Welcome Mars in Pisces!

I mentioned in my February Astro Update that with Mars in Pisces you can truly set your drive to music. And, this is true. We've got a dreamy warrior climbing on board this morning. So, to kick things off, I think I'll start with a little something like this.

And while we are at it, shall we pay hommage to the Merman? Of course..

The fact is, Mars in Pisces has a tendency to embody that sexy je ne sais quoi. This definitely comes through for many of it's natives.
First up, we have Heath Ledger. I chose him, because I love Heath. I've always connected with his characters and there is a familiarity with him that I simply cannot explain. Perhaps this is also part of Mars in Pisces.
From Heath's chart, we can see he also carries Mercury conjunct that Mars in Pisces. We will have this energy prevalent in the sky throughout February. So that's even more reason to use him as one of my Mars in Pisces examples.

Next up, we have Bono the leader of the Band U2. Bono has Mars at 29 degrees, which gives it a bit of a punch, I believe. His Mars wants to push into Aries so bad it hurts. But, he hasn't quite left his spiritual and dreamy nature behind completely, now, has he. Bono does embody somewhat of a spiritual warrior type. Plus, in his chart, you will see that Mars squares Jupiter..again showing what we will be contending with in February.
I can't say that Bono has the same type of humility that Heath has and I'd pinpoint that square to Jupiter as one of the reasons. Then again, he NEEDS to be a bit confident in order to stand firmly upon his own doctrines in order to artfully bring them to the world.
Yet, it's a good reminder to each of us to reach down deep and find some humility as these inner planets play with Jupiter. Mars to Jupiter can overestimate it's own abilities and feel pretty righteous in it's actions. So, remember, speak your truth but there is no need to do so forcefully. Everyone is going to be feeling this in some way and no one likes an aggressive pompous preacher.

Finally, I'll end with Marilyn Monroe. Her Mars in Pisces was conjunct with Uranus. And, it was a bit of brilliant sexy genius quality. Surprising too. I'm not sure many people thought Norma Jean would become the icon she did while she was young.
Marilyn's Mars/Uranus makes a lovely water trine with Saturn and Pluto which brings in more elements that we will deal with in 2013 (Uranus, Pluto, Saturn). You'll see, Marilyn also had Saturn in Scorpio (like we have now) yet Pluto was in Cancer, which is opposing it's current position. Interesting, indeed.

For added fun, and because we ARE talking about Pisces (the great escapist--at times), I'll round out my dissertation on Mars in the sign with a little Sex (Mars) on the Beach (Pisces).

Er..oh yeah, the drink too...

1 1/2 oz

1/2 oz peach schnapps
2 oz cranberry juice
2 oz orange juice

Add vodka

and peach schnapps to a highball glass over ice. Fill with equal measures of cranberry juice and orange juice, and stir.

Bottoms Up!