watery womb and into a new cycle. Spring. My suggestion is to cut away as much dead weight as you can and purge as much energetic gunk as you can to prepare the soil for the new plantings that will come in Aries season.

Either way, look ahead and determine what baggage you don't need to carry with you into the future. Re-purpose it. Release it. Donate it. Let it go.