Point and Counterpoint: Mars in Libra

Point and counterpoint

From Wikipedia, “In its most general aspect, counterpoint involves the writing of musical lines that sound very different and move independently from each other but sound harmonious when played simultaneously”

It is hard to write a beautiful song. It is harder to write several individually beautiful songs that, when sung simultaneously, sound as a more beautiful polyphonic whole. The internal structures that create each of the voices separately must contribute to the emergent structure of the polyphony, which in turn must reinforce and comment on the structures of the individual voices. The way that is accomplished in detail is...'counterpoint'”

There is a word that describes the type of harmonic interaction between sounds that are independent and different. That word is interdependent.

The beauty of interdependence is that each element can exist and thrive on its own. However, when these individual factions are combined, they create something beautiful and of value while each still remain unique and independent of the other.
Interdependence is what we strive for in healthy relationships and effective teams. Relationships and collaborative effort are a personification of Mars in Libra at its finest.
We don’t often talk about Mars in Libra being in its finest though, do we? We hear more about the fact that Mars finds himself in detriment in Libra. And, when first experiencing or learning about transiting Mars in Libra it’s often easier to express the simpler, less refined, more passive elements of the placements.

I’ve described Mars in Libra as being the person who will smile to your face while stabbing you in the back. This is a possible manifestation. Mars in Libra is often accused of keeping up appearances in lieu of expressing anger or fighting. I will argue that point. Sometimes, Mars in Libra puts up the appearance in order to get them further down the road toward what they want. It’s not so much that Mars in Libra gives a crap about what you think---that’s Mercury in Libra’s job. Mars in Libra does; however, worry about what actions you may take that could thwart them from getting what they want because what is “wanted” is exactly what motivates Mars in Libra to start with.
Mars in Libra is militant and strategic. He doesn’t have to do much, because he’s going to leave the actions mostly to you. In a way, it looks as if Mars in Libra is a reactive and/or passive placement—and it can be. However, usually what is happening is he is leading your actions through his own and will then respond to you in kind. Most of the time, he has already weighed out your possible reactions and will base his future actions on the choice you make. But, he’s going to make darned sure to put you in a situation where you make the choice that is conducive to his own best interests. Do you understand what I’m saying? Mars in Libra will set you up without you even realizing it. He will spark you to act, provoke you in a way that you do something that either justifies his next action or leads to the action he wants to take.
That, in and of itself, is Mars’ downfall in Libra. Actions should be based and driven from your core, not dependent upon what someone else chooses to do. But, in a militant and strategic realm, anticipating your opponents move and planning your counterpoint is exactly the way to go. As you can probably tell, this can be good or bad depending on your position.
An Officer and Gentleman was my favorite movie as a child. That’s right. It wasn’t ET, it wasn’t some cartoon. It was this. I have Mars in Libra.
Pay attention to what the Drill Instructor (Foley) says in the clip, “I will use any means, fair or unfair, to trip you up.” Also, listen to what he says about the “local girls” who only have one thing in mind, “To marry themselves a naval aviator.” Mars in Libra. Every. Bit. Of. It.
Mars in aspect to Venus is motivated (Mars) by what it wants (Venus). This is true of Mars in Taurus, as well. However, Mars in Taurus is more inclined to just not budge until he gets what he wants. Or, to keep trudging forward in that regard...it becomes all about the person’s momentum with the fuel behind that drive (or the stubborn absence of it) being the shiny Venus object (money, love, something of tangible or intangible value).
Mars in Libra will throw out concepts like “compromise” when in a dispute. It will also throw out words like “fair” and “justice” and pin them as reasons for their chosen actions. The thing that gets lost in that translation is the true meaning of compromise.
Compromise is “an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by EACH SIDE making concessions. That “each side making concessions” part is usually what is lost. Whenever someone says to me, “You need to compromise,” I laugh. Compromise is not something you can reach on your own. However, if you talking about compromise as a verb and not a noun, it then becomes, “the ability to listen to two sides in a dispute and construct a compromise (back to the noun’s meaning) acceptable to both.” Still with the action of compromise there exists the original meaning of the word that implies ALL parties are going to be called to give something up in order to get what they want.
Keep that in mind when Mars in Libra throws compromise in your face. Turn and ask all parties involved what they are also willing to surrender in order to achieve whatever goal it is. Do not just seek what you are going to have to give up.
In terms of “fairness” and “justice,” what is usually lost in those matters is the fact that what I deem as fair may be different from what you deem as fair. What I think is “just” may not align with what you think is “just.” Someone with a heavy Pluto influence in their chart may believe that it’s fair to burn your house down and kill your entire family because you cut them off on the freeway. Is that fair? Probably not if you are the person that cut the Pluto person off. But, to the Pluto person, yeah…that seems fair. The terms of what is “fair” and what is “just” are both subjective (based or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions) which brings me to my next point about Mars in Libra.

What happens when subjective information interferes with objective decision making? Well, we call that projection, my friend, and that is Libra’s forte’. Any planet in Libra has the power to project. Now, we have the psychological definition of projection and that applies too. But, what I’m mainly talking about is the assumption that everyone carries the same subjective data as you do and therefore also assuming that other people are basing their decisions on the same thing you base them on. This is not only immature (as it is often observed in children) but is also faulty. I doubt very seriously that you could find one person whose life experience has led them to the same collection of subjective data as you.
You may find people with similar experiences. You may find people who have one or two similar subjective values. But, a carbon copy? No. I don’t see that happening.
An immature expression of Mars in Libra will base his evaluation of what should be done solely on how he thinks the “other” feels (subjective) about something. Mars in Libra may actually try to be above board and be fair but doesn’t realize that everyone doesn’t see “fair” or “just” the same way he does.

Ah, but the skilled Mars in Libra will know a little bit more about your subjective data. Mars in Libra has not obtained the detective like capacity of Mars in Scorpio yet. However, he has an inkling of what drives you even if he can’t put the psychologically motivated “why’s” behind it just yet. Mars in Libra can charm (another Venus/Mars trait) his way right into you giving that away to him by asking the simple and predictable questions of, “What do you think?” “What would you do?” “How do you feel about it?”
Did you think Mars in Libra was really that indecisive and unsure about his own actions that he was relying solely on the importance of your opinion in the matter? *shrugs* Maybe during the initial interaction, he was. But, don’t think for a minute that your response was forgotten or discarded. No. Libra is an Air sign. It is the realm of the mind, memory, data storing, ideas, concepts, information, and thinking. Whatever response you gave (whether Mars in Libra’s intentions were true to form initially or not) was stored for later use. You have just given a part of yourself away with your answer and Mars in Libra may pull that back up at a later date in order to further manipulate the situation in an effort to get what he wants. How do you think he knows what exists “on the other hand”? How do you think he is able to walk around in the shoes of the “other” so easily?              

Strategy. Check and mate.

The other form of psychological projection also exists with Libra (and Mars in Libra) in that the inner desire is denied and therefore projected onto something else. That can be dangerous at times. It can also lead to paranoia. Everyone is not out to get you. It is you that is competing here but you just don’t want to admit that to yourself. Just because you are not willing to admit it doesn’t mean it is not there. It just means you are allowing it to exist on the face of someone or something else.               

Be careful when sizing up that someone is “out to get you” and make sure you don’t have some suppressed anger yourself with Mars in Libra. Is your own anger too ugly for you to look at? Are your own motives so shady that you aren’t willing to admit them to yourself but can see them on everyone else? Just a few thoughts to consider. And, good ones, I think since Saturn is also in Scorpio and we are to be learning about our shadows. You know? We discovered the projection issues with Saturn in Libra, right? So, with Saturn in Scorpio we are figuring out the psychological root causes of these which is very often found in our shadow selves.

It's also possible to attract (Venus) through your actions (Mars). Realize that the efforts you put out there will often bring similar actions toward you sometimes wrapped in a different package of circumstance. This can be beneficial! If you push out loving actions then you could very well receive loving actions in return. If you help others, you too may receive help.
These are just a few of my initial thoughts on Mars in Libra. There is more to come.
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