Mars in Virgo October 15, 2013

Mars enters Virgo today at 7:06 AM EDT. I like this placement and we should be well practiced with it as Mars spent a good 8 months in the sign during his last trip there.

Mars represents our passion, our motivation and our drive. Placed in Virgo, he's an industrious little bugger. He is all for a clean an organized space. He has his little check list and to-do list and goes about tackling tasks in an efficient and perfecting manner. I think there is a great possibility to get quite a bit accomplished under this energy.


We have a bit of a hump to get over before Mars rocks full speed in Virgo. From today until the aspect is perfected on October 19th at around 10 PM EDT, Mars will be waxing into opposition with Neptune in Pisces.

What this means is we may be motivated to finish up some end of the season work (Fall cleanup for the Northern Hemisphere; Spring cleanup for the Southern hemisphere) but wind up being physically drained for no apparent reason. Energy could become elusive.

And, may the heavens be with you if you have work to do that involves a collaborative effort especially over the next 2 days as the Moon also lingers in Pisces. People (perhaps even you) may be day dreamy, emotional, drunk, stoned, distracted or ill.

Mars in Virgo is many things. Patient, however, is not one of them. This is a Mars/Mercury contact as Mercury rules Virgo. This accompanies the second Mars/Mercury contact we also have going on that is Mercury in Mars ruled Scorpio. So, we have two quick thinking energies out there (IMPATIENT ENERGIES) and Neptune is sludging up everything for one of them.

Imagine you were a health care provider with a neatly laid out care plan for a patient who is only interested in refilling their narcotic prescription. You've got this glorious plan of care laid out and you are not going to get any cooperation from the patient—at all. Or, imagine you were trying to clean your house but everyone else who lives with you is napping on the couches. Or, imagine you were trying to get to work and you could swear all the other drivers were drunk (if you are prone to road rage already, you may want to hit the roads during hours of low traffic if possible). Or, imagine you are trying to herd cats which is hard enough but these cats are tripping out on psychedelics. It is that type of frustration that we are going to be dealing with here until this opposition passes.

All is not lost my industrial little bees. Mars will catch his stride and feel more empowered when meets up with Pluto via trine later this month (which, occurs around the same time the next Uranus/Pluto square perfects). Of course, Virgo's ruler will be retrograde in Scorpio by then. So, it will be important to check and re-check the details of our work and we will probably have to deal with some computer and communication glitches. I guess it would be a good idea to hone those patience skills now.

For Mars/Neptune energy, I highly recommend getting plenty of rest. If you are feeling drained take a break. Carry or wear Hematite which is PURE GOLD to me as someone who is prone to being Neptuned. Practice grounding activities. Get outside. Soak in the tub. Breathe. Drink. More. Water. Be nice to yourself and RELAX about the deadlines if you are working in a team. Chances are unless you are performing brain surgery or some other type of life saving procedure, something equivalent to the end of the world is not going to happen if you hit a bump in the road.

Maintain your perspective and if possible, your sense of humor. Meditate. Get your frustration out through exercising to some up beat or (my choice) heavy metal music. Work alone, if possible.

I'd also like to point out what RobertHand (who has a wonderful new website btw) has to say in Planets in Transit in regard to Mars Opposite Neptune. “Avoid any situation that will place undue stress upon your body, because you don't have the resistance that you usually have. Infections and fevers are a possibility if you let your body get run down.”

Take your vitamins. Drink. More. Water. Get plenty of rest. Increase your intake of Vitamin C and WASH YOUR HANDS frequently. Use that hand sanitizer. Two more words on that FLU SEASON. You know? Be aware that alcohol and medications may have unusual or detrimental side effects. It will be, however, tempting to pop open a beer or pour a glass of wine after you've dealt with all this. Moderate and make sure you don't have to drive or do anything that requires fine motor skills (like defend yourself against a pissed off Virgo).

Emotions are building as we move toward this Full Moon Eclipse on Friday. This could be something that throws a bit of gas on the fire. Be aware of it and know it will pass. Be nice to yourself and those around you. Especially since we are all in this together (it's STILL Libra season).