Morning Star: Daily #Astrology for March 11, 2014

Today is pretty sweet. It is solid and grounded. Today belongs to Saturn.

While Saturn is not a happy feel good planet, it does bring something solid to Pisces Season when it meets up with a planet via softer aspects (trine or sextile)--though there really isn't much soft about Saturn either.

The harsh aspect between Saturn and Mercury (square) perfected overnight and is now waning. However, it is still close enough to be felt today. This means there is still a chance for negative thought patterns and possibly some harsh words. This could set the undertone for the day along with the Cardinal T-square (which is gaining intensity) that has been coloring our lives for awhile now.

But, we also have the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Pisces waking us up via trine that perfected overnight too. This helps things to fall in place a bit easier today.

At 8:30 AM, Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio. With Moon in Cancer and Sun in Pisces, we are waterlogged. But, when Saturn comes to help, it is like someone has thrown us a life raft or we have seen an island oasis. LAND HO!

The Sun in Pisces is also in waxing trine to Saturn. This perfects on Thursday but is accessible today.

In the big picture, this is a called a grand trine in Water. Because the Moon is involved, this grand trine is only in effect for a short

Saturn provides a container for all that water. Emotions are out there but they are controllable. Our emotional boundaries are stronger. We aren't as floaty or drifty. It is the difference between being on the Titanic and having access to a life boat or not. And, I think we all know how that went. GET ON THE LIFEBOAT!

We do meet with ambiguity later this evening as the Moon squares Mars Rx in Libra. If you can pull some of the solidness from the water trine (via being grounded, productive, determined) we can work this square to our advantage and get some things accomplished. Otherwise, the tension produced could have us fretting over which items to check off our list or just leave us with an internal struggle over priorities.

For example, between Cancer and Libra, Cancer Moon may want to just hole up somewhere or stay home. Whereas, Libra Mars pokes us to come out of our shells and collaborate with others.

Haven't you heard? DIY has gotten an upgrade! It is now DIT (do-it-together). Just ask RadioShack. Or look at the North Node/South Node Axis in do-it-yourself Aries (SN) and DIT Libra! You don't always have to be committing a crime to have a co-conspirator. You could be conspiring to do something GOOD!

The difference between a Saturn trine and a Saturn square is like having a firm but gentle teacher vs having one that whacks your wrist with a ruler (or worse) when you screw up. I'll take the trine, thank you. My high school typing teacher was the “whack you with a ruler type.” I didn't care much for her.

After the Moon squares off with Mars, she enters Void status and this our chance to relax after a well accomplished day.

Moon enters Leo tonight at 10:10 PM as she continues to wax toward complete fullness. As a matter of fact, tomorrow may be a complete big haired drama momma (Leo Moon) vs modern beauty (Venus in Aqua) show down. CAT FIGHT! Yeah. You are going to want to be well rested for that premiere. My first inclination is to put money on the Aquarian, but lions have pretty big teeth. So we will see. It may depend on the venue.

Either way, today is a day for getting stuff accomplished in the morning and relaxing a bit tonight. ENJOY!

(I don't know about you, but I could use a good solid day)