These Dreams

My dreams have been very vivid the last two days. As a matter of fact, I'm on vacation right now but I got up at 5AM to get some rest. My mind seems to be just too busy while asleep.

After looking at what is going on in the sky, my extracurricular dream life makes sense. The moon, once it hit Aquarius, was travelling through my 12th house. Now, it is in Pisces, the Lord of Dreams.
Having vivid and detailed dreams is not something new to me. I do have a Pisces moon natally. But, these are so chocked full of imagery and action that they have been quite exhausting.

The first night, a man who looked a lot like Don Cheadle, led me through Hell. Hell was a building with many floors. But, instead of walking in on the main floor and going up, the stories kept tunneling further and further underground. There was a group of people there. I didn't recognize any of them. Mainly what I remember is the expressiveness on the face of the Don Cheadle doppelganger. I don't remember "hearing" him say much. But, everything he needed to say could be read on his face. He was speaking through expression. Not with words.

Last night was a long drawn out scene with my father and stepmother. He had bought a house that needed renovations. During the time I was helping them, my stepmother informed me that my stepbrother had to have a "Medically necessary" sex change. In the dream, he was in the hospital while we were speaking.

I, of course, asked her, "Why aren't you there with him?" She looked at me a bit confused and asked, "Is that something he would need me for?" Well...yes! I'd imagine that an early 20 year old man having a sex change would benefit from the support of his mother, right?

Later in the dream, I'm driving my father to the Dollar Store. When we leave, I notice that someone has shot my front driver's side tire with a cross bow. Apparently, I'm the only one in the group that thinks this a problem. So, much of the next part of the dream entailed me trying to convince them that we couldn't go anywhere until the tire was fixed.

Then, I'm cleaning the kitchen table in my grandparent's house and broke out in song. I sing pretty well in my dreams. In real life, not so much. But, I woke up saying, "I don't want easy; I want crazy." Which is a song by Hunter Hayes.

Regardless of where the moon is, I suspect this dream activity to remain steady as Neptune, which is Rx at Pisces 5' 16", moves to meet up for a second time with my Moon at Pisces 5' 08".
"Fairyland" By Josephine Wall
With this transit, my waking life is very similar to walking around in a dream to begin with. Things are fuzzy. Surreal. Definitely watery. And, it feels a bit like I have stepped behind the curtain into a world that is normally hidden.
Anything is possible in this place. And, I cannot say that I mind that.
This "feeling" and my recount of my own dream activity may be something you might want to bear in mind as we float through today's Pisces Moon. It will enter into the Grand Water Trine with Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Sun all in orb. Float. Imagine. Dream. Love. Anything is possible.