Tarot Draw for the First Day of Scorpio Season

I don't typically share my daily Tarot draws. But, this morning, when I was looking at what I received all I could say was, "Wow! BAM! BAM! BAM!"
I've been using the Legacy of the Divine deck by Ciro Marchetti for some time. I got:
General Energy of the day: Death
Energy we can look to for Guidance: Temperance
Lesson we can take from the day: Knight of Wands
Now. Before you go around like Chicken Little screaming that the sky is falling and we all are going to die because of the Death card, let me remind you, the Sun entered Scorpio last night. The Death card correlates to Pluto. So, this makes perfect sense. Actually, I like to see it come up in my personal readings because it means there is a good chance I may have sex. (Sex=Pluto=the little death). It's all related. So, for the theme of the day we have all things Scorpio.
Our Guiding energy is Temperance which indicates moderation. Given that Scorpio energy can give people an inclination to obsess and be paranoid, in this instance, a moderation of that tendency is GREAT advice. The quote used in the Legacy Divine book is from St.  Thomas Aquinas, "Temperance is simply a disposition of the mind which binds the passions." A disposition of the mind. You see? You CAN control your thoughts. (Pluto=Control) That ability is present hardcore with Mercury in Scorpio. Use it.
The above quote also leads us right into the lesson for the day that comes from the Knight of Wands. I see the Knight as the "Defender of the Passion." The advice here is to "Seek out experiences that make you feel alive." Scorpio is not only death but also regeneration, birth and life. The feeling of regeneration and new life is exhilarating folks. If something makes you feel drained, take a break from it. Turn toward something that makes you feel better. It's just that simple. Temper the paranoia and obsessions. Temper the negative thoughts. In the end, you may just learn how to direct this energy instead of get pummeled by it.
Happy Scorpio Season! (on a side note, the Knight of Wands is one sexy beast. That is all)