Waking up with Jupiter in Cancer

Technically, we aren't there yet. Jupiter will enter Cancer any moment now. But, when I actually woke up today, it wasn't there yet.
Jupiter transits, to be frank, make me nervous. I have Jupiter in Capricorn in the 11th. If you go with traditional rulerships, then that's a double whammy of Saturn on my "good luck." (Traditionally, Saturn rules Aquarius, instead of Uranus, and the 11th house)
I've learned the hardway that Jupiter transits are not all rainbows and unicorns. They don't always mean you are winning the lottery. Sometimes, as a matter of fact, Jupiter can be a real smart ass.
Gemini is known for being the trickster. However, Saggittarius (ruled by Jupiter) also enjoys a good prank and when Sag pulls one off...it's big. HUGE! It is not often cruel though. Or at least not intended to be. All in good fun.
Jupiter does rule teachers. And you can find his smart assery in some of the roles of "teacher" that we've seen played on the big screen. There is, Mr. Miagi, from the Karate Kid. He was definitely a teacher but he did put a twist or a punch line at the end of his lessons. What about Yoda? Though I'm sure if Yoda were real and had a birthchart, he would have a heavy influence of Uranus, but his approach was very Jupiterian. An expanded view, and often more than enough sarcasm even if it was in a subtle way that you had pay attention in order to understand.

This transit of Jupiter into Cancer has me feeling both relieved and a bit anxious. Cancer rules my 6th house. This transit will bring a Grand Trine in Water to everyone that includes Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. For me, it will also pull my Pisces Moon into that trine along with my progressed Scorpio Venus and Mars. Yay! That's all good stuff! Right?
Sure it is. Until you consider that it will also oppose my natal Jupiter in Capricorn and square every cardinal placement I have...Libra Sun, Ceres, Uranus, Mars, Pallas, Pluto and Aries Chiron. That doesn't sound like much fun to me. Plus, Jupiter will light up the Uranus/Pluto square. But, I've survived the transit (Jupiter through Cancer) more than once..so..I guess I can do it again.
I keep trying to remember those previous Jupiter in Cancer transits. But, unfortunately, my memory of the last transit (2001) is overshadowed by the memory of 9/11. That entire day and several of the days following encompasses a large part of my memory from that time. I'm sure others feel the same way. It's hard for me to remember anything else from that year, really.
Another interesting thing to note, I think, that also makes the transit unique for me is the mutual reception between Jupiter and my Moon. Again, this is using traditional rulers. My Moon is in Pisces traditionally ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Cancer, a sign ruled by the moon. Natally my Moon sextiles my Jupiter. So, there is a bit of familiarity in all this.
Even though my memory of the last Jupiter transit is largely overshadowed, I have been able to correlate some similar themes from now and then. Then, I made a craft room. I'm presuming this was probably started with Jupiter last in Gemini because I was working with SO many mediums at the time. Glass, paint, fabric, wood, beads...the room was full and cluttered. But, it was my space. I could walk in to create something and literally anything was possible. Makes sense that this would have started with Jupiter in Gemini since Jupiter would have passed through my4th (home--we also built an addition on our house prior to the craft room..thus giving me room for it) 5th (creativity) before entering the 6th at the end of Cancer.
Now, I have a similar room. It's less cluttered. It has more purposes than just crafts and art. I also use it as a dressing room and it's where I keep my altars and tarot cards. It is still very much a creative escape. It is MY space in a home I share with 3 other people.
Also, which I found interesting to note, during Jupiter in Cancer last time I planted 24 Rose of Sharon bushes on the property I had then. I was married to a different guy than I'm married to now. We owned 2.5 acres of land and I planted the trees all around the perimeter of the property. I put metal tomato cages over them so they would be easy to see when my then husband was mowing the grass. He mowed over them anyway. I've not really figured out what the purpose of that was. But, I'm fairly sure you cannot run over 24 tomato cages and not notice.
This go around with Jupiter moving through my 4th to 5th, I planted 8 Rose of Sharon bushes in my new yard. It's much smaller, a little less than a half an acre. But, this time, the plants were actually a gift from my current husband. He brought them home to me and helped me plant them. He didn't mow over them but instead helps me keep them watered and frets that they need support as they grow--a tomato cage, perhaps?

It's the same but different. Same plant. Different husband. Different circumstances.
Same type of room. Different house. Broader purpose.
It's a sense of maturity in a way. A checkpoint to see how my life has evolved in the last 12 years.
I'm not complaining.
The "checkpoint" I ran into this morning was found when I got up to start the morning coffee. I look into my living room and my adult son is asleep on his old bed (from the room that is now MY space) with his son. There they were, all snuggled up together in his old bed. And, that simple sight made my heart so full that I thought it would explode.
This was the first time that my son has stayed at my house since he moved out when he was 17. That was 4 years ago. Jupiter was in Aquarius transitting my 12th house. And, it was transitting my son's 4th to 5th house cusp and his Saturn. The situation at the time was me putting pressure on him to be responsible. And, he was rebelling against it. Instead of playing by the rules that I had set in front of him, he left. Admittedly, I had laid down some hard lines and was also very sure that I was in the right...Jupiter was also trining my Sun.
When he left, I knew it was a crisis point where he would eventually be responsible for whatever decisions he made. THAT was the good news. The bad part of it was that I wasn't sure if I'd completely sacrificed my relationship with him in an effort to get him to that point.
With him sleeping in my house last night and being here when I first woke up, I guess I can put those fears to rest.
Plus, he tells me last night, "I'd like to go back to the 90's" I say, "What? No. Lets stay right where we are." He says, "But, I miss those days." I say, "You were a little guy back then. I was busy bossing you around. You miss me bossing you around and being told what to do?" He says, "No, I miss the feeling of being home with everyone. You told me what to do but it was in a safe way. I always felt safe. I miss all of us having dinner together. I miss aggrevating my brother when he was trying to go to bed. I miss being a kid and not having to worry about paying bills, or making food and I miss you."
Right there.
Is Jupiter in Cancer.
Being a mother is not the easiest thing in the world. But, the rewards of this job are unmatched and that is what Jupiter in Cancer is. The rewards of care. The point where your heart has sacrificed and bled and you've tried to do the "right" thing and then something happens and makes it all worth it. Like your 21 year old child in an out of the way kind of way telling you, "Thanks for my childhood, Mom."