Morning Star (Daily Astrology Driftings): March (where does the time go) 1, 2014

Instead of giving a cut and dry forecast today with planetary aspects and Moon placements, I thought I'd share a snippet of an actual conversation I had last night in order to give you a sneak peak as to what you may experience.

A fish, a fish and a fish swim up to the bar....

I don't understand why he walks so slowly into the room. Like he is wading through quicksand. He doesn't look at anything or anyone. Hands down. Arms down. Like he is in his own little world.”

He does it like that because he's a Fish.”


Yeah. He's a fish. A Fish feels its way through the water. Fish can see. Some of them may even be able to hear. They can taste. But, they get most of their information from the water they are swimming in...temperature, degree of movement or swiftness, amount of penetrating light.”

I still don't get it.”

He enters the room slowly because he is testing the water. He has no idea what mood the people in the room are in before he enters. He's been secluded deep under the water before bubbling up in the hallway. He doesn't know if everyone is getting along or fighting or being funny. So, he stills himself physically while he slowly moves the water minimizing his own impact on it while gauging what he is wading into. Notice the next time he comes through, he won't say a word to anyone. But, he has his sensors (like octopus tentacles or those little antennae like things on shrimp) ahead, behind, above, below and beside him in the water as he feels things out all around him. If you talk to him, he responds to you in a way that reflects your current you've just touched the water with your words and created a ripple and he sends that ripple back to you.”

You know what. That's a crazy way to look at it. But, I think it's a pretty good analogy.”

Well, he IS a Fish! I'm not making an analogy. I'm trying to tell you what he is and explain how Fish operate. No apples to apples or to oranges...Fish to Fish. Filet o' Fish. Fish on a stick. Tartar sauce with or without?”

How did you come up with that part? Why a Fish?”

He is a Pisces. Pisces' symbol is two fish. One Fish swims near the surface of the water and the other swims waaaay below the surface. People with lots of Pisces, live in both these worlds at the same time. There is the one life that is near the surface that is visible to the world. But, there is this rich, deep, fantastical (subjectively to the particular Fish, of course),alluring, mysterious, magical, addicting, elusively hidden inner world that non-fish would probably never suspect existed. Some Fish spend equal time in each place. Above a little and below a little. Balanced Fish. Some cannot distinguish between the two realities. And, still, there is even a percentage that stay submerged as much as possible. When these last types of fish are forced to surface, they find that reality is so painful, loud and bright to them compared to the dark, still, safe waters of the deep that will do anything to escape back into that place.

Ok. I know this sounds crazy but, that sounds just like him!”

Well, I've no room to talk. I'm a Fish, too. We can kind of recognize one another that way.”

I was kind of suspecting that you might be Fishy but didn't want to say.”

I appreciate your reticence but PFFT, as if YOU are immune! Right now you are under Fish rule. You may not be a Fish all the time, but you certainly are an honorary fish for quite some time.”

How am I a Fish? I thought I was an Ox.”

You ARE an Ox. But, Neptune, the King of the Fishes, has cast two temporary spells upon you. The first spell is specifically directed at you but everyone who lives long enough falls prey to it eventually. Right at your age or thereabout. And, PLUS, the King of the Fishes has cast a spell upon the WHOLE WORLD (which includes you again) and taken over temporary leadership without anybody even realizing it because...they are Fished out. The entire world is his watery kingdom and we are his finned royal servants.”

So...we are all Fish?”

Well, Scales and Fins are IN right now. Its not a long term fashion trend but everybody's sporting it these days. Comes in all sizes and colors. BUT, even the Fishes who ARE Fishes all the time are particularly Fishy right now. It is raining Fish. We are having our coffee with the starfish. We are leaping waves with dolphins. We are bubbling up for a peak at the surface and then back down to....wherever that is. Fish are used to this. But, people who are just being granted honorary Gills are floundering—pun intended. Some don't even know how to swim! You are kind of lucky to have that personal spell from Neptune going on right now because Oxen don't swim well, I don't think. I'm sure it is helping you instead of hindering you. Or, at least it doesn't hurt. Or, you wouldn't be able to feel it if it DID hurt.”

Whatever. Oxen can swim! We would have won the Chinese Astrology race if it weren't for that sneaky Rat riding on stowaway on our head. We swim fine! Just try and stop us.”
(as a side note, under Fish Rule, Oxen become Sea Cows)

I'm just saying. We are all Fish. One Fish. Two Fish. Red Fish. Blue Fish. Chicken of the Sea. Minnows. Sharks. Whales. makes an attempt at making underwater blooping noises and sounds surprisingly realistic HA! SEE!?”




Yeah, but he's one of those below the surface Fish at the moment and he will eventually turn back into whatever large gangly bird he typically is”


Are you serious? He may be his own school of Fish.”




Baby Orca”


I'm surprised she can speak outside of dolphin clicks and whistles”


Well, she's swimming with the Sharks but probably has less Fish Fetish than most. But..right now. Still a Fish.”

(These are our family members by the way.)

I'm not even going to ask about Allie.”

AAAHHHAAAHA! Her name badge at the Fish social mixer says, 'Captain Nemo!' She's at least 20,000 Leagues Under.”

Ok. So we are all Fish, I guess. What do we do now?”

Uh. Duh. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.”

(this is the short daily blog that will not just goes on and on my friends...)

This conversation occurred at about 3 AM Saturday morning. You know, that time of the night that is not really night and not really day? That time of night that feels a lot like what Limbo must feel like...real but unreal. Our brains were working...running even! Imaginations were..uh..peaking. But, we weren't angry or anxious about being awake. It's like the “heat” or, the inclination toward anger, bitterness, passive-aggressiveness and competitiveness has been taken out of my immediate relationships right now. Minds are busy—or waking up--- but bodies are not making any swift moves and don't seem to be in a much of a hurry to get anywhere. Our very selves and our emotions are drained, drifty, hallucinating (or something close to it), sleep walking, sleep talking, over stimulated past the point of exhaustion to a degree that we no longer have (or desire) conscious control of where our thoughts go. The body's numb. But the brain is running circles and circles trying to piece together the results of their recent reverse experimentation and anxious to talk about the findings. But, since we are all floating in the ocean, it really is hard to say how or where those discussions/thought processes will lead. There is nobody really “with it” enough right now to be supervising themselves let alone directing YOU. You could start talking about parenting issues and end up talking about global land walking Fish and use Dr. Seuss and Pixxar quotes as advice. You could sit down to do your taxes and end up making a few pan of brownies instead. You might go for a walk and stop in the middle of the road at one point wondering why you don't remember the apparent 3 miles you just wandered from your house.

Long-term...incoming waves...changing of the tide and the guard and your neighbor's house numbers for fun...

Time speeds up, revving its engine to the future. The future, itself, Jupiter is preparing to shift to forward gears. But, we are physically slooooooooowing doooooooooown and feel a whole lot like dreaming about our agendas rather than actually advancing toward them. Prepare for Warp Speed, Captain.

Ambition? Who? Isn't that prescription only? I am enjoying this exhibit though. Who was the artist again? Nice music playing on the overhead too. Gentle..and I...wait, where are we? Look, I can blow bubbles underwater and not let go of my nose!

I'm 99.99% sure that MANY people (once the Sun moves into Aries) are going to stop in the middle of doing something or dreaming about doing something and all of a sudden feel like they
have just washed ashore.
How did I get here? Where did the time go? What the crap just happened? It's raining Fish! Hallelujah, it's raining Fish!Why is that soccer ball smiling at me? What. Is. That. Smell?

In the meantime, maybe this Fish dream (which will ebb and flow throughout Pisces season with small periods of LAND HO! Before we are thrust back out on the seas) will teach us about being a little more gentle, compassionate, understanding, forgiving and accepting (all positive Fish Tales). Then, when the jolt and wake up calls of Aries (With its ruler still withdrawing heat---Mars RX-- AND in detriment) season wakes us up and yet, though disoriented, we find ourselves less than inclined to fight and compete with each other, more willing to work together even if our goals are different, I help you, you help me and down the drain we go with a freshly scaled and archived Fish Memory of the things we learned about compassion, empathy, acceptance and forgiveness....MAYBE, just MAYBE we will take the harsher edged spring energy and use that super power for the good (OF ALL) and not evil. Maybe we just don't feel like fighting and would rather institute change by actually adapting our own behavior to model the changes we would like to see...instead of arguing over why it isn't fair to everyone and therefore not acceptable. Maybe we will realize that “fair” is just as subjective as our internalized fantasies and it's just easier to be nice and help each other and take care of who we love instead of what we think and say we love. Maybe I will make Tuna Salad for lunch.

So. You are at the beginning of the reign/rain of the King of the Fish now. X marks the spot. You are here.

Wait...where are you going!

Hey! You are floating away!

Wow...look a squirrel. You know, I've always wondered what the color fuscia tastes like. I bet it's like cotton candy. What do you think?