Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 13, 2014

Today we get to experience Saturn two different ways. WOW! That sounds like a lot of fun...right? Not.


Actually, though, I like the interaction of Pisces Sun in trine to Saturn in Scorpio. This has been waxing for several days and perfects today at 5:16 PM. Saturn brings a nice grounding effect to Pisces. Again, it is our island retreat in the middle of the ocean. It helps to make those dreams of Pisces a reality and reinforces emotional boundaries which are so important for water people. This is the supportive side of Saturn.

However, by days end, we are going to run into the harsher side of Saturn when the Moon in Leo meets up with Saturn in Scorpio via square. We are working with the archetype of Scorpio against the archetype of Leo. It's almost as if the Scorpion meets up with the Lion and says, “You know, some reticence would be nice. It's not all about you. Some things are secret and sacred. And, there are workings behind the veil the whole time you are putting on your little lion show.” Of course, Leo may roar back and just make the show louder. But, the key is try to bring those energies into a manageable balance.

Use the friction between the two signs to move forward instead of allowing the friction to bear down on you. It's a tight energy and can be rather prickly.

Moon square Saturn is prone to depression and it could feel like Saturn in Scorpio is picking out these uglier parts of our identity (Leo) or even our emotional (Moon) identity (Leo) and putting them in our face to deal with. As Scorpio brings these things to you to examine, engage the other side of this Saturn aspected day and forgive, accept and release. The Pisces archetype can help you do that.

None of us are perfect, and Saturn in Scorpio is in love with popping that shadow side into our awareness. Don't beat yourself up for it. Be aware. Note it. Then forgive, accept and release yourself of it.

Very sober day, indeed. But, also an opportunity to ground a bit in this watery season as we approach our Full Moon in Virgo.