Your Weekend March 9-10, 2013

Are we over our emotional hangover? Close. But, we are not quite there yet.
Saturday morning arrives with the Moon nestled in Aquarius. I’ve an inkling that many will sleep a bit later than usual and that’s not going to bode well with the time change in Daylight Savings Time areas. Yet, I’ve a feeling that is how the morning will begin. Slow.
We all have had quite the week from which to recuperate from.  It was indeed haphazard and emotionally draining for most. Now, however, we need to detach from that emotional volatility and start looking toward the future.

Many that I’ve spoken to this week are ready to move forward. I cannot say that everyone has not enjoyed this Pisces season. Many have found it as a reprieve. It was introspective to say the least. However, for many, the elusiveness and confusion that wrapped this time period caused it to feel exhausting.  Some felt their motivation disappear. Some watched valuables vanish. Some overestimated their abilities and spoke and acted in ways that eluded to their own inner demons in a way they, themselves, did not recognize.
While many of us slept, enjoying the livid animation in our dreams, the Universe was at work. There were key events that occurred which will ultimately affect us all. Endings. Changes. Specific mis-information. Flux. Instability. Fantasy. All of these things that have occurred were deliberately planted seeds. Some planted of our own hand without our conscious realization. Some fatedly embedded. Each will very soon burst forward and be known.

I would advise that you discern exactly what intention you wish to set on the Monday’s New Moon today (Saturday) before the Moon moves into Pisces. Review what has occurred from the end of January until now. You will be able to hold these events at a distance and gain a bit of perspective. But, after that reflection, I would advise you look forward. Think of the things you are aiming toward. Mentally script how you would like the rest of your year to play out. Go so far as to project to this time next year.  At that point, imagine you are looking back upon all that has happened. What advice would your future self give to your present self?
Then, come back to the present, and set your intention.
I would advise that the rest of the day be spent checking in with your community, your friends, your tribe..if you will. Avoid conversations about the news and current events. Instead try to direct focus to one another. Don’t speak about what you’ve read or heard is going on in the world. Bring it closer to home and see if you can gear the conversation so that people are talking about and focusing on what is currently happening in their own lives.

I say this because people have a tendency to focus on external events in an effort to escape their own life. It doesn’t mean that we should constantly ignore what happens on the world stage. But it does mean that we should not ignore our own circumstances in favor of getting swept up in the drama we see in the media. What we do as individuals and small connected groups is of greater importance than what we are being told.
It’s a good idea to take note of the things that you have personally started without much inkling as to why. For example, I’ve been pouring over creative projects allowing creativity to flow through me into various physical forms. I’ve also started hoarding money. I’ve paid all my bills in advance. None of these things have I planned to do. I’ve no reason why I did these things. I simply followed what I felt and this is where it led me. I would guarantee that most people will be able to find at least one thing that occurred for them in the same manner.
Does my hoarding of money reflect a future possibility of needing it? Does my interest in channeling my emotions through creative projects indicate that I will need the ability to do that later on this year? Both are quite possible. But, there was nothing to give me that indication while I was doing it. And, at this point, I honestly still do not know.
I’ve also been following a very strong desire to purge and clean. Purify the space my family occupies. Wipe the slate clean for a new beginning. And, I’ve had a strong urge to connect to the collective which, at times has been overwhelming. But, in doing so, I have also learned how to release a lot of what I was feeling both on a personal level and a collective level. I learned to let this wash over me and then dissipate. I learned it was easier to float than to try to direct the course of the tide. It was, however, not without challenge.
I have a lot of Cardinal/controlling energy. I’m also much more fixed than I had realized. When things are uncertain and constantly changing, I become nervous. And, that was the point that I learned to draw upon faith and surrender. This brings me to my point about Saturday night and Sunday leading us to the New Moon in Pisces on Monday.
Once you have done your work of future scripting and before you go to bed, let your intention be know via prayer. Solidify it in your brain “This is what I want. This is where I want to go.” Then, let it go. Surrender it to the Universe and have faith. Then, hold onto that faith while maintaining a knowledge that all things do occur according to plan—it just isn’t always our own plan and we aren’t always privy to the why’s and the how’s. Whatever it is you are wishing for let it go. Surrender it to the Universe. Don’t forget to include your wishes and blessings for everyone else. This should be an embracing and encompassing surrender. Lay it down.
After most of us are in bed on Saturday night at 1:20 AM EST (Before we reset the clocks) the moon moves into Pisces. During her last visit here (February 11-13), Mercury was direct and conjuncting Chiron, trining Saturn and then sextiling Pluto. Mercury has just finished that trek in reverse ending with a second conjunction to Chiron on Friday. He’s revisited all that information and is on his way to visit with the Moon to discuss it when she re-enters the sign.

The Moon stood on the other side of the zodiac and watched all that was happening from Virgo during the Full Moon on the 25th. She watched as events culminated. She watched confusion fester. She worried. But, she worked as she glanced to her left at Jupiter, to her right at Saturn and Pluto and directly ahead at Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Mars and the Sun.  She climbed around the circle and has met with Saturn and then scolded the whole group from Sagittarius while standing at opposite position to Jupiter (she was not pleased with what she was hearing) and squared off to each of these bodies in Pisces unsure of what they were up to. She passed over Pluto and worked through diligently through Capricorn grounding and preparing to meet up with the Pisces group again. She sent the Fish notice she was coming.
Friday and Saturday, has been her time to say her goodbyes and plan her approach before diving back into the sea. She will bring with her support from land (Saturn and Pluto). She will stand off to Jupiter in an effort to get him to soften his edges a bit—but knows she may become ruffled while doing so.
Her first meeting occurs early in the morning on Sunday. It’s scheduled for around 8:30 AM EDT (after the time change) with Neptune. Hopefully he will not forget to reset his clock thus beginning the string of meetings late. Don’t expect to understand anything that is passed between the two. It would however be an excellent day to begin with meditation. Tapping into the flow. Recounting your prayers and intentions from the night before. Feel. Release. Nurture faith. Quiet will be favored. One last bit of introspection and floating about.

Around 4:30 PM, the Moon has her meeting with Mercury. Here, she is filled in on all the information and details of his trek since she last visited with him. Once armed with this information, she is squares off with Jupiter. And, she may be quite agitated as she sorts through all the things that Jupiter has blown out of proportion. She may, herself, become victim of being overly stimulated. And, so may you. Her best bet (and yours) is to maintain a good sense of humor. Keep her perspective. Allow the tides to carry her while having faith in its direction.
At nearly 8 PM EDT, the Moon meets up with Chiron. Collective and personal pain could very well be felt. Nurturing can heal. Share your faith and your perspective. Look to those who nurture you. Nurture yourself and your own healing while having compassion for the wounds and healing process of others. Show Compassion to those that fall under your own wing.
At the end of the day, Moon checks in with Saturn and Pluto, finding a bit of grounding comfort after such a watery day. She’s able to find a bit of realism in this water color painting she has been swimming around in. This would be an excellent time for divination. Enjoy this bit of realism and ground yourself in an effort to connect to what else needs to be released..what else needs to be reconstructed or built. Look to those structures that support you and lean upon them. The tide has washed in over the past two days. Allow it to wash back out. Monday, is coming. And, the Moon has three last bodies to visit with directly on that day.