Venus in Aquarius

I was going to start my blog on Venus in Aquarius with a fictional pouting rant by Venus because I had written about Mars first. I thought Venus might say something like, “Mars always gets to be first!” and I would then soothe her by saying, “It's OK Venus, you always like to make a dramatic entrance and have the last word.”

But, then, as I looked more and more into what Venus in Aquarius is like, I decided this particular Venus would never say that and would probably appear largely disinterested in what I had to say all together as she had more important things on her mind. Besides, Venus in Aquarius can appear a bit of aloof and detached from the common everyday conversations.

When talking about Venus in Aquarius, I think it's important to note that this placement echoes aspects of Venus to Uranus and Saturn (traditional ruler of Aquarius) as well as placements of Uranus in Libra, Venus in the 11th and Aquarius ruling the 7th house.

I have Uranus in Libra in my natal chart as well as Venus squaring Saturn. So, you would think that some of this knowledge would be inherent to me. But, in truth, through studying Venus in Aquarius I learned a great deal about my own self.

When I first tried to visualize what Venus in Aquarius would look like, I imagined if Sheldon had a love child with a beautiful woman it would produce one of those alluring doctor or scientist types.

That's Hedy Lammar. She was an actress and beauty that subsequently patented a frequency switching system for torpedo guidance which was ridiculously ahead of it's time. She also had Venus in Sag sextiling Jupiter/Uranus in Aquarius.

I thought of the movie, “Weird Science” from the 80's where two nerdy teens produced a vixen. And, that is possible too.

But, looking further, I found a few surprising elements that I hadn't considered. Imagine that..surprises with Venus influenced by Uranus.

In my February Update, I mentioned surprise love notes and the like being en vogue as Venus traipsed through Aqua. I stand by that statement. Not only does Venus/Uranus like to receive surprises and the unusual but they also like to deliver it..which can be good or bad, of course.

Venus Aquarius can be the suddenly bolting beauty. She can be with you one day and then suddenly over you the next. Shock most definitely comes in many flavors. Some more pleasant than others.

Venus Aquarius also does have a love for the unusual. But, one thing that I overlooked is the rebellious tendency of beauty in the sign and the tendency to be a champion for a cause. Give Venus in Aquarius an unusual group of underdogs and she will be their biggest advocate.

I found this trait very attractive. I would, though. My Uranus in Libra placement is conjunct my Libra Sun and Mars.

The generational placement Uranus in Libra occurred from September 1968 to May 1969, June 1969 to November 1974 and, again, from May 1975 to September 1975. The first thing that came to my mind when looking at those dates was that the Summer of '69 was pretty eventful.
August in 1969 brought Woodstock and Charles Manson...

I think those two examples bring you the good, the bad and the ugly all at once. It's pretty easy to see how the love for the unusual and freedom can be perverted and cast into the shadows or bring together a group of people in the efforts of free love.
But, remember, Uranus in Libra was a generational placement. These things occurred over a long period of time and Venus in Aquarius, this time, will be a brief stint.
I did happen upon some interesting Venus in Aquarius natives. Of course, with Aquarius it has to be interesting. We have Sharon Stone, Nicholas Cage, Mozart, Bruce Willis and Isaac Newton. However, there were two that stood out as gleaming examples of the placement.
The first, Ellen Degeneres.

She's so stinking cute. Well, you cannot really say “Stinking”... Venus in Aquarius has a clean, crisp feel to it most of the time and Ellen exudes that. She not only has Venus in Aquarius, but it is conjunct her Aquarian Sun. Her Sun/Venus sees quite the action too with it's t-square formed between Uranus in Leo and Jupiter/Neptune/NN in Scorpio.
Ellen's a beautifully quirky entertainer. Her Sag rising gives her a bubbly appearance but she is definitely not the stereotypical blonde ditz. People magazine gives a nice collection of Ellen facts and she is most certainly the champion of many causes.

My second chart example is Sir Elton John. If he is not the epitome of how to make the unusual attractive, I don't know what is. As a person with a heavy Uranian influence, Sir Elton, I salute you.
Elton also gives us a peek of what Venus in Aquarius looks like along with Mercury and Mars in Pisces.

And, of course, he is no stranger to charitable works..
So. How can we use Venus in Aquarius effectively? Champion a charitable cause. Find beauty in the unusual. Dare to be the quirky beautiful you that you are.
Be wary of rejecting others out of fear of being rejected yourself. Take time to evaluate the causes and effects before you bolt out of a relationship. But, if you are in a bad relationship situation, the universe does support a quick cut off right now...particularly when Venus square Saturn in Scorpio on February 11th. Watch the quirky love expand with a trine to Jupiter on February 7th.
Pluto in Libra, mark the days of Venus trining your natal placement and you can use this as a launching board to foster detachment that leads to bravery in an effort to produce deeper intimacy in your relationships (with others, or with yourself). Pluto in Scorpio, you'll see this pass through via square so the energy will be a bit harder to work with. But, it's still possible. Watch for exploding alien love zombies.
Aquarius Venus can provide a breath of fresh air before Venus plunges the depths and illusions of Pisces. So, enjoy it. Just don't start any mass killing love cults..ok?