Full Moon in Taurus November 17, 2013

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs tomorrow (Sunday November 17) at 10:17 AM EST. I've been looking forward to this for awhile. But, at first, I thought it may be something that was going to be rather chaotic given the actions of Venus and the Moon during the lead up.

Now, I'm less inclined to believe that. Venus was rather itchy while she squared Uranus. And, she was quite serious and determined while conjunct Pluto. But, what I was hearing from her is more gentle than vindictive. That was most certainly a relief.

The Moon in Aries hit a conjunction with Uranus and a square with Pluto leading up to this as well. But, there was enough Earth and Water energy in the air to temper that quite a bit on a personal level.

Honestly, I think we are all a bit shell shocked after the eclipses and the perfection of the fourth Uranus /Pluto square and to have Full Moon conjunct Algol to come on the heels of that, it made a lot of people nervous.

I'm sure there were some relationship shake ups and revelations on our way here. I'm sure there were some people who were overly obsessed with what they wanted or overly possessive of what they deemed as “theirs” during the Venus/Pluto conjunction. However, the Taurus Moon brings comfort in the aftermath of that.


Venus had whispered to me that we (as a collective) needed to stop our forward motion and yearning (working toward what we want) long enough to honor and cherish what we currently have. She's working very hard and diligently in Capricorn. She wants to be responsible. But, she doesn't want us to forget why we work diligently and act responsibly. It's for those daily simple pleasures in life that are so easy to take for granted. The solid reliable things that we assume will always be there often do not have homage paid to them as they should. These are the things and relationships that Venus is asking us to take time to cherish because it is really not a given that they will always be there. And, they certainly would be missed should they be taken away from us.

Venus suggests that our values (and simple pleasures) should be cherished, admired and appreciated.

With that, I've decided to create a small Altar to Venus during the Full Moon in Taurus. When I first mentioned this on my Facebook for Shock Therapy (click the link to find me), there were several statements I didn't expect. “How do I do that?” “You are going to have to tell more about Venus.” “I feel like Venus has no connection to me and has passed me over.”

I began to realize that there were many misconceptions about what Venus truly is. Venus is not some overly skinny half naked model. She is not some perverted photoshopped unrealistic looking electronic version of beauty and she is not a Barbie doll. She is not in your face singing about how great she is in bed. She is not loud. She is not pornographic. These things are an appeal to Mars.

Women are finding and learning to express their more masculine qualities such as Mars. I'm not saying this is a bad thing. It's certainly something that needs to emerge and be embraced because there are masculine and feminine qualities in every single one of us regardless of our sex. That fact needs to come out and be balanced between us for numerous reason. But, don't mistake these feminine expressions of Mars for Venus.

Venus is beauty in all it's forms. She is demure. She is graceful. She is courteous and appreciative. She isn't in your face asking you to pay attention. She's waiting for you to notice her. She's waiting for you to see her realness and find something about her that appeals to you in such a way that you are tempted. She's waiting for you to lure her in with compliments and adoration. She is the aphrodisiac.

She is not just physical beauty but beauty that emanates from the inside out. Particularly in Capricorn, she is solid and timeless. Venus is sexual but she is unconcerned with climax. Venus is arousal, foreplay, kisses, romance. She appreciates the beauty within herself and she sees the beauty in others in a way that the media often overlooks.

Sex sells. But, Venus makes life worthy of living.

Like her higher octave Neptune, Venus is compassionate, dreamy, loving, alluring and idealistic. Venus is art. Venus is dance. Venus is alluring movement. Venus is nature and all it's simple pleasures.

However, Venus unappreciated will take her gifts elsewhere so that she is cherished.

Venus is chocolate. Have you ever seen someone gobble up a fine, rich, sweet piece of chocolate in one bite? I have and find it to be blasphemous. Venus is to be savored. Relished. Desired.

Most of what has been fed to you about beauty and matters of Venus is a falsehood. Her principles have been largely forgotten. This is why, at the culmination of this wonderfully Venus ruled Full Moon in Taurus, I suggest paying homage to the Goddess and showing appreciation for the simple yet enduring comforts that she provides.

Your Venus Altar does not need to be elaborate or complicated. Taurus is very “no-fuss.” It could be as simple as a small pink or deep red candle surrounded with pictures of your loved ones. It could include your favorite plush and warm socks that will surround your feet with comfort during the colder winter months. It could be a piece of your favorite chocolate or sweets. It could be a few piece of artwork cherished not for it's technical skill but because it was made for you in love by a small child. It could be your rocks and gemstones—rose quartz, amethyst, moss agate. It can be whatever you appreciate and currently hold dear or representatives of such. What's important is that you recognize these things. And, in the hustle of your day to day life you stop and remember to appreciate them and share them with the people you love.

Embrace your own beauty and stand in it with grace. Acknowledge the beauty you find in others that does so often go overlooked in the shadow of media fostered cosmetics and perversion. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Trade massages with your lover with no rush to get on with the Marsy act of climax. Shower Venus with appreciation and compliments and in turn, she will shower you with sheer bliss.