New Moon in Libra Oct. 4, 2013

The New Moon in Libra occurs at 11 degrees 57 minutes on October 4th at 8:35 PM EDT (times throughout this blog are all EDT). New Moons are thought of as "new beginnings" or "fresh starts." However, beginnings and endings go hand in hand. Often, a new beginning is some beginning's end as we reflect upon the phrase "when one door closes, another door opens."

Life and the cycles of the moon are continuous. Neither occurs in a vacuum and both interact with the world at large in some way or form. It is for this reason, that I encourage you to look back at what has occurred in your in life lately. What are the patterns? Particularly, what did you experience the week of September 16-22 and during the Full Moon in Pisces that occurred on September 19th at 26 degrees and 41 minutes?
This, my friends, was a pivotal week for many if ever there was one. I've found listening to the stories from that week when Venus/Saturn and the North Node all met in Scorpio absolutely fascinating. I've encouraged people to pay attention to the cues and signals they received from the Universe at that time. And, I will continually do so.
But, I'll also remind you that time is behind us now. It has ended. What is of great importance is what we have learned. I've an inkling we will need the information we gathered at that time as we march forward to this New Moon in October.  I also believe we will gather more information in the 3 days prior to this New Moon.

It's also important to notice what doors surprisingly breezed open for you during the full moon and which brick walls you found yourself running into---these were your signposts.

On Oct. 1st The moon enters Virgo and will oppose Neptune at 8:44 PM. Prior to the moon's opposition, Mercury will trine Neptune from Scorpio. It will be easy to lie. Untruths we be taken as fact. There is opportunity to spread delusion and most people will likely feel confused, lethargic, unsure. I would not be surprised if many go to bed early that night. And, I wouldn't be surprised of tales from a night full of extremely vivid dreams the next morning.
As the Moon marches forward through the night, it sextiles Mercury in Scorpio at 9:04 PM. Shortly after, the Sun squares Pluto at 9:24 PM. It's as if you get a gut feeling that something is not right; something is out of place; someone is lurking in the shadows. Then, minutes later, you KNOW something is not right, something IS out of place; light passes through the shadow and shows us someone IS there. None of these are comforting notions—and we are not nearly finished. If you weren't able to adhere to your need to sleep and you are still awake during this period, I'm inclined to say you won't sleep much tonight. If you did succumb early to exhaustion, that's not a promise of rest either as these transits can manifest for you through dream. Outside of EDT zone, this stuff happens earlier…in the light of day.
October 2nd's Sun rises while the Moon is meeting via trine to Pluto following Saturn's trine to Chiron in Pisces. I CAN DO THIS. And, certainly the energy is there to support your resolve. Your wounds have been dressed with sturdy balm and the scowl on your forehead says, "Bring it" even if it is expressed verbally as nothing more than a growl.

Through the night of October 3rd the Moon makes a jolly and optimistic sextile to Jupiter in Cancer (1:59 AM).  Things seem to improve overnight. Perhaps you wake feeling more refreshed and little less road weary. Then, at  10:12 AM the Sun opposes Uranus in Aries. Me vs We begins. Remember, this aspect has been waxing prior to it's exactitude meaning it's been gurgling and bubbling for awhile until finally the flaming fuse meets the gunpowder.

These shocks may be just what we need..believe it or not…in order to bring our wants and needs back to the same page as the Moon makes a sextile to Venus at 2:59 the same day. Temporarily knocked off course, we "rediscover" the depth beneath the veneer and are ready to help others along the same path.  Moon then enters Libra at 11 PM. Here comes the new moon.
On Oct. 4th, prior to meeting up with the Sun, the Moon moves into square with Pluto at midday (3:23 PM). There's that feeling again. The "other shoe" drops around 5:58 PM when the Moon moves through this cardinal mess into the me vs we continuum again with an opposition to Uranus. BOOM! What else? The tower falls right before the new moon occurs at 8:35 PM. The slate doesn't get much cleaner than that.
The Sabian for 12 degrees Libra, "Miners emerging from a mine." Blaine Bovee brings this symbol out succinctly in my opinion.
I especially like the reference to Emergence. Coming out of the dark. Shaking off the dust and dankness of the underground and feeling the sun shine upon your face and shoulders for the first time in a long time. The path out of that mine doesn't promise to be easy. But, there is the light at the end of this tunnel just within your reach.
Now, before you go having an all out panic attack or go hiding in your bat cave, let me remind you, this energy is out there for us to use and manipulate to the benefit of all. Saturn and Pluto are in sextile prompting us to find those firm resilient structures and use them. No false kings. No. False. Kings. Which means, integrity plays out in a big way…and I'm inclined to say Karma does too. There are peaks and flows in the energy just like any other day, any other week. Luckily for us, we know it's coming and can prepare to the best of our abilities.

That isn't to say that your foundation won't be rocked through this. It might. In these times, false foundations are meant to be rocked. Welcome to Libra Season. Balance. Be fair. Keep your relationships and the state of "the other" in mind. This isn't a time to be selfish. Nor is it a time to be passive aggressive or play dirty pool. Don't like how things have been going? Set your intention for the new moon with what you want to see in mind. More about this to come.