New Moon in Scorpio, Solar Eclipse: Against the wind

So much is popping up in my sphere to talk about. Big DEEP things. You know?

First, I have a small bit of conversation that relates to the New Moon/Eclipse in Scorpio (which we are now past, btw). Someone said to me, “the permanence thing makes me nervous.”

Yes, indeed, it should. That is why we spend so much time discerning what it is we want, listing and re-listing, editing and revising our intent and trying so hard to match it up with our current life. And, it is a permanent thing, I believe. Saturn does not cross these degrees for another 29 years. Lots can change in 29 years so having your rudder set to your true North is kind of a big deal.

BUT, the bigger deal here was, whatever fears or “demons” have bubbled up during this time it is very important to face them. What I responded back with to the above statement was , “Don't let that stop you.” Facing your fears/demons and being brave is very important.

Scorpio can bear a lot. They will hang with people and in relationships until they cannot any longer. And, when Scorpio decides to quit or amputate, it's done. When Scorpio amputates something it might as well be wiped from the face of existence. And, most of the time, if Scorpio has endured and endured and endured to the point it can endure no longer then there is good reason for the amputation. You know?

On the other hand, when Scorpio decides to put it's head down and weather the storm and keep pushing forward then it's in there for the long haul, for sure.

I can see this in my 8th house Mars. When I'm determined to get something done or determined to move forward it is very much like pushing against the wind. And, I will transcend or overcome whatever it is that is pushing against me and push forward or...die. It's a lot like that. Take any planet that is residing in Scorpio and it's much the same. Endure or die. Survive or amputate.

As far as our intentions, the permanence of it can be scary. The depth of what we are looking at can be ugly. But, Scorpio says, if you've made the decision to do it...then don't let fear or opposition stop you. You've dug deeply for this. Keep going. You may want to quit. You may shake in your boots at the thought but do it anyway.


The second thing I want to bring up is Karmic relationships. Encounters with relationships such as this are occurring at a ridiculous rate right now. But, with good reason! There is work to be done here! This can be the recurrent past love zombie relationship that is popping back into your world right now, in which there is unfinished business to take care of or whatever.

But, it can ALSO be a completely new and very powerful relationship that is just now coming in to play. Know that recognizing a relationship has Karmic is not the same thing as finding your soul mate or twin flame or whatever else you may be calling the “one.” These are relationships that hold key learning experiences for each person involved.

That doesn't mean that the relationship cannot evolve into something on a long term basis once the work to be done is finished. That's entirely up to the individuals involved. These are powerful connections so both people would have to be strong and willing to face some tough lessons and grow together for that to work. At the same time, they hold huge potential for mutual growth and benefit if you can weather the storm. Deeper intimacy. Deeper emotions. Stronger connections. Resiliency. “We've been through hell and we aren't giving up on one another now”

But, it is NOT by any means easy. And it is not all flowery and bubbly in that you will say, “Oh yippee, I've found my soul mate and things couldn't be prettier if we were farting strawberry scented bubbles out our asses.”


Sometimes it can be downright ugly and painful.

I've said many times that my husband and I don't have a romantic relationship. It's purely Plutonic. LOL. And, it is. Our first year of marriage god..we were JUST talking about this last night. It was HARD! I said that to him and all he could was look back at me with wide eyes and shake his head , “yes.” I laughed because it WAS! And sometimes STILL IS. But, we stuck together and have grown together and though it's a miracle we didn't kill each other, we've kind of come to the understanding that “We've been through Hell and if we can make it through that...” And, we have both put a lot of work into our relationship and the strength of that bond is showing and continues to grow.

For me, I'm all focused on protection. As much “ugly” as I see rearing it's head out there and attempting to push into my little sphere, I'm pushing out even harder with love and protection for the people I love. It's quite the spiritual battle. But, I'm Scorpio determined. You know? And, that's tough to beat. I'm not going to let my own demons or the demons out there trying to get in hurt what I care about. And, that's pretty fierce.

Sure, there can be things that happen beyond my control. But, I'm all about being here and standing up to defend them and circling the wagons in protection while gathering the regenerative power of Scorpio to foster healing—yes, that happens in this season too.

On a side note, it's not a good idea to approach someone in an effort to be detrimental to them when they've reached this type of resolve. Don't poke the Scorpion. Not a good idea. We don't forget.