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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Setting intentions for the New Moon in Libra October 4th, 2013

Someone posted an update on Facebook that said “Did you ever wish you could draw a picture of your ideal mate and that is what you would get?” I had to laugh because that's exactly what I had planned to talk about this morning.

Ok, perhaps not about drawing a picture. More like conjuring a picture in your mind and then writing the description of what you see down on paper as you set your intention for the New Moon in Libra on October 4th.

Let me back up a bit and fill in some of the back story here. Remember Saturn in Libra? If you don't, Saturn traversed Libra from 2009 through 2012. If you slept through it, Cafe Astrology has a nice efficient review here:

The entire pass (when isolated to sign only and not involving personal planets or house position) boils down to this: “Taking a more serious look at our one-to-one relationships” also taken from the above link.

Now, this can mean your one-to-one romantic relationships, the relationship with yourself, the relationship with your enemies, bosses, money, ANYTHING. Hopefully you were paying attention during this time and took the initiative to define what you want all these relationships to be about. Hopefully you learned a thing or two. And, hopefully you set some sturdy boundaries in the realm of relationships. That was kind of the goal of the whole mess.

I find it interesting that both Lunar events (New and Full Moons) this year occur at degrees that are very, very close to Saturn stations from the time Saturn was in Libra. Just when you thought it was over... What this means to me is it is a valuable chance to employ some of the lessons that we have learned. For the purposes of this write up on the New Moon, in particular, I want to focus on setting intentions.

New Moon in Libra is an opportunity for a fresh start in relationships. A blank page, if you will. So, why not fill that blank page with a description of exactly what you want from a relationship. I actually did the very late days of Saturn in Virgo. Virgo LOVES lists! But, it also falls across most of my 7th house and encompasses my Venus. So, it made perfect sense for me at the time. Funny thing freaking worked!

You can call this magic if you want. I'm all for fairy dust and unicorns. But, if you prefer a more logical approach to the situation, when you consciously set down a definition for something that you want and mean it, your sub-conscious starts doing things to follow that direction.
Don't think for a minute that setting your mind on what you want in a relationship means that it is all going to fall in place without any effort on your part. Relationships are and always will be a work of art , compromise, acceptance, etc. Always. But, you've got to start somewhere! I think setting a long time goal and deciding what type of partner you want is an excellent place to begin.

Again, this doesn't have to be about a romantic partner. It can be ANY type of relationship. You just need to define what you want and then not be afraid to ask for it and expect it.

To begin, take ALL the negative thought and experience from your past—the jadedness, the liar, the cheater, the abusive one---and put it out of your mind for moment. Let it go. There were lessons to be learned from it but we are focusing on the future here.
Next, dream. If you could paint or draw a picture of your perfect mate...what would he or she look like? What types of values would this person hold? What types of things would you have in common? Write all the positives down.

Then, decide what the relationship is like with this dream person. What do you do together? What type of support do you give one another? What are the key points you are looking for? Honesty? Support? Great sex? Write it all down.

Now. This does not mean that Mr. or Miss Right is going to walk through your door at any given moment. It doesn't mean that you are going to run out and meet someone that fits this bill 100%. But, what it does mean is that you will be geared to draw people of this description into your life and by listing the qualities that are important to you, you will be more apt and aware of displaying them yourself.

Another true story: Be careful what you wish for. Keep it simple. I'd not be casting any love spells over anyone or messing with someone else's free will. NOT a good idea. This is for you. And, be as specific as you can. Know this doesn't mean you won't have to compromise some. Compromise is relationship is Libra is Venus is part of life. I'm sure you aren't perfect either.

I usually light a candle once I've written and set my intention. I use a small white tea candle to seal the deal because I don't like to blow it out, have a short attention span, and tea candles burn fairly quickly. You can use any type of ritual you are comfortable with in order to “make it real” for you.
Tuck those intentions back somewhere safe and pull them out somewhere down the road and evaluate where you are. Is there anything you would tweak about your list? That's ok too. It's a learning process, for sure. An evolution if you will. And, that is my advice for intention setting at this upcoming New Moon.

P.S. Don't forget Uranus is involved in this! Be inventive!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tarot for the New Moon in Libra, October 4, 2013: Five of Pentacles

I drew the Five of Pentacles for the New Moon in Libra from the Legacy of the Divine deck. This card has been popping up for me quite often in readings. What I find as the general underlying theme is Lack.

I think it is appropriate for a Pentacle card to show up for a question regarding Libra. Libra is Venus ruled and encompasses our relationships. These can be your relationship with your significant other, the relationships you have with your enemies, your bosses, your job, your money...anything. It is that 3rd type of energy that is created when you bring your energy to the table and mix it up with an energy outside yourself.

I may be biased (as I do have quite a lot of Libra), but relationships are the coloring of life. No man or woman is an island. Although, the Hermit (Virgo) will tell you it is ok to withdrawal inward from time to time. Libra will tell you that insight is largely wasted if you hoard it for yourself and do not share it in some way. This brings the second more Taurus-y notion of Venus to mind—Value.

This side of Venus can be value in the way of money, self-value or moral value. With Libra involved, I'd say the value can be found in the “other” and the “other” can appreciate and grow from the value found in you. It is reciprocal for good or ill.

Our lady in the 5 of Pentacles is haggered, dirty and looks quite road weary. Her eyes are tired as she stares directly into you extending her cup to be filled. Behind her is a glowing window with five golden pentacles. She looks as if she could have just emerged from the coal mine with the miners as indicated by the Sabian of the New Moon (12 Libra), “Miners emerging from a mine.”

Will this downtrodden beggar be you? Or, will you meet her? Will you be feeling the lack of hunger, loneliness, poverty, exhaustion? Or will you meet someone else who is?

If you find yourself in this impoverished state, it may be time to drop what is left of your pride and reach out asking for help. If you meet her, help if you can. This interaction or budding “relationship” will lead us to the scene found in the 6 of Pentacles which depicts a charitable exchange and all the possible scenarios that accompany that type of thing.

I attended relationship counseling at one time and the focus of the particular meeting I'm thinking of was interdependent relationships. The therapist indicated that we need one another. When one person leans on the other too much and becomes dependent upon them, this makes the relationship itself lopsided. However, when two people stand on equal ground both giving and receiving at the same rate the weight of the relationship is distributed evenly and both find themselves on more solid ground.

The traditional versions of this card show a debilitated couple walking in the snow past a warm and inviting church. Are they too proud to ask for help? Have they asked for help and been rejected? Are they fostering their current state of lack unconsciously because this is the life they know? There are many possibilities.

I think we have all felt “lack” in one way or form. And, in that lack we have a choice. We can perpetuate the state with feeling sorry for ourselves. We can ask for assistance. But, what I've found the most fulfilling is offering assistance. If I can walk around looking for the resources I don't have, I can also bend down to assist someone who cannot get to their feet on their own.

Neither the travelers in the traditional deck nor the begging woman in the Legacy deck are naked. They have the immediate tools they need to move from place to place and do have some protection on their bodies from the elements. Each can remain in their down trodden state or they can realize that even in that state they have something to offer. They each have resources even if they may currently see them as meager.

The days leading up to the New Moon have the potential to be rocky. We may be tired and feel as if we've just crawled through a dark and desolate place by the time we reach the opening of that mine. It may seem as if we are alone in our need. The key will be to recognize that we are not. Each of us will have traveled our own road by then and our lack may seem less than that of someone else's and I'm sure we will observe others who seem to come through this time unscathed. That is not ours to judge. What does belong to us is the ability to change our minds and thus change our world. Ask for assistance. Don't sneer at the downtrodden woman. Often angels appear to us disguised in such a way. If you are the downtrodden, reach out find the blessing that is there because if you are able to feel a lack then there was a time when you were blessed with more. And, there are hidden blessings that remain.

Foster those interdependent relationships that create true value. We need one another. Otherwise, we'd been placed on the planet alone—which obviously is not the case.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Moon in Libra Oct. 4, 2013

The New Moon in Libra occurs at 11 degrees 57 minutes on October 4th at 8:35 PM EDT (times throughout this blog are all EDT). New Moons are thought of as "new beginnings" or "fresh starts." However, beginnings and endings go hand in hand. Often, a new beginning is some beginning's end as we reflect upon the phrase "when one door closes, another door opens."

Life and the cycles of the moon are continuous. Neither occurs in a vacuum and both interact with the world at large in some way or form. It is for this reason, that I encourage you to look back at what has occurred in your in life lately. What are the patterns? Particularly, what did you experience the week of September 16-22 and during the Full Moon in Pisces that occurred on September 19th at 26 degrees and 41 minutes?
This, my friends, was a pivotal week for many if ever there was one. I've found listening to the stories from that week when Venus/Saturn and the North Node all met in Scorpio absolutely fascinating. I've encouraged people to pay attention to the cues and signals they received from the Universe at that time. And, I will continually do so.
But, I'll also remind you that time is behind us now. It has ended. What is of great importance is what we have learned. I've an inkling we will need the information we gathered at that time as we march forward to this New Moon in October.  I also believe we will gather more information in the 3 days prior to this New Moon.

It's also important to notice what doors surprisingly breezed open for you during the full moon and which brick walls you found yourself running into---these were your signposts.

On Oct. 1st The moon enters Virgo and will oppose Neptune at 8:44 PM. Prior to the moon's opposition, Mercury will trine Neptune from Scorpio. It will be easy to lie. Untruths we be taken as fact. There is opportunity to spread delusion and most people will likely feel confused, lethargic, unsure. I would not be surprised if many go to bed early that night. And, I wouldn't be surprised of tales from a night full of extremely vivid dreams the next morning.
As the Moon marches forward through the night, it sextiles Mercury in Scorpio at 9:04 PM. Shortly after, the Sun squares Pluto at 9:24 PM. It's as if you get a gut feeling that something is not right; something is out of place; someone is lurking in the shadows. Then, minutes later, you KNOW something is not right, something IS out of place; light passes through the shadow and shows us someone IS there. None of these are comforting notions—and we are not nearly finished. If you weren't able to adhere to your need to sleep and you are still awake during this period, I'm inclined to say you won't sleep much tonight. If you did succumb early to exhaustion, that's not a promise of rest either as these transits can manifest for you through dream. Outside of EDT zone, this stuff happens earlier…in the light of day.
October 2nd's Sun rises while the Moon is meeting via trine to Pluto following Saturn's trine to Chiron in Pisces. I CAN DO THIS. And, certainly the energy is there to support your resolve. Your wounds have been dressed with sturdy balm and the scowl on your forehead says, "Bring it" even if it is expressed verbally as nothing more than a growl.

Through the night of October 3rd the Moon makes a jolly and optimistic sextile to Jupiter in Cancer (1:59 AM).  Things seem to improve overnight. Perhaps you wake feeling more refreshed and little less road weary. Then, at  10:12 AM the Sun opposes Uranus in Aries. Me vs We begins. Remember, this aspect has been waxing prior to it's exactitude meaning it's been gurgling and bubbling for awhile until finally the flaming fuse meets the gunpowder.

These shocks may be just what we need..believe it or not…in order to bring our wants and needs back to the same page as the Moon makes a sextile to Venus at 2:59 the same day. Temporarily knocked off course, we "rediscover" the depth beneath the veneer and are ready to help others along the same path.  Moon then enters Libra at 11 PM. Here comes the new moon.
On Oct. 4th, prior to meeting up with the Sun, the Moon moves into square with Pluto at midday (3:23 PM). There's that feeling again. The "other shoe" drops around 5:58 PM when the Moon moves through this cardinal mess into the me vs we continuum again with an opposition to Uranus. BOOM! What else? The tower falls right before the new moon occurs at 8:35 PM. The slate doesn't get much cleaner than that.
The Sabian for 12 degrees Libra, "Miners emerging from a mine." Blaine Bovee brings this symbol out succinctly in my opinion.
I especially like the reference to Emergence. Coming out of the dark. Shaking off the dust and dankness of the underground and feeling the sun shine upon your face and shoulders for the first time in a long time. The path out of that mine doesn't promise to be easy. But, there is the light at the end of this tunnel just within your reach.
Now, before you go having an all out panic attack or go hiding in your bat cave, let me remind you, this energy is out there for us to use and manipulate to the benefit of all. Saturn and Pluto are in sextile prompting us to find those firm resilient structures and use them. No false kings. No. False. Kings. Which means, integrity plays out in a big way…and I'm inclined to say Karma does too. There are peaks and flows in the energy just like any other day, any other week. Luckily for us, we know it's coming and can prepare to the best of our abilities.

That isn't to say that your foundation won't be rocked through this. It might. In these times, false foundations are meant to be rocked. Welcome to Libra Season. Balance. Be fair. Keep your relationships and the state of "the other" in mind. This isn't a time to be selfish. Nor is it a time to be passive aggressive or play dirty pool. Don't like how things have been going? Set your intention for the new moon with what you want to see in mind. More about this to come.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Heart Shaped Box

“Is there anything that you want to take with you that is special to you?” She said.

“Yes. There is this heart shaped box. It's ceramic; painted red with a rose on top. It isn't very big. But, I made it with my whole heart.”

And, we found it. For years, it laid on my grandmother's dresser next to her jewelry box. When I was little, I would go into her bedroom and just look around. I always admired all her things. Little knick-knacks. Porcelain dolls. Jewelry. And, of course, I would always check to see what she was working on. Her current projects were always next to her bed along with whatever book she was reading at the time. The last thing I always checked was that the box was still there. Of course, it was.

When I went to the bedroom where she once slept and checked the spot where the heart shaped ceramic box always sat, it was gone. My heart fell. It was all I wanted. I don't need things to remember my grandmother. She died nearly 7 years ago. But, I've never felt that she really left. Maybe some people would call this being stuck in one of the stages of grief---denial. But, to me, I still feel her. I still hear her. If this is being “stuck” then I think I'll stay.

I remember, quite vividly, when I made the box. My mother and I were taking ceramics classes. This was the first item I painted. It took forever for me to pick it out. I knew I was looking for something specifically for my grandmother. I had three criteria.
There would have to be flowers. My grandmother could grow anything.

It had to be red. Red was her favorite color. She would say, “Everyone needs a little red in their life.” And, she always wore it whether it was an entire outfit or just a red broach. She always had a touch of red somewhere.

She would have to know I made it with love.

When I found the little heart shaped jewelry box with roses on top, I knew this would be perfect. My grandmother also loved jewelry. It was a passion we shared. As a matter of fact, jewelry is what my grandfather used as an enticement to get my grandmother to stop smoking. He bought a huge diamond cluster ring and I'm sure he said something like, “Please stop. I want you with me for a very long time but if I'm not enough to keep you here, then maybe this will help.”
She stopped smoking. I had always thought it was because of the ring. But, now, I realize the ring truly didn't have a thing to do with it.

When I started looking for the box, I wasn't surprised that it wasn't where it should be. My grandmother's things had been shuffled around from room to room since her death. The box had been there so long, I thought maybe it was wrapped in a drawer. It could even be in the attic. Worst case scenario? What if it had been broken in the shuffle?

I closed my eyes. And, I could see it. I could remember the excitement that welled up in my chest when I gave it to her. It was in a shiny red bag. There was no special occasion. I just wanted her to have it. It's red. It has flowers. It is shaped like a heart so she would know I loved her.

Memories of those stolen moments I spent peaking into her everyday life from the view of her bedroom came flooding back. I could remember her laugh. I could close my eyes and see her smile. I really, really just wanted to touch her. I would have given anything to just be able to hug her one more time.

I wandered across the hall and opened her closet door. When I did, I could smell her. It wasn't a perfume. It wasn't a specifically scented thing. It was her and the door's movement caused the air in the closet to swoosh around me like she had just entered the room. It was overwhelming. And, I started to cry...again.

I rested my head against the closet door and just stared at her belongings hanging there. Her bright red coat hung in the very center. I reached out to just touch it. I remembered my own red coat that I've worn for several years now. Each time I put it on, I'm reminded of her. Something led me to reach in the pocket. There, I found a neatly folded Kleenex.

I sighed heavily and took it from the pocket, “Thank you, Mammaw. How did you know I'd need it?”

It felt like a hug.

I started having this conversation with myself about how if we didn't find the box, it would be ok. I started reassuring myself that my memories of it always being there were valid. I told myself that what I remembered about making the box and giving it to my grandmother was true. I told myself that knowing all this was all that mattered.

A few minutes later, it was in my hands. I removed the lid and there was my name inscribed inside with the date. 1978. I was 6? I felt like I was much older. But, apparently not. When I look at a 6 year old, I wouldn't really consider that they had the strong feelings that I remember having while I was making it. But, I am a testament to myself that they do. I loved her bigger than life. I still do. And, even though the box is now safely with me, I really didn't need it as proof.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spiritual Cleansing

Today is the New Moon in Virgo. And, I thought, this is an appropriate time to share my personal formula for Spirtual Cleansing.

If anything, Virgo loves clean. I have Venus in Virgo and new cleaning supplies may me burst with joy. Yes. I know this is odd. I have the same reaction to school supplies and books. I could have worse afflictions. But, when those cleaning supplies are something that you can actually cultivate in your own yard (no matter the size) then my Venus in Virgo is happy, happy, happy!

This is the case with my formula for Spiritual Cleansing. Plus, it is versatile! You can use it as a bath tea, a deodorizing steam, a smudge (when dried), or dilute the extraction in water and safely clean anything in your home. Libra loves this..what a deal!

My formula is:

2 parts Lavender (flowers, leaves, stems..I'm finding it really doesn't matter)

1 part Lemon Balm

1 part Peppermint

2 parts Rose Petals (I use my own roses mainly because most of the store bought ones have dyes)

You can prepare this from fresh cuttings (which is the way I prefer) or you can collect the ingredients in the summer/late fall and dry them to enjoy all winter long.

For bath tea, I boil the formula in about a half gallon of water. How much you use really does not matter as long as there is enough there that the ingredients float. After the water and ingredients begin to boil, I throw in some epsom salts to dissolve. Then, I turn the heat down so the mixture simmers. The longer you allow the ingredients to simmer the more rich your infusion will be. I let mine simmer for awhile because it also detoxifies the air in the house. Plus, it smells WONDERFUL.

I usually try to make a double batch. After straining off the plant elements, I place the mixture in two containers. One goes to the bath tub with me immediately! I like to put some of it in the water and use the remainder to pour over my head right before I get out. Then, I allow myself to air dry as much as possible so the fresh scent lingers.

I allow the second half of the mixture to cool. Then, I pour it into an atomizer and use it spray throughout the house. This chases away lingering odors and the stray negative vibes. When I'm all finished, my house and I feel brand new.

I do usually try to do the bath with the tea right before bedtime. It creates quite a peaceful light headed relaxed feeling that you will at least want to take a nice nap afterward.

Metaphysical properties:

Lavender: Lavender promotes happiness and harmony in the home by invoking good health, providing tranquillity, ensuring fidelity and devotion in marriage and offering psychic protection. Lavender is a protector of children against the evil eye.  Lavender is said to stimulate the conscious mind and stabilise both the emotional and etheric planes. Lavender clears the environmental energies and neutralizes disharmonic frequencies and is often used for these reasons in purification and space clearing rituals.  Lavender is also associated with; Love; Health, Peace, Long life; Happiness, Chastity, Clairvoyance, Longevity, Sleep, Healing and Balancing.


Lemon Balm:Lemon balm's main action is as a tranquilizer. It calms a nervous stomach, colic, or heart spasms. The leaves are reputed to also lower blood pressure. It is very gentle, although effective, so is often suggested for children and babies. The hot tea brings on a sweat that is good for relieving colds, flus and fevers and an antiviral agent has been found that combats mumps, cold sores and other viruses. The tea has also been shown to inhibit the division of tumor cells. Studies indicate that the herb slightly inhibits the thyroidstimulating hormone and restricts Grave's disease, a hyperthyroid condition.

Lemon balm's antihistamine action is useful to treat eczema and headaches and accounts for the centuries-old tradition of placing the fresh leaf on insect bites and wounds. Lemon balm has antipyretic, refreshing, cholagogic and stimulating properties. Use a pad soaked in the infusion to relieve painful swellings such as gout. Use as ointment for sores, insect bites, or to repel insects. Use hot infused oil as ointment or gentle massage oil for depression, tension, asthma and bronchitis.

A clinical multicentric study in Germany offers evidence of the antiviral activity of a specially prepared dried extract of lemon balm against herpes simplex infections. The extract was a concentrated (70:1) dry extract of lemon balm which was included at a level of 1% in a cream base. Patients applied the cream 2-4 times daily for 5-10 days. In the group receiving the active Melissa cream, there was a significant improvement in symptoms on day two compared to the placebo group and on day five over 50% more patients were symptom-free than in the placebo group. To be effective, the treatment must be started in the very early stages of the infection.

Research has clearly demonstrated the plant's ability to impact the limbic system of the brain and "protect"; the brain from the powerful stimuli of the body and should be part of any ADHD formula. Combinations: Digestive troubles: hops, chamomile or meadowsweet Stress and tension: lavender and linden blossoms Formula for ADHD: 70 ml Bacopa monneira; 50 ml Ginkgo biloba; 30 ml Valerian; 30 ml Panax ginseng, 30 ml Melissa officinalis. Dose is 5 ml t.i.d.

Digestive: colic, indigestion, nausea; good for vomiting and indigestion of a nervous origin, relieving spasms and flatulence
Circulatory: a tonic for the heart, slowing its action, relieving palpitations and lowering blood pressure Genito-urinary: menstrual problems especially painful periods
Nervous: anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia, migraine, nervous tension, shock and vertigo
Emotion: melissa is vivacious and provocative, revitalizing the inner self and calming the senses. Makes the heart merry and joyful. Also helpful in dispelling a sense of dejection in times of grief or bereavement. Melissa calms raging emotions, engendering a state of quiet peace.
Other: used extensively as a fragrance component in toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes. Employed in most major food categories including alcoholic and soft drinks.

Ritual Uses: Lemon Balm is primarily used in the pursuit of romance. It is an herb which attracts, and is sometimes made into a charm and worn to bring a lover into one's life. It may also be used as a bathing herb, some of the delightfully scented leaves scattered over the water, or an infusion poured to mix with the bath. This is also said to attract romance.

For magickal purposes, balm is ideally suited for healing those who suffer from mental or nervous disorders. It is also very useful for those of sound mind who need to keep their mental processes in superior condition. A tea made of the leaves brings calm, which is appropriate for magickal students while preparing for ritual work.

Considered sacred to Diana, it is believed that it was once used in her temples.

Balm may also be used as a bathing herbe toward a variety of goals. It may be used as part of the ritual process of invoking the Goddess; it may be used when sharing a ritual bath with one's partner; or it may be used to find the fulfillment of one's personal desires.

This usage of lemon balm opens one to the divine love of the Goddess, but is also believed to add energy to one's being which makes you more appealing in the world of love and romance.

Planetary ruler: Venus

Spiritual Properties: Lemon balm has long been known as an herb that balances the feelings and the emotions. It helps resolve moodiness and melancholia. It was sacred to alchemists, and the plant-based philosopher's stone is made from an alchemical preparation of this plant. In a metaphorical sense, Melissa guides us as we traverse the misty emotional state of the Moon and enables us to view our emotions and feelings without getting lost in them.


Rose: Rose is the queen of essential oils and is also known as the flower of seduction.  It is a healing and balancing oil with a natural affinity with the heart. Rose has the highest frequency of any oil, and raises the frequency of cells bringing harmony and enhanced well-being to the body and balancing personal will. Rose offers psychic protection by raising the energy field frequency. Rose symbolizes divine or mystical love and attracts love, promotes confidence and is healing to the heart. Use rose oil in love spells of all kinds. Rose activates yin or feminine energies and awakens sensuality. Rose is also associated with; Protection of secrets; repulsion of evil, beauty, psychic powers, divination through dreams, healing, luck, protection, domestic peace and happiness.


Peppermint: Peppermint oil can be vaporised to clear and purify the atmosphere in buildings as its presence raises the vibrations of an area.  Burn peppermint oil in a new home to clear out any negative sickness energies. Peppermint prevents a downward spiral in consciousness, so it is especially useful following a trauma or when dark emotions set in. Use peppermint oil for healing, in a healing ritual place the oil on the person or their picture to help hasten the healing process. Add to psychic blends to enhance psychic awareness.  Use peppermint with other oils suitable for love or prosperity to boost love and abundance. Peppermint oil promotes sleep and visionary dreams which sometimes offer one glimpses of the future. Use in healing and purification baths. Peppermint is also associated with; Love, psychic awareness, lust, mental stimulant, energy; increasing psychic powers, Purification and self purification rituals.


The steam from boiling this mixture does open up your airway. If you have an bronchial or sinus illness (cold, flu, etc), it is really soothing. If you dip a wash cloth in the mixture and heat it in the microwave (Careful! Don't scald yourself!) you can lay it over your chest, throat or across your face and use like you would VapoRub. Best thing? You don't have to worry about what is in it because YOU made it and hopefully grew it!

I also pray through the entire process of gathering the herbs, steaming them and subsequently use them. This is in line with HooDoo tradition (which I learned from the fabulous Tarot Diva Dixie Vogel). I recite the Lord's Prayer because I know it by heart which makes it easy for me to focus (I don't have to read note cards to remind me of what it is I want to say). But, you can use any prayer, chant, mantra you wish. This can be (and should be) a very personalized experience.

To find Dixie, go here :

To find out more about HooDoo, there is this thing called Google... :)