Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 14, 2014

Would you look at that? It's Friday! We have survived the week!

And, if you are reading this, you have survived...endured...and you deserve some type of personal reward for that.

The air is increasing in intensity as we move to our Full Moon in Virgo.

This morning, we wake up to a Void Moon in Leo. She leaves Void status when she enters Virgo at 10:18 AM EDT. As soon as she enters Virgo, she begins waxing into opposition with Neptune. That perfects at 9:42 PM tonight.

The fog begins creeping in. We may be sitting at our desks and drift off to think about our upcoming plans for the weekend.

Overlaying the waxing Moon/Neptune, we have the Moon's ruler, Mercury, waxing into trine with Mars RX in Libra. This is a trine in Air and I suspect it will have your mental wheels spinning as they process what has occurred this week and what is anticipated to occur in the weeks to come.

Let me pause there for a minute and tell you what I'm seeing.

First, people are encountering walls, or blocks to their long term plans. People have encountered (sometimes surprising) switchbacks that are largely out of their control and these switchbacks are causing them to restructure their plans.

In order to tell if you are falling into this category of people that I'm talking about, read the following questions. If you are able to say “Yes” to one or more of these statements, then you are falling in the category that I'm seeing as most prevalent.

Are you feeling ineffective?

Are you mad, angry or frustrated and feel like you can't do anything about it?

Are you being put in situations that force you to re-evaluate your actions in past relationships, your reasons/motivations for partnering, the part you played in a relationships demise or success? (By this, I mean, are you running into relationship ghosts from your past?)

Do you feel discouraged and de-motivated?

Are you encountering situations that encourage you to re-evaluate what you may be doing subconsciously to block yourself from being able to be intimate in your relationships? This refers to emotional intimacy as well as sex.

Do you have a long-term goal that you are just about ready to give up on because it seems like the entire Universe is conspiring to keep you from it?

Do you feel like you cannot move forward (because of blocks, low energy levels, uncertainty, fear or non-support from your immediate environment)?


Allow me to introduce you to Saturn Rx in Scorpio and Mars Rx in Libra. If you are feeling or encountering any of the above, these two planets are likely part of the reason.

It is extremely hard to make progress right now. And, anything new that you build, it is likely to be done very tediously and all by yourself.

We are in a time of deconstruction. And, sometimes the debris from that fall out lands right in front of us on the path to where we want to go. Forcing us to stop. Blocking us from where we need to go. And, when this happens one or more times you DO begin to question, “Am I NOT supposed to go this way or what?”

Know that if you DO run into ghosts from your past, the purpose is probably so you can re-evaluate the relationship (your actions, your motivations, your patterns of behavior) from a distance. It doesn't necessarily mean you are supposed to go back “there” and re-kindle the relationship unless that is what you feel is right for you to move forward.

How do you choose your partners? And, I'm not just talking about love relationship partners. I'm also referring to friendships, business partners, etc. Why do you partner? What is your motivation for that? How do you trip yourself up in these partnerships? Is there a fair exchange of energy? Do you self-destruct because you have a subconscious fear of intimacy, control issues, trust issues?

And this is a self-evaluative exercise, ok? It's not meant for us to look at the other person and say, “THEY did this or that or have this problem.” No. The Universe is working with them (or trying to) so they can re-evaluate their own garbage. On that token, if you are experiencing this, know that it is for YOU to re-evaluate YOUR stuff So you can see where you are tripping yourself up. So you can LEARN. So, if you decide to partner again in the future, you will be wiser and more self-aware of your more detrimental actions from all aspects.

If you are feeling ineffective and are encountering blocks, it is so YOU can re-evaluate the motives and actions you are taking. This is not the time for rushing in and if you give it a shot the Universe is going to throw something at you to slow you down. North Node is in LIBRA..not Aries. Aries rushes in alone—the pioneer, the warrior. Libra waits...and pontificates...and procrastinates...and does things strategically.

It isn't necessarily about the end goal here. Not yet. It's about the path you are taking. And, if you are encountering blocks, its because down the path the Universe knows that there is a weak spot somewhere and is stopping you to give you fair warning and encouraging you to slow down and re-structure the whole thing.

Some people will give up. But, if you are shooting for something you REALLY want, you won't. And, we are finding that out too. How bad do you want it? Are you sure?

I know most people are tired of feeling like their wheels are spinning. We want to go NOW! Spring is calling! We should be there already! BUT, there is this HUGE uncertainty on the horizon called eclipse season and the perfection of the Grand Cross. There are events out there lined up and waiting to happen that we cannot see and likely cannot predict. But, don't think the Universe doesn't know these things are out there.

Beyond what we have coming in the Spring, Mars will eventually turn direct and rush out of Libra and into Scorpio. Do you realize how much your drive and energy levels will change once that happens? It will be here before we know it. Time is moving FAST! And, it seems like it is moving faster than normal because Mercury is direct and clicking away while Mars (our actions, our motivation, our drive, our inner warrior) is in detriment and crawling backward. We are slow. Time is fast. One day (soon) we are going to wake up and say, “Holy crap! It's here! It's time to move! That was quick!”

Yep. Watch and see. It will be here before you know it and it will be time to MOVE! Be. Patient. Now. Be. Diligent. Now.

Today, when Mercury meets up with Mars, you are likely to receive information about all the things I have just talked about. It's a friendly conversation. Ok? Mercury and Mars are in trine. Take notes. If you see what is that YOU are doing to hold yourself back or if you see how some of your past choices have tripped you up, pay attention! Because, that is the point.

At the Full Moon in Virgo, purge these things. Acknowledge them. Forgive yourself for it. Accept whatever it is you did or didn't do and

Focus on preparing to move. Prepare. Remove blocks. Go under, around and through. How bad do you want it? Or do you? It's a very personalized type of thing. Again..this is the point. Because when our wheels DO finally touch ground, you are going to need these preparations in place and these questions answered.

Use the Virgo Full Moon to cut away the dead weight and clear out the clutter (literally or energetically). The lighter you can travel and the less you have to carry, the more easily you will be able to navigate in the future. As you clear this “gunk” out, know that it opens a void space that will be filled. Don't let that happen haphazardly. What do you want to fill that space with? You know? Do it deliberately and consciously.

Rest when you need to and don't fight this energy (or lack thereof). Work with it. Don't be afraid to look realistically at what Saturn and Mars are trying to tell you. Don't give up on yourself. Prepare. At the end of this, we will know right where our true support lies. We will know who our reliable partners are. We will know where the potholes in the road are. And, we will know more about ourselves and be ready for what comes next.