Sober: Mercury in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn

Today feels very sober to me. Coming off the “high” that was Venus square Neptune accompanied with the Moon and Venus both in blown up and beautiful Sagittarius and then Moon plunging into stern and sturdy Saturn ruled Capricorn and passing over Pluto, sobering makes wonderful sense. Does it not? But, there is more to this than that.


I had this really disturbing dream last night. I dreamed about a woman and her child in a car accident. I heard about the news, in the dream, while I was picking through ears of corn at a plant nursery.

In my waking life, I know the nursery and the woman. When I woke up, I felt as if maybe I should tell her about the dream. Maybe I should warn her. Maybe I should ask her to drive carefully and avoid being distracted from the road.

The very thought of that alone was perplexing. First, who comes up to a person and says, “Look, I had this very disturbing dream about you and your child. You died. I saw your guts in surgery. I saw your family crying. So, I just want you to be careful. Ok?” Who says that and gets a good reaction? Who says that and doesn’t set off some kind of internal alarm in some way for the person they are speaking to? How is that effective?

So, instead, I’m looking at the sky and I’m thinking about my dream. I’m seeing the Moon also moving toward a sextile to Mercury in Scorpio and that it is just past a sextile to Saturn in Scorpio and thinking…no, this is more deep than that. This dream may be showing me something I need to know about myself. But, what? Mercury winks at me and says, “Yes, there is more. Let us look here behind this curtain and see a bit more. Shall we? Let’s see what the guts of this are for you?”

Photo credit: seisuzy from “Shadow behind the curtain”

As I’m contemplating that, I realize in my dream when I was told about this car accident and who the people were that were involved, up until that very moment, I didn’t care about the woman at all. In my waking life, I don’t know much about her. But, from observing her, I really don’t like her that much. Now, how can you not like someone without knowing them at all?

Second, I realized that after hearing the news about the accident, I felt really upset in my dream. All of a sudden I cared? Does it take a fatal and grotesque tragedy to make me care? Interesting.

I won’t be talking to this woman about my dream. I will, however, give myself an attitude check and actually try to get to know her a little better before I start thinking ugly things and projecting my own “junk” over what I find out only from observance. I will go deeper to recognize my own demons instead of seeing them on the faces of everyone else.
Photo Credit: Shadow—Knight (Julio) from “My Demons”

Hello Mercury in Scorpio! I had just seen this woman the day before and my mind was reeling with nasty thoughts about what it is I thought she was up to and how I thought this and that at the time. I’m telling you, it was yuck. And, maybe it is true; maybe it isn’t. How would I know for sure? And, how does that matter? Given the fact that I DON’T know, tells me this is probably more about me than her to begin with. Even more interesting. I should probably stop that.

Like I said, today is sober. Mercury in Scorpio can have us obsessing about the pathology of others. But, the point is, what does that say about the pathology of us? Of you? As much as I don’t like admitting I’m a schmuck (and there seems to be a lot of that happening with Saturn moving through Scorpio), there’s gold to be taken from that. What is wrong or debunk about you can be changed by you. That has to be some relief right? Were it never brought to our awareness we could never deal with it. Everyone knows that no one else is going to deal with it for you. Plus, what are you going to do about the conclusions you draw about someone else’s possible demons? You can’t fix that either. Nor should you try.


Which one of your psychological burdens are you allowing someone else to carry? Who is it that you mentally cursing? Do you have a secret subconscious nemesis? Are you able to look even deeper below the surface and see that those tendencies, those things that you are thinking about “them” may actually be trying to tell you something about you?

Are you brave enough to see what Mercury in Scorpio really needs you to see?

In case you were wondering, here are some links about the symbolism of Corn.

That last link, I think, resonated with me the most. The corn was still in the husk in my dream. I was removing the husk and choosing ears to take home with me. From the last link, I have this: “The seeds of corn also have the power of life and growth in them unless they have been processed, as happens with white rice and white flour, which is thus rendered ‘dead’. They can thus indicate your potential for personal growth, but this usually links with a power within yourself, the power of Life itself, that has the ability to move you and unfold your potential. This inner activity links your independent life with the whole.”

The power within yourself that has the ability to move you and unfold your potential”

Sometimes what we see about ourselves isn’t all that pretty. But, there is POWER in that, if you are willing to face it.
Don't fear the reaper. Ask him what the hell he wants.