Morning Star: Daily #Astrology for March 12, 2014

Today, what we need and what we want are in opposition. Moon is in (RAWR) Leo (need) and finds Venus (want) in Aquarius via opposition at about 10 AM EDT. Don't fool yourself, both Leo and Aquarius want to stand out. Leo wants to stand out to be loved. Aquarius wants to stand out to be recognized as different—set apart from the crowd. It would be a great day for an emotional display (Leo Moon) over an environmental or charitable cause (Venus in Aquarius). It would be a GREAT day for a Lioness to show herself in light of something that she feels will threaten the future world of her cubs.

There is a push and pull energy with this opposition. The key is to balance it out. Sometimes when we are under an opposition in the sky, we feel one side of the energy and project the other. You may find yourself on one side and encounter the energy of the opposing side.

My example of this, when I first woke up this morning I read a story about possible mining on the Moon. Venus in Aquarius does spark innovation and can be concerned with the money (Venus) that can be generated from technology (Aquarius) and space (Aquarius) exploration. I swear, when I read the story I roared in anger and in pain when I considered the abuses we (as a culture) have forced upon our home planet spreading to encompass other Universal bodies.


The rest of the day is colored by a waxing trine from Moon in Leo to Uranus in Aries that perfects at 9 PM. Looks to me like Venus' ruler is siding with the Moon by the end of the day. Uranus in Aries is about personal and cultural freedoms. And, I've been thinking a lot about how subjective freedom is lately. It's perfect energy, when balanced and used appropriately, for a stand to be taken in the name of love and freedom that says, “NO! ROAR! WE ARE TAKING OUR PLANET BACK!”

Moon/Uranus does create a potential for dramatic group think and with Mercury also in Aquarius (Group-Aquarius/think-Mercury), we could all cross over onto the same page for good or ill.

There is so much potential for genius when Uranus comes into play. But, it is a volatile genius. Unpredictable. Rebellious. Fixed in change. Explosive.

Yet, when you look at the current ruler of Uranus, we find him withdrawing from violence (Mars RX in Libra). It's as if he is sitting down saying, “I will fight no more,forever.”

Although, I don't see a surrender here. I see a collective wave of energy that fosters a mentality against non-violent means of getting where we know we need to be in the future. Its a way of laying down arms and joining hands in an effort to save our collective asses without blowing ourselves up. It's a wave of consciousness that says, “There is more to love than money. We no longer support raping our resources in favor of the all mighty dollar. We have our future to think of.”

Seeds. Little “crazy” thought seeds. And, they play quite nicely with the Full Moon occuring in health conscious, service oriented, grounded Virgo on Sunday. Add to that the undying compassionate Pisces Sun receiving grounding from “pulling the problems out of the depths” Saturn in Scorpio? Yes. There is power in this day. For sure.

I like the feel of it. I like the wildness crackling in the air. I like the potential for loving dramatics. How do you think you can use it?

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