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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Moon in Scorpio: The Exorcism

                             "We are all just prisoners here, of our own device" Realizing this is our first step to freedom
The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 11 degrees takes place early in the morning on November 3rd . Saturn is a little a head of the eclipse at 13 degrees Scorpio. Mercury (retrograde) is conjunct the North Node at 7 degrees.

It's a strong new moon, for sure. But, the configurations leading up to the New Moon are very likely to take center stage before we have a chance to consider much about our intentions. Particularity, the Uranus/Pluto square perfects on November 1st. The moon is passing through this square. We will likely feel the effects of this perfection. Uranus/Pluto can bring shock and destruction. Between the square perfecting and eclipse falling shortly after, there is a feeling of unpredictability in the air.

What I think is interesting, though, is that all planets are moving forward EXCEPT Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. Mercury=our mind. Uranus=our higher mind. And, both of these planets are right in this mess of these aspects. With both of these planets Rx at the same time, many have seen an uptick (compared to typical Mercury Rx) in computer problems and internet issues. Mercury Rx in Scorpio has a tendency to bring these things to an extreme level since extremes are the nature of Scorpio.

Many have visited with the loving undead. Meaning, past relationship issues have cropped up. Most of these were so we could think back on the relationship in a self-comparative way. Who was I then compared to who I am now? What would I have done differently? What were my goals then and do I even think about that now. Or it could have been as simple as bringing up, “What the hell was I thinking?” That question alone is really something to consider in all this.

If we've not been faced with dead relationships perhaps we have encountered some personal demons that we had thought we had conquered. A recurrence of an illness, a destructive emotional pattern, old fears, or paranoia a resurfacing of an addiction. Things that we thought were dead and dealt with have popped out of the grave this Scorpio season and the point of it all is to deal with it just like you would have the loving undead—in a comparative manner. Who was I then? What has changed? What was I thinking?

Photo credit: Undead Love by Laura Ferreira

It is a tricky thing to get to the bottom of the “why's” in dealing with the past. But, rest assured, there is always a reason these things crop back up even after you've already left them for dead. It can be as simple as serving as a reminder of your strength, “I beat this before. I can beat this again.” What happens at the end of this re-visit is that your goals are renewed or revised. You re-construct your game plan. You re-emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and several reminders about why you don't want to do THIS anymore. Whatever THIS may be.

I've a feeling that THIS will culminate and draw up to the surface during the Moon/Uranus/Pluto square like a pimple coming to a head. Mars in Virgo is going to beg you to purge yourself of the poison. Then, the New Moon in Scorpio Eclipse gives you a chance to exorcise those personal demons once and for all. THIS is where you should focus your intention.

An intention is a statement of intent, plain and simple. For example, lets say you run into your ex and have started up conversations with them again. Problem is, you know the two of you broke up for good reason. Plus, the both of you are now in different committed relationships. You know that you shouldn't go back “there” but you do anyway drawn by the mystery, illusion and addiction of the past. But then, in a whip-lash action something breaks loose. One of the new partners finds out something is going on and you are faced to act. Do you go backwards? Do you go forward? That's a chance that's solely up to you. But, what's MORE important is what did you discover about yourself in the process? Do you see how internalized this is? And, again, it's applicable to just about anything that may have come back into your life in an alluring, and yet, zombie-like manner.

Uranus retrograde can bring personal illumination and insight. Pluto in Capricorn is known for destroying old patterns and structures. Scorpio is known for many things but that includes psychological processes. With Mercury RX in the sign, these are personal psychological processes. Scorpio is also water so emotions are definitely involved. Let the Scorpion dig these little demons out and bring them to light so that they may be exorcised from your life for good in order to redirect yourself to your true destiny (Mercury RX conjunct NN and Pluto in Cap trining the South Node).

Or don't. And sit back and wait for them to pop up again. Things like this have a tendency to do that when ignored. They go away for awhile only for you to deal with them later in a mutated or different form.

For your intention, decide which demons have to go. Write them down and crucify them by fire (on a less dramatic note, burn the paper they were written on). Then, make a statement that solidifies your new path. For example, if addiction cropped back up in your life, write down that addiction and burn it. Then, write down what you will do to replace that addiction.

Smoking” Burned.


I will live a more healthy lifestyle.” Instead of THAT I will do THIS because it's better for me. And, yes, you can go into detail here. Mars in Virgo likes that. It also likes the active discrimination you will make in categorizing things into “throw this away” and “keep this” piles. Plus, it supports anything you do (Mars) in an effort to enhance your overall health (Virgo) be it physical or emotional.

Light a small tea candle and let it burn in honor of each of your renewed vows to yourself. Feel the shackles of the past fall away and listen to the howls of demonic grow fainter and fainter as you feel your own strength and determination returning.

I'd suggest thinking about what these things could be now. But, don't set your intention until we are past the exactness of the Uranus/Pluto square. You can go ahead and start your list and revise and edit on our way to November 2nd (the day before the eclipse). Then, set your intention and wake up to the renewal and regeneration (also key to Scorpio) that is the New Moon.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grief, as it is Scorpio Season

I'm grieving. And, I didn't even realize it. I didn't even realize I had a right to be grieving until information came in yesterday that suggested that is exactly what was wrong with me.
Let me back up a minute and inform you, I have a Pisces Moon square Neptune in Sag. Sometimes it takes me awhile to process emotions or to put my finger on exactly what I'm feeling. I do know this. However, knowing it doesn't speed the process up.
It's not that I'm unfamiliar with grief. I'm very accustomed to dealing with my own and that of others. However, usually mine precedes the literal death. Part of my gift is knowing or sensing when someone is about to pass. Sometimes I show up in the lives of others just for that reason though neither of us may know that at the time. It's a process that unfolds between myself and the people involved—and the reasons for it vary from situation to situation.
Sometimes I'm brought into the situation to actually assist the person who is dying shore up things in their life so that they can pass more comfortably. This can involve relationship issues that need to be resolved or fears that need to be addressed. Sometimes I'm brought into the situation to assist family members deal with their grief after the person passes. There is a point where I become conscious of what is going on. And, this is the point where I grieve in preparation.
I know this all sounds a bit out there. But, it is a reality I've dealt with for a very long time. I'm accustomed to it and I feel like I do a good job.
What I'm NOT used to is dealing with grief after a death has occurred. And, this brought up new issues for even me. First, there was a lot of guilt associated with the entire process because I did have signs that I feel I may have ignored or read improperly.  Why didn't I see this one coming? Or, did I see it coming and it was too hard for me to admit? Either one of those last two statements could be true. Or, it could also be that we are not always meant to know things beforehand or meant to know everything that can or may occur. Again, it could be all three.
Backing up again, last week, I saw a Spirit in my hallway. It was startling because I do not typically see Spirit. But, yet, there he was, a young boy figure with dark hair. He looked as if he was wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants. His hands were shoved in his pockets. And, he was sad—head down and very mournful looking.
He saw me too. And the fact that I was staring right at him seem to startle him. It was almost like he realized, "Oh my gosh, she can SEE me" at about the same time I realized, "Oh my gosh, I can SEE you!" Then, the figure dissipated. It wasn't that he vanished. It wasn't that he walked away. It wasn't like turning off a light it was just a gradual fading away type thing.
I didn't know it that morning, but the night before my grandchild had been lost through miscarriage. I didn't find out until the Full Moon that following Friday. I don't believe the Spirit was there to see me. I believe he was there in an attempt to console his father—my son.
Elisabeth Kubler –Ross defines the stages of grief as Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. And, I've found that these stages typically hold true. However, it's not a like a checklist. A person does not just move through one stage and then on to the next. It is very possible for a person to waffle back and forth between stages at various times INCLUDING before the death actually occurs. It's a very personalized and individual process. Being able to recognize which stage you are in does help to address whatever types of issues you may be experiencing in order to heal. And, it's not always the dying person's loved ones who experience this. The person who is passing or has passed experiences the same for different reasons.
For example, last Sunday night (after receiving the news about the miscarriage) I was steeped in the bargaining stage. I was dreaming about my grandchild's mother and I was begging her to let me see him. I was bargaining my way in an effort to bring him back. Even though I never knew him, never got to hold him…never even knew he existed until he was already gone. At the beginning of the week, after the dream, I did find myself in a depressed state UNTIL I was in a social situation that was related to all this and became angry. And, I mean, I was furious to the point that things almost turned violent. Thankfully, they did not. Still, at this point I had not recognized what I was dealing with.
It was not until yesterday (Oct. 23) when a very dear friend (and relative) said to me, "it's a tough thing to try to deal with, loss of something you don't even know." That's when the lightbulb went off. And, I started questioning if I even had a right to be feeling what I was feeling. More guilt.
Like I said before, a typical situation for me is that I have time to grieve before anyone else ever even knows what is going on. This time, however, my grief was occurring at the same time as everyone else's and none of that made any sense to me.
Finally, I just decided that I was not going to be effective in assisting my son heal if I didn't deal with my own emotions first. So, I gave myself to permission to feel whatever I was feeling. I think in a grieving situation that is important to do for anyone. It's ok to feel what you feel. People run the gamut in that regard and there is no set time limit on how quickly you have to deal with it all either. AND, it doesn't mean that years after the fact something won't trigger the grief again even though you have already dealt with it once. It is very much an ongoing process of healing. It's very important that you are gentle with yourself during this healing and ask for help if you need it. Nobody has all the answers. But, it is ok to ask for support and guidance.
I cried a lot after this realization and surrendered to the fact that this was going to hurt for awhile. And, by surrender, I mean I allowed the feelings of grief to wash over me completely. I did not try to fight it or guilt myself out of it. Then, I sat down and talked directly to my grandson. I couldn't see him sitting there. I did not hear any feedback. Neither of these things mattered. It was more of a process for me to be able to express that even though we have never officially met that I loved him and that I hoped he was at peace wherever he was now. I also wanted to let him know that I would mourn the things we never got to do together and that I would be there standing next to his father's side for support. These were the things it was important for me to say out loud and doing so was very healing.
I did ask my Spirit Guides to show me my grandson one more time. See, I had spent some time in the past trying to see Spirit versus just being able to hear and talk with them. But, I became fearful—which was surprising to me. So, I had to back off. However, I felt that if I asked to be shown my grandson in a dream, in a manner that I would recognize him and feel safe, then, I would be ok.
I did dream of him last night. This time, he was a toddler instead of the young teen I saw in my hallway. Big brown eyes. Round beautiful face and a thick, dark, wild head of hair. In my dream, my mother was carrying him to me. I'm very grateful for that. His is a face that I don't think I'll ever forget. I did kiss him on the forehead in my dream and let him know that I would see him again. I've every faith that I will…in some way.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tarot Draw for the First Day of Scorpio Season

I don't typically share my daily Tarot draws. But, this morning, when I was looking at what I received all I could say was, "Wow! BAM! BAM! BAM!"
I've been using the Legacy of the Divine deck by Ciro Marchetti for some time. I got:
General Energy of the day: Death
Energy we can look to for Guidance: Temperance
Lesson we can take from the day: Knight of Wands
Now. Before you go around like Chicken Little screaming that the sky is falling and we all are going to die because of the Death card, let me remind you, the Sun entered Scorpio last night. The Death card correlates to Pluto. So, this makes perfect sense. Actually, I like to see it come up in my personal readings because it means there is a good chance I may have sex. (Sex=Pluto=the little death). It's all related. So, for the theme of the day we have all things Scorpio.
Our Guiding energy is Temperance which indicates moderation. Given that Scorpio energy can give people an inclination to obsess and be paranoid, in this instance, a moderation of that tendency is GREAT advice. The quote used in the Legacy Divine book is from St.  Thomas Aquinas, "Temperance is simply a disposition of the mind which binds the passions." A disposition of the mind. You see? You CAN control your thoughts. (Pluto=Control) That ability is present hardcore with Mercury in Scorpio. Use it.
The above quote also leads us right into the lesson for the day that comes from the Knight of Wands. I see the Knight as the "Defender of the Passion." The advice here is to "Seek out experiences that make you feel alive." Scorpio is not only death but also regeneration, birth and life. The feeling of regeneration and new life is exhilarating folks. If something makes you feel drained, take a break from it. Turn toward something that makes you feel better. It's just that simple. Temper the paranoia and obsessions. Temper the negative thoughts. In the end, you may just learn how to direct this energy instead of get pummeled by it.
Happy Scorpio Season! (on a side note, the Knight of Wands is one sexy beast. That is all)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mars in Libra: You have been weighed. You have been measured.

Have you ever been sized up? I'm contemplating this now as my little family unit has been described recently as “lacking,” basically. I can't say this has ever happened before—to my knowledge at least.

The story of it all has to remain hidden. It is of a personal nature for someone I love and although it IS about the entirety of my family, I can see rather clearly that it isn't about my family at all.

This is more about the person(s) who have made this assessment. However, it does make one stop and consider certain things.

What's interesting is we didn't know we were lacking. My little family actually does quite well. We live comfortably. We can't take large wonderful jaunts to foreign lands at our whim. We do have to budget. But, we are all generally happy and healthy. To me, this is a blessing to be cherished. Be it ever so humble..and all.

When I first learned that my family had been sized up as “less than” I laughed it off. I'm one of those lucky people with a lot of “I really don't give a shit what you think” energy (ie: Uranus). So, it's easy for me to pass over stuff like this usually. But, this time, I keep catching myself coming back to it.

I find myself trying to look at my little unit from an outsider's perspective and trying to pinpoint exactly what it is that gives the impression that we are to be pitied or shoved away like lepers. Or, what is it that sounds the alarm that “these people will amount to nothing.”

First of all, how is that even possible? How can a group of people amount to nothing when actually being a living and breathing person amounts to something. Being the embodiment of a soul IS something.

Is it because I've driven the same car since 2005 and even when it was brand new it wasn't anything extravagant? Is it because we live in a little ranch style house without a sunroom or spa? Is it because sometimes I sneak into my son's closet and steal his jeans to wear since I'm frustrated as HELL that you cannot find a pair of woman’s jeans without some type of elasticized something in it somewhere?

**sniffs armpits**

Do I stink?

I'll catch myself asking these questions on a silent and internal level. Then, I get mad. Why the heck do I even care? That whole scenario is just something that causes me to cycle right back to the original questions of “where is the perceived lack?” and wonder, “is there something I'm supposed to see/do here?”

I guess what it boils down to is we are not someone else's perceived ideal. And, even better, something about that bothers me. More pertinent, how much of my self-worth is weighted against “the other's” value. we have an Astrological connection. I have Mars in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries.

Mars in Libra=driven by the other

Chiron in Aries=wound of “self”

Do you think I like to admit these thoughts exist even remotely in my psyche? Nope.

Will the thoughts of it still come back and haunt me from time to time whether it be through a chuckle or full blown “WTF?” Yep.

So, yeah. What do you do with that? Adjust your own attitude. Do you do this? If you do, it pretty much sucks to weigh the value of a person against what you manufacture in your mind as ideal—just so you know. Or, do you make adjustments in your own life due to someone else saying, “Hey, see those people over there. They aren't doing something right.”

I've a feeling this is going to come up with Mars in Libra and Mars Rx in Libra. Libra is balance. The scales. The idea of measurement. Make sure you are giving sufficient weight to the appropriate measures.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Speak your truth: Mercury's dance on his way to Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury in aspect to Jupiter or Mercury in the 9th, knows a bit about the phrase, “Speak your truth.”

This doesn't always make them the most popular in the crowd. And, it doesn't make their truth equivalent to your truth. However, neither of these two factors will keep them from speaking it unless there is some type of inhibiting aspect going on.

Mercury in Scorpio will begin retrograde on Oct 21st at 18 degrees. It's as if the messenger approaches a connection with some type of higher truth (Jupiter), and says, “Wait a minute. Lets back up and think about this.” Then, down the rabbit hole he goes. The trine is waxing but does not perfect while both planets are in direct motion in Scorpio and Cancer.

Mercury retraces his steps all the way back to 2 degrees Scorpio before turning direct on November 11. On this backward journey, he passes over the upcoming new moon eclipse point of November 3 (11 degrees 16 minutes) before it happens, meets up with the Saturn, passes over the North Node, trines Neptune and even retraces the Full Moon eclipse point from this past spring. See the dates at the end of this write up for more information.

Add to this, a fact a mentioned before, that not only are our minds (Mercury) in a Mars ruled sign (Scorpio) but our motivations (Mars) lie in a Mercury ruled sign (Virgo) until Mars passes from Virgo to Libra on December 8, 2013, and what you have is a whole lot of information and a whole lot of motivation to get to more information. While Mercury is retrograde, this process is largely internalized. We meet up with forces that may keep us from sharing our insights we get from the depths during Mercury Rx with communication delays, phone problems, computer problems, etc. The point IS to internalize and consider all that has happened. Slow down and pick through the information through contemplation, maybe meditation, and to pay very close attention to what we are getting through intuitive sources rather than external tangible sources.

Mercury (our truth) and Jupiter (our higher truth) are both in water signs. Emotions and intuition play key roles in discovering our own personal truths and higher truths. To facilitate this process, it is helpful to engage in grounding activities (particularly during Mercury RX and when Mercury or Mars aspects Neptune), keep yourself hydrated and reduce your intake of stimulants (these can confound the already “on fire” nature of a double Mars/Mercury contact), be around water and fortify (Jupiter) your emotional (Cancer/Moon) base.

By the time Mercury reaches his trine with Jupiter on November 28th, we will have learned quite a bit. The eclipses of this fall would have began unfolding and refolding. We may know things that we had never contemplated prior to this. Then, by the time Mercury reaches Sagittarius on December 6th, we may just be ready to take to our soap boxes and preach about it. Or, at the very least, share it with others.

What is the point in all of this? I think a person with Mercury and Sun conjunct in Sagittarius in his 12th house may be able to tell us a little bit about it.

Or perhaps we could learn a bit just by listening to what someone with Mercury conjunct his Sun in Sagittarius in the second illustrates to us without words.

For your reference Mercury makes 3 passes over the new moon eclipse point of November 3.

First past (direct) October 9, 2013

Second pass (retrograde) October 31-Nov 1, 2013

Third pass (direct) November 22, 2013

Mercury also makes 3 passes to the Full Moon eclipse point which occurred this past Spring on April 25th at 5 degrees and 46 minutes of Scorpio. Dates for these passes:

First pass (direct) October 4, 2013

Second Pass (retrograde) November 5, 2013

Third pass (direct) November 17, 2013

Mercury makes three passes to Saturn in Scorpio. Dates for these passes:

First pass (direct) October 8, 2013 at 10 degrees 52 minutes Scorpio

Second pass (retrograde) October 29, 2013 at 13 degrees 19 minutes Scorpio

Third pass (direct) November 25 at 16 degrees 34 minutes Scorpio

Mercury turns direct in Scorpio on November 11, 2013. Jupiter turns retrograde on November 7. Mercury in Scorpio (moving direct) perfects his trine with Jupiter RX in Cancer on November 28 at 19 degrees and 47 minutes

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mars in Virgo October 15, 2013

Mars enters Virgo today at 7:06 AM EDT. I like this placement and we should be well practiced with it as Mars spent a good 8 months in the sign during his last trip there.

Mars represents our passion, our motivation and our drive. Placed in Virgo, he's an industrious little bugger. He is all for a clean an organized space. He has his little check list and to-do list and goes about tackling tasks in an efficient and perfecting manner. I think there is a great possibility to get quite a bit accomplished under this energy.


We have a bit of a hump to get over before Mars rocks full speed in Virgo. From today until the aspect is perfected on October 19th at around 10 PM EDT, Mars will be waxing into opposition with Neptune in Pisces.

What this means is we may be motivated to finish up some end of the season work (Fall cleanup for the Northern Hemisphere; Spring cleanup for the Southern hemisphere) but wind up being physically drained for no apparent reason. Energy could become elusive.

And, may the heavens be with you if you have work to do that involves a collaborative effort especially over the next 2 days as the Moon also lingers in Pisces. People (perhaps even you) may be day dreamy, emotional, drunk, stoned, distracted or ill.

Mars in Virgo is many things. Patient, however, is not one of them. This is a Mars/Mercury contact as Mercury rules Virgo. This accompanies the second Mars/Mercury contact we also have going on that is Mercury in Mars ruled Scorpio. So, we have two quick thinking energies out there (IMPATIENT ENERGIES) and Neptune is sludging up everything for one of them.

Imagine you were a health care provider with a neatly laid out care plan for a patient who is only interested in refilling their narcotic prescription. You've got this glorious plan of care laid out and you are not going to get any cooperation from the patient—at all. Or, imagine you were trying to clean your house but everyone else who lives with you is napping on the couches. Or, imagine you were trying to get to work and you could swear all the other drivers were drunk (if you are prone to road rage already, you may want to hit the roads during hours of low traffic if possible). Or, imagine you are trying to herd cats which is hard enough but these cats are tripping out on psychedelics. It is that type of frustration that we are going to be dealing with here until this opposition passes.

All is not lost my industrial little bees. Mars will catch his stride and feel more empowered when meets up with Pluto via trine later this month (which, occurs around the same time the next Uranus/Pluto square perfects). Of course, Virgo's ruler will be retrograde in Scorpio by then. So, it will be important to check and re-check the details of our work and we will probably have to deal with some computer and communication glitches. I guess it would be a good idea to hone those patience skills now.

For Mars/Neptune energy, I highly recommend getting plenty of rest. If you are feeling drained take a break. Carry or wear Hematite which is PURE GOLD to me as someone who is prone to being Neptuned. Practice grounding activities. Get outside. Soak in the tub. Breathe. Drink. More. Water. Be nice to yourself and RELAX about the deadlines if you are working in a team. Chances are unless you are performing brain surgery or some other type of life saving procedure, something equivalent to the end of the world is not going to happen if you hit a bump in the road.

Maintain your perspective and if possible, your sense of humor. Meditate. Get your frustration out through exercising to some up beat or (my choice) heavy metal music. Work alone, if possible.

I'd also like to point out what RobertHand (who has a wonderful new website btw) has to say in Planets in Transit in regard to Mars Opposite Neptune. “Avoid any situation that will place undue stress upon your body, because you don't have the resistance that you usually have. Infections and fevers are a possibility if you let your body get run down.”

Take your vitamins. Drink. More. Water. Get plenty of rest. Increase your intake of Vitamin C and WASH YOUR HANDS frequently. Use that hand sanitizer. Two more words on that FLU SEASON. You know? Be aware that alcohol and medications may have unusual or detrimental side effects. It will be, however, tempting to pop open a beer or pour a glass of wine after you've dealt with all this. Moderate and make sure you don't have to drive or do anything that requires fine motor skills (like defend yourself against a pissed off Virgo).

Emotions are building as we move toward this Full Moon Eclipse on Friday. This could be something that throws a bit of gas on the fire. Be aware of it and know it will pass. Be nice to yourself and those around you. Especially since we are all in this together (it's STILL Libra season).

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sober: Mercury in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn

Today feels very sober to me. Coming off the “high” that was Venus square Neptune accompanied with the Moon and Venus both in blown up and beautiful Sagittarius and then Moon plunging into stern and sturdy Saturn ruled Capricorn and passing over Pluto, sobering makes wonderful sense. Does it not? But, there is more to this than that.


I had this really disturbing dream last night. I dreamed about a woman and her child in a car accident. I heard about the news, in the dream, while I was picking through ears of corn at a plant nursery.

In my waking life, I know the nursery and the woman. When I woke up, I felt as if maybe I should tell her about the dream. Maybe I should warn her. Maybe I should ask her to drive carefully and avoid being distracted from the road.

The very thought of that alone was perplexing. First, who comes up to a person and says, “Look, I had this very disturbing dream about you and your child. You died. I saw your guts in surgery. I saw your family crying. So, I just want you to be careful. Ok?” Who says that and gets a good reaction? Who says that and doesn’t set off some kind of internal alarm in some way for the person they are speaking to? How is that effective?

So, instead, I’m looking at the sky and I’m thinking about my dream. I’m seeing the Moon also moving toward a sextile to Mercury in Scorpio and that it is just past a sextile to Saturn in Scorpio and thinking…no, this is more deep than that. This dream may be showing me something I need to know about myself. But, what? Mercury winks at me and says, “Yes, there is more. Let us look here behind this curtain and see a bit more. Shall we? Let’s see what the guts of this are for you?”

Photo credit: seisuzy from “Shadow behind the curtain”

As I’m contemplating that, I realize in my dream when I was told about this car accident and who the people were that were involved, up until that very moment, I didn’t care about the woman at all. In my waking life, I don’t know much about her. But, from observing her, I really don’t like her that much. Now, how can you not like someone without knowing them at all?

Second, I realized that after hearing the news about the accident, I felt really upset in my dream. All of a sudden I cared? Does it take a fatal and grotesque tragedy to make me care? Interesting.

I won’t be talking to this woman about my dream. I will, however, give myself an attitude check and actually try to get to know her a little better before I start thinking ugly things and projecting my own “junk” over what I find out only from observance. I will go deeper to recognize my own demons instead of seeing them on the faces of everyone else.
Photo Credit: Shadow—Knight (Julio) from “My Demons”

Hello Mercury in Scorpio! I had just seen this woman the day before and my mind was reeling with nasty thoughts about what it is I thought she was up to and how I thought this and that at the time. I’m telling you, it was yuck. And, maybe it is true; maybe it isn’t. How would I know for sure? And, how does that matter? Given the fact that I DON’T know, tells me this is probably more about me than her to begin with. Even more interesting. I should probably stop that.

Like I said, today is sober. Mercury in Scorpio can have us obsessing about the pathology of others. But, the point is, what does that say about the pathology of us? Of you? As much as I don’t like admitting I’m a schmuck (and there seems to be a lot of that happening with Saturn moving through Scorpio), there’s gold to be taken from that. What is wrong or debunk about you can be changed by you. That has to be some relief right? Were it never brought to our awareness we could never deal with it. Everyone knows that no one else is going to deal with it for you. Plus, what are you going to do about the conclusions you draw about someone else’s possible demons? You can’t fix that either. Nor should you try.


Which one of your psychological burdens are you allowing someone else to carry? Who is it that you mentally cursing? Do you have a secret subconscious nemesis? Are you able to look even deeper below the surface and see that those tendencies, those things that you are thinking about “them” may actually be trying to tell you something about you?

Are you brave enough to see what Mercury in Scorpio really needs you to see?

In case you were wondering, here are some links about the symbolism of Corn.

That last link, I think, resonated with me the most. The corn was still in the husk in my dream. I was removing the husk and choosing ears to take home with me. From the last link, I have this: “The seeds of corn also have the power of life and growth in them unless they have been processed, as happens with white rice and white flour, which is thus rendered ‘dead’. They can thus indicate your potential for personal growth, but this usually links with a power within yourself, the power of Life itself, that has the ability to move you and unfold your potential. This inner activity links your independent life with the whole.”

The power within yourself that has the ability to move you and unfold your potential”

Sometimes what we see about ourselves isn’t all that pretty. But, there is POWER in that, if you are willing to face it.
Don't fear the reaper. Ask him what the hell he wants.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mars Retrograde

My youngest son was 2 before he learned how to walk. He crawled a little as an infant. But, he crawled backward.

When he was trying to learn to walk, he'd pull himself up and start to take a few steps but his older brother would knock him down. Of course, I tried to stop this; I tried to help him. When he was just becoming brave and steady enough to really take off on his own, he became ill.

He contracted pneumonia and was placed in an oxygen tent in the hospital for two weeks. He couldn't move around much in the tent, of course. Plus, they placed his IV in his ankle. Walking ceased again.

It seemed that each time he would be close to mastering this physical ability, something stopped him.

Stand up. Get pushed down. Stand up. Get pushed down. Stand up. Movement is restrained and energy is thwarted.

My youngest son has Mars retrograde in his natal chart. What I didn't know when he was learning to walk is that this type of push/pull he was encountering would be something he would have to learn to deal with. I watched him go through the same ordeal with trying to learn to ride a bike, to play sports and basically anything that required physical dexterity. He didn't lack for motivation. He didn't lack for frustration either.

At one point, in his early teens, he screamed at me “Why do I always have to wait?” I didn't know. But, I knew he did, in fact, always have to try many times.

It was tough for him because his brother was the complete opposite. My oldest walked when he was 8-9 months old. He was an athletic child who learned to ride his bike all by himself and never with training wheels. When a physical task arose for my oldest to conquer, he did so effortlessly, it seemed.

Another big difference between the two, my oldest has an explosive temper. As an infant, he would bang his head against the floor when he was mad. His face would turn bright red. Eventually, he struck his head so hard against a wall it knocked him unconscious.

My youngest has an implosive temper. Instead of overtly showing his anger he allows it to tunnel deep within him. Watching him, you would think he was very slow to anger. But, in reality, he is throwing his tantrums on the inside lashing out at himself though he never moved the first muscle.

This is the difference of Mars retrograde. It is a stalling and frustrating energy.

Want to learn patience? Your chance may very well come when Mars turns Rx in Libra in March 2014 at 27 32 Libra. This comes right after Mercury back peddles from the beginning of Pisces to Aquarius from February 7 to March 1. The Mercury Rx occurs on the heels of a Venus Rx in Capricorn from December 22, 2013 until February 1, 2013.

These are personal planets, folks. And to top it off, Mars is not well placed in Libra. It projects from Libra. Everything projects from Libra. We are going to have to learn to own our Mars and deal with it without placing the blame on someone else. We are going to have to learn our true motivations and discover what is really worth the effort. We'll stand up and get knocked down. We'll see this planet move through the Cardinal Cross of Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto three times while in it's detriment.

Jupiter and Saturn will be working within these periods of personal planet retrograde. While Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are all direct, Jupiter sloshes backward through Cancer beginning December 1, 2013 right before the Venus backslides. The preacher, philosophizer, teacher doesn't turn forward again until March 2014 a few days following Mars' backward path. Saturn turns retro on March 3rd.

There is a lesson plan review here. And, it's personal. What are you learning? What chapters do you need to review? What have you been working on? Where are the loose ends? Can you structure (Capricorn) what you (want) Venus while being driven (Mars) to compromise (Libra)? Or will what you want (Venus) always be restricted (Capricorn/Saturn) by the motives (Mars) of others (Libra)?

We've the ability of foresight. The time to consider this, is now. When you figure out what you want (Venus Rx)...not what everyone else wants...can you be intrinsically motivated (Mars Rx) to go after it? We will soon find out.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Introduction Video

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