Mars Retrograde

My youngest son was 2 before he learned how to walk. He crawled a little as an infant. But, he crawled backward.

When he was trying to learn to walk, he'd pull himself up and start to take a few steps but his older brother would knock him down. Of course, I tried to stop this; I tried to help him. When he was just becoming brave and steady enough to really take off on his own, he became ill.

He contracted pneumonia and was placed in an oxygen tent in the hospital for two weeks. He couldn't move around much in the tent, of course. Plus, they placed his IV in his ankle. Walking ceased again.

It seemed that each time he would be close to mastering this physical ability, something stopped him.

Stand up. Get pushed down. Stand up. Get pushed down. Stand up. Movement is restrained and energy is thwarted.

My youngest son has Mars retrograde in his natal chart. What I didn't know when he was learning to walk is that this type of push/pull he was encountering would be something he would have to learn to deal with. I watched him go through the same ordeal with trying to learn to ride a bike, to play sports and basically anything that required physical dexterity. He didn't lack for motivation. He didn't lack for frustration either.

At one point, in his early teens, he screamed at me “Why do I always have to wait?” I didn't know. But, I knew he did, in fact, always have to try many times.

It was tough for him because his brother was the complete opposite. My oldest walked when he was 8-9 months old. He was an athletic child who learned to ride his bike all by himself and never with training wheels. When a physical task arose for my oldest to conquer, he did so effortlessly, it seemed.

Another big difference between the two, my oldest has an explosive temper. As an infant, he would bang his head against the floor when he was mad. His face would turn bright red. Eventually, he struck his head so hard against a wall it knocked him unconscious.

My youngest has an implosive temper. Instead of overtly showing his anger he allows it to tunnel deep within him. Watching him, you would think he was very slow to anger. But, in reality, he is throwing his tantrums on the inside lashing out at himself though he never moved the first muscle.

This is the difference of Mars retrograde. It is a stalling and frustrating energy.

Want to learn patience? Your chance may very well come when Mars turns Rx in Libra in March 2014 at 27 32 Libra. This comes right after Mercury back peddles from the beginning of Pisces to Aquarius from February 7 to March 1. The Mercury Rx occurs on the heels of a Venus Rx in Capricorn from December 22, 2013 until February 1, 2013.

These are personal planets, folks. And to top it off, Mars is not well placed in Libra. It projects from Libra. Everything projects from Libra. We are going to have to learn to own our Mars and deal with it without placing the blame on someone else. We are going to have to learn our true motivations and discover what is really worth the effort. We'll stand up and get knocked down. We'll see this planet move through the Cardinal Cross of Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto three times while in it's detriment.

Jupiter and Saturn will be working within these periods of personal planet retrograde. While Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are all direct, Jupiter sloshes backward through Cancer beginning December 1, 2013 right before the Venus backslides. The preacher, philosophizer, teacher doesn't turn forward again until March 2014 a few days following Mars' backward path. Saturn turns retro on March 3rd.

There is a lesson plan review here. And, it's personal. What are you learning? What chapters do you need to review? What have you been working on? Where are the loose ends? Can you structure (Capricorn) what you (want) Venus while being driven (Mars) to compromise (Libra)? Or will what you want (Venus) always be restricted (Capricorn/Saturn) by the motives (Mars) of others (Libra)?

We've the ability of foresight. The time to consider this, is now. When you figure out what you want (Venus Rx)...not what everyone else wants...can you be intrinsically motivated (Mars Rx) to go after it? We will soon find out.

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