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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Setting intentions for the New Moon in Libra October 4th, 2013

Someone posted an update on Facebook that said “Did you ever wish you could draw a picture of your ideal mate and that is what you would get?” I had to laugh because that's exactly what I had planned to talk about this morning.

Ok, perhaps not about drawing a picture. More like conjuring a picture in your mind and then writing the description of what you see down on paper as you set your intention for the New Moon in Libra on October 4th.

Let me back up a bit and fill in some of the back story here. Remember Saturn in Libra? If you don't, Saturn traversed Libra from 2009 through 2012. If you slept through it, Cafe Astrology has a nice efficient review here:

The entire pass (when isolated to sign only and not involving personal planets or house position) boils down to this: “Taking a more serious look at our one-to-one relationships” also taken from the above link.

Now, this can mean your one-to-one romantic relationships, the relationship with yourself, the relationship with your enemies, bosses, money, ANYTHING. Hopefully you were paying attention during this time and took the initiative to define what you want all these relationships to be about. Hopefully you learned a thing or two. And, hopefully you set some sturdy boundaries in the realm of relationships. That was kind of the goal of the whole mess.

I find it interesting that both Lunar events (New and Full Moons) this year occur at degrees that are very, very close to Saturn stations from the time Saturn was in Libra. Just when you thought it was over... What this means to me is it is a valuable chance to employ some of the lessons that we have learned. For the purposes of this write up on the New Moon, in particular, I want to focus on setting intentions.

New Moon in Libra is an opportunity for a fresh start in relationships. A blank page, if you will. So, why not fill that blank page with a description of exactly what you want from a relationship. I actually did the very late days of Saturn in Virgo. Virgo LOVES lists! But, it also falls across most of my 7th house and encompasses my Venus. So, it made perfect sense for me at the time. Funny thing freaking worked!

You can call this magic if you want. I'm all for fairy dust and unicorns. But, if you prefer a more logical approach to the situation, when you consciously set down a definition for something that you want and mean it, your sub-conscious starts doing things to follow that direction.
Don't think for a minute that setting your mind on what you want in a relationship means that it is all going to fall in place without any effort on your part. Relationships are and always will be a work of art , compromise, acceptance, etc. Always. But, you've got to start somewhere! I think setting a long time goal and deciding what type of partner you want is an excellent place to begin.

Again, this doesn't have to be about a romantic partner. It can be ANY type of relationship. You just need to define what you want and then not be afraid to ask for it and expect it.

To begin, take ALL the negative thought and experience from your past—the jadedness, the liar, the cheater, the abusive one---and put it out of your mind for moment. Let it go. There were lessons to be learned from it but we are focusing on the future here.
Next, dream. If you could paint or draw a picture of your perfect mate...what would he or she look like? What types of values would this person hold? What types of things would you have in common? Write all the positives down.

Then, decide what the relationship is like with this dream person. What do you do together? What type of support do you give one another? What are the key points you are looking for? Honesty? Support? Great sex? Write it all down.

Now. This does not mean that Mr. or Miss Right is going to walk through your door at any given moment. It doesn't mean that you are going to run out and meet someone that fits this bill 100%. But, what it does mean is that you will be geared to draw people of this description into your life and by listing the qualities that are important to you, you will be more apt and aware of displaying them yourself.

Another true story: Be careful what you wish for. Keep it simple. I'd not be casting any love spells over anyone or messing with someone else's free will. NOT a good idea. This is for you. And, be as specific as you can. Know this doesn't mean you won't have to compromise some. Compromise is relationship is Libra is Venus is part of life. I'm sure you aren't perfect either.

I usually light a candle once I've written and set my intention. I use a small white tea candle to seal the deal because I don't like to blow it out, have a short attention span, and tea candles burn fairly quickly. You can use any type of ritual you are comfortable with in order to “make it real” for you.
Tuck those intentions back somewhere safe and pull them out somewhere down the road and evaluate where you are. Is there anything you would tweak about your list? That's ok too. It's a learning process, for sure. An evolution if you will. And, that is my advice for intention setting at this upcoming New Moon.

P.S. Don't forget Uranus is involved in this! Be inventive!