Taurus New Moon April 9, 2013

This new moon on the 9th is intricate. I don’t know how else to say it. I described to a friend that it felt like a flower blooming.
You see, sometimes I become so focused on the lunar event that I try to compartmentalize all that is occurring into a singular event. Transits and life do not occur in this manner. What often happens is multi-fold much like one flower is made of many petals whose beauty is not fully recognized until each one has unfurled.

It can also be equated to the peeling of an onion.
Personally, I’ve seen the events leading toward this new moon correlate to both examples.
Another thing that I seem to miss is that nothing occurs in a vacuum. There are other things occurring in your chart before, during and (Universe willing) after. So, it’s not like this new moon is going to come in and BAM! You know? The story continues.
Of course, it is an eclipse. These do tend to accelerate things and many times, eclipses throw the element of the unexpected in your lap. But, get this; sometimes the unexpected is not always a bad thing. It can be. But, not always. Either way, it isn’t the end of the story.
And what do these pesky nodes have to do with the whole thing? What does that even mean? I’ve read a lot about the shadow side of Taurus (South Node) and I understand that these shadows are what we should step away from in an effort to move toward Scorpio (North Node) but how do you do that? Isn’t there anything good from Taurus that we can take with us?

The answer to that is “Yes”. Yes, there is. The South Node, both in this chart and in our own charts is not just a collection of old outdated psychological patterns that need to be ditched. There is a wealth of knowledge, almost inherently so, that one can draw upon in order to get to the next task.
So, we are moving from Taurus to Scorpio. Earth to Water. To tie in what I just wrote with those elements, I can say “Just because you swim in the ocean, it doesn’t mean you lose your love of the beach.”
Taurus is steady. Earthy. It is what is tangible. What we have. Known. Comfortable. Stable.
Scorpio is elusive. Watery (emotions). It is what is not necessarily tangible but felt. It is a broader perspective. It is a knowing “There is more to this.”
I’ve heard a lot about ruts and being ejected from them. And, I can definitely see that. But, moreover, what have we accumulated (Taurus) that will enable us to move into the unknown (Scorpio).
The flower that is blooming didn’t just appear. There were things that had to happen in nearly an orchestrated way.
That onion has many layers to be removed before we reach the core essence. What do we have or do (Venus/Mars) that we hold on to for comfort (Taurus) that may be too heavy for us to carry into this new territory?
Better yet, where are we going again? That’s the big question for me. What exactly is it that I’m doing here? Well, you have to have an idea of what you want at least. And, I do have some very malformed inklings. They are thoughts that I’ve had over the beginning of the year and they go something like, “This doesn’t make me happy.” “I don’t like this anymore.” “I want to do something different.”
And, as a result of that, I’m finding that things I’ve made those statements about are morphing. They are changing. Universe help me, they are transforming. Some of it I’ve had a deep down expectation of. Some of it is bigger than my wildest imagination. It’s as if a window is opening and I can either choose to stay where I am or take a chance. I can step out of my pasture and into the river not really knowing what is going to happen or why. Or, I can stay put never knowing where that window may have led.
Both options are scary, if you ask me. What if I crawl through the window and fail? What if I stay put and risk never knowing what may have happened? If I let go of some of what I have will it really be replaced with something new? Better?

That is the mystery. There is not a guarantee here. Sorry. Life doesn’t seem to work like that.
I drew a card for this new moon from The Psychic Oracle Deck and received “Harmony.” The correlating card in a traditional deck is The Lovers.

The first thing I wanted to do when I saw the card was say, “Ohhhhm.” LOL. As a Libra, this card does seem very peaceful to me and full of promise.
Are the two people on this card just now coming together? Have they just met? Are they “in tune” but still have much to learn about one another? Or, have they been together for awhile and are so harmonized because of it?
My focus waned from that and moved more toward the feeling..that Ohhhm..that place where you stop asking questions and demanding answers and just go. The feeling of the card is there regardless of how it happened. Everything is going according to plan. Trust. Let go of the control and desire to know what is happening and how and why and just feel. The connection is there.
Try that right now.  Can you find the Ohm? Can you feel it?
Close your eyes. Stay there for a moment. What do you see?
Harmony is the “something” that happens when more than one voice comes together. More than one voice…which means this is bigger than you. Yet, it is about you all at the same time. You have to sing your part to be involved in the harmony. But, you cannot do it alone.

Whatever that window is that opens, at least give it a chance. Especially if there is a tug in your gut that says, “Do this.” Follow it. Don’t question. Just ohm.
Let the flower bloom. Keep peeling away at the onion. Know we aren’t finished yet. Not quite. Steadily plod forward.