Daily Astrology February 28, 2014

A very dear friend of mine asked if I could begin putting my daily forecasts on my blog. I've been posting them on Google+ and Facebook for awhile. But, for some reason, I have this pre-conceived notion that my blogs need to be long and detailed--and I write the forecasts really quickly. Then, she helped me remember I'm the boss of my blog and can do whatever I want. So, you can thank Annie for this attempt to start regularly posting Astrology Updates in a more widely accessible format. (Thanks Annie)

I forget what it is that I like most about a Pisces Moon That was a little joke. I AM a Pisces Moon native and I'm not afraid to tell you we can be a bit forgetful. We can come off as a little drifty, a little imaginative, a little over-sensitive, elusive, fairy dusty. We Pisces Moons feel you...especially with our Moon's ruler in our sign.
Water Moons are empathic for the most part. Those with Moons in early Water Signs are discovering the heights of empathy with Neptune and hopefully paid attention while Saturn was in early Scorpio trining (or conjuncting for Scorps) our moons in order to access some emotional boundaries. Boundaries are our friends.

Right now, the Moon is void in Aquarius after a trine with Mars in Libra at 6 AM. She enters Pisces at about 10 AM EST. An hour before that Mercury stations direct in Aquarius (did you just hear the choir sing?).

All day. ALL DAY you are likely to feel the waxing conjunction of Moon to Neptune which occurs at 6 PM.
So, let me see..we have a VOC Moon for the early morning, a stationary quivering Mercury and a blissed out possibly overly emotional drifty Moon all day. Excuse me while I reach for my hematite and tiger's eye.

Grounding activities will come in handy today for sure. Patience and ability to keep your humor intact will also help. BUT, if you have a chance, take a few moments to dream. LET your imagination lead you. Allow yourself to dismiss reality for a minute or two and see where you go. I know there are people who are not comfortable with water, drifting and Neptune. But don't be afraid to relax into the waves and see where you float off to.
Sun in Pisces waxes toward a trine with Jupiter late this evening. It feels good. Optimistic. Let me re-spell that...Optimum Mystic.

This, my friends, is the phrase of the day. OPTIMUM MYSTIC

What can you dream up? The New Moon perfects overnight. Write yourself a note (several little sticky notes placed strategically where you might notice them) to remember to set your intentions. If you've not popped over to the Woo-WooWonderful site to download your Moon Intention Workbook--get it today.
Otherwise, happy drifting!