Work week forecast for March 4-March 8 2013

From distraught confusion to productivity and down again.
Sunday night (March 3), dreams are confusing and you may be rudely awakened long before the alarm clock goes off. Monday morning, you may be unsure of exactly what it is you want. Or, what you want is not what you need. This only gets worse as you will have a tendency to blow things out of proportion. Your brain is still reeling from the night before but it is a confusing type of rambling. I think the good doctor in Macbeth describes this best after he has just seen Lady Macbeth walking blindly in her nightmares.
    Foul whisperings are abroad. Unnatural deeds
    Do breed unnatural troubles; infected minds
    To their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets;
    More needs she the divine than the physician.
    God, God forgive us all! Look after her;
    Remove from her the means of all annoyance,
    And still keep eyes upon her. So, good-night:
    My mind she has mated, and amaz’d my sight.
    I think, but dare not speak.
Were you talking in your sleep? Were you awakened by someone else talking? Were you able to tell what it was they were saying. Were they giving themselves away? What secrets lurk in the mind in the middle of the night.

Focus is elusive and that is bad for a Monday (March 4).

9 am, you grab the donut. Or something rich and not on your diet. You don't care. You don't want to be at work nor do you feel like being at work.

You plod a bit. Your energy levels may wane. Again, no focus. You tackle tasks as they come.

Before the work day is over, you revisit what you overheard in dream? Hallucination? Slumbering speech? You aren't really sure how you feel about that and might decide to confront it when you get home.

It is all quickly forgotten in the evening chores.

Advice: He who maintains a sense of humor and perspective will fair the best. Be patient with yourself and others. Worry could very well be your worst enemy and this is a fruitless habit. Instead, find an opportunity to do something Earth related. Clean something. Organize something simple that doesn't require much brain power. Go for a walk. Tackle tasks in small chunks.

Tuesday (March 5) creeps in quietly but you are itchy. You don't want to spend the day the same way as yesterday. You slept better. You try to talk yourself into a good mood. But still, you don't really feel like doing what you are doing. Slow down. Take tasks one step at a time. This will pass. You will forget.

New bills are waiting for you in the mailbox. You realize you must do better tomorrow. Perhaps some ice cream and a good movie will provide a distraction.

You go to bed somber, yet determined.

Advice: Again, maintain a sense of humor and perspective. In the evening hours you will feel a bit more grounded. But, during the day, you won't feel like doing what you are doing. Lack of focus may facilitate the need to do something over. So, bear this in mind and take things slowly in an effort to get it right the first time. Take a break from electronic devices throughout the day. Ground. Maybe find time to meditate for a few minutes. At the very least practice controlling your breath in a calm even manner.

The dreams come again. This time, you don't wake before the clock (March 6). These were soothing magical dreams. But, alas, you are heading to work and something..just..happens! Ugh, you are going to be late.

Again, take your time. It's a bump in the road. Unexpected but surmountable. By early morning, you realize it wasn't such a big deal. Your mood improves after lunch. Perhaps it was a social affair. Maybe you tried that new place that opened in town. Maybe you just found time to relax. You certainly didn't technically work through it. Although, you do feel better because you were better able to concentrate this morning.

By midday you're dead on. You will finish this project and be able to clear off your desk. It is, afterall, humpday. The week is already half over and so is your work day. Zero in on what needs to be done to finish the week out.

The phones are busy. Lots of people are calling due business related matters. Did everyone wake up at the same time? You handle it well. Your productivity pleases you. You are the professional.

Later that night, something catches your eye that reminds you of something or someone you valued in the past. Was it a dear friend you had lost touch with? The elusive romantic interest that you allowed to slip right through your fingers. Or, maybe you just balance your checkbook and pat yourself on the back for staying within your budget.

You lie down full of satisfaction and stability. It has been a good day. You are happy and pleased with your performance.

Dreams are filled with charm and pleasantry.

Advice: Take advantage of your ability to focus more clearly and get some work done. Nothing brings about a good night's sleep like a day filled with productivity. Don't allow yourself to wallow in the funk that manifested from the past two days. Pull yourself up and move on.

You may even dream of a solution that you have been looking for. It could be followed by an extraordinary insight. Something you've overlooked..AHA!

The morning is smooth (March 7), dependable. You are still able to orient yourself to be productive. Late evening has you still filled with energy. You are upbeat. You may even tackle a few extra things when you get home. You do have that checklist..

Again, the night comes to find you satisfied. So much that you might even feel charitable. Have you noticed anyone around you struggling? Can you help them? What is that special “cause” you've been thinking about supporting.

Advice: It's a good night to be a little industrious. It doesn't have to be all work and no play. You should have a nice reserve of energy that supports you in spreading around a little joy. Physical activity of all kinds is supported. Yes, even sex.

It's Friday (March 8) Your mind may have stirred frequently last night but you've found your second wind with the carrot of Saturday hanging in front of you. You are on fire tackling tasks as they come and your mind is firing better than it has been for awhile..or at least you feel like it is.

You should try something new this weekend. Unusual. Break up your routine. Get out of the house. Go out with friends. The excitement of the weekends freedom builds as the day goes forward. But, your nose never leaves the grindstone.

Advice: Be careful not to set your expectations too high. There is a chance you could be disappointed. Instead, be realistic, grounded and supportive. There is still a weekend to be had. Surround yourself with positive friends. You will be susceptible to the moods of those around you but the ability to detach from that is also available. Generally, people will be happy but some will overdo. Avoid the heavy drinkers and be careful on the roads. Have fun. But, maintain a sense of safety. Be responsible but not uptight. Remember, everyone else has had an unpredictable week too.