New Moon in Scorpio: The Exorcism

                             "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device" Realizing this is our first step to freedom
The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 11 degrees takes place early in the morning on November 3rd . Saturn is a little a head of the eclipse at 13 degrees Scorpio. Mercury (retrograde) is conjunct the North Node at 7 degrees.

It's a strong new moon, for sure. But, the configurations leading up to the New Moon are very likely to take center stage before we have a chance to consider much about our intentions. Particularity, the Uranus/Pluto square perfects on November 1st. The moon is passing through this square. We will likely feel the effects of this perfection. Uranus/Pluto can bring shock and destruction. Between the square perfecting and eclipse falling shortly after, there is a feeling of unpredictability in the air.

What I think is interesting, though, is that all planets are moving forward EXCEPT Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. Mercury=our mind. Uranus=our higher mind. And, both of these planets are right in this mess of these aspects. With both of these planets Rx at the same time, many have seen an uptick (compared to typical Mercury Rx) in computer problems and internet issues. Mercury Rx in Scorpio has a tendency to bring these things to an extreme level since extremes are the nature of Scorpio.

Many have visited with the loving undead. Meaning, past relationship issues have cropped up. Most of these were so we could think back on the relationship in a self-comparative way. Who was I then compared to who I am now? What would I have done differently? What were my goals then and do I even think about that now. Or it could have been as simple as bringing up, “What the hell was I thinking?” That question alone is really something to consider in all this.

If we've not been faced with dead relationships perhaps we have encountered some personal demons that we had thought we had conquered. A recurrence of an illness, a destructive emotional pattern, old fears, or paranoia a resurfacing of an addiction. Things that we thought were dead and dealt with have popped out of the grave this Scorpio season and the point of it all is to deal with it just like you would have the loving undead—in a comparative manner. Who was I then? What has changed? What was I thinking?

Photo credit: Undead Love by Laura Ferreira

It is a tricky thing to get to the bottom of the “why's” in dealing with the past. But, rest assured, there is always a reason these things crop back up even after you've already left them for dead. It can be as simple as serving as a reminder of your strength, “I beat this before. I can beat this again.” What happens at the end of this re-visit is that your goals are renewed or revised. You re-construct your game plan. You re-emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and several reminders about why you don't want to do THIS anymore. Whatever THIS may be.

I've a feeling that THIS will culminate and draw up to the surface during the Moon/Uranus/Pluto square like a pimple coming to a head. Mars in Virgo is going to beg you to purge yourself of the poison. Then, the New Moon in Scorpio Eclipse gives you a chance to exorcise those personal demons once and for all. THIS is where you should focus your intention.

An intention is a statement of intent, plain and simple. For example, lets say you run into your ex and have started up conversations with them again. Problem is, you know the two of you broke up for good reason. Plus, the both of you are now in different committed relationships. You know that you shouldn't go back “there” but you do anyway drawn by the mystery, illusion and addiction of the past. But then, in a whip-lash action something breaks loose. One of the new partners finds out something is going on and you are faced to act. Do you go backwards? Do you go forward? That's a chance that's solely up to you. But, what's MORE important is what did you discover about yourself in the process? Do you see how internalized this is? And, again, it's applicable to just about anything that may have come back into your life in an alluring, and yet, zombie-like manner.

Uranus retrograde can bring personal illumination and insight. Pluto in Capricorn is known for destroying old patterns and structures. Scorpio is known for many things but that includes psychological processes. With Mercury RX in the sign, these are personal psychological processes. Scorpio is also water so emotions are definitely involved. Let the Scorpion dig these little demons out and bring them to light so that they may be exorcised from your life for good in order to redirect yourself to your true destiny (Mercury RX conjunct NN and Pluto in Cap trining the South Node).

Or don't. And sit back and wait for them to pop up again. Things like this have a tendency to do that when ignored. They go away for awhile only for you to deal with them later in a mutated or different form.

For your intention, decide which demons have to go. Write them down and crucify them by fire (on a less dramatic note, burn the paper they were written on). Then, make a statement that solidifies your new path. For example, if addiction cropped back up in your life, write down that addiction and burn it. Then, write down what you will do to replace that addiction.

Smoking” Burned.


I will live a more healthy lifestyle.” Instead of THAT I will do THIS because it's better for me. And, yes, you can go into detail here. Mars in Virgo likes that. It also likes the active discrimination you will make in categorizing things into “throw this away” and “keep this” piles. Plus, it supports anything you do (Mars) in an effort to enhance your overall health (Virgo) be it physical or emotional.

Light a small tea candle and let it burn in honor of each of your renewed vows to yourself. Feel the shackles of the past fall away and listen to the howls of demonic grow fainter and fainter as you feel your own strength and determination returning.

I'd suggest thinking about what these things could be now. But, don't set your intention until we are past the exactness of the Uranus/Pluto square. You can go ahead and start your list and revise and edit on our way to November 2nd (the day before the eclipse). Then, set your intention and wake up to the renewal and regeneration (also key to Scorpio) that is the New Moon.