Full Moon in Virgo February 25, 2013

The full moon in Virgo occurs on February 25th hitting exact at 3:26 EST. I've been looking at the chart for over a week now.

The first thing that sticks out to me is the t-square with Moon in Virgo, Neptune/Sun/Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Gemini. My chart shows Leo rising with the Pisces stellium in the 8th house using the equal house system (except Neptune which sits in 7th right on the cusp of the 8th with Venus, which is placed on the very last degrees of Aqua.)

There are happier aspects to be found below the horizon with Moon sextiling Saturn and trining Pluto; Sun trining Saturn and sextiling Pluto; and Pluto and Saturn sextiling one another. The trine from Saturn is also within orb of Mars.

It's a busy chart with a lot of possibilities especially given that the t-square is in mutable signs..flexible, fickle, changeable and unpredictable. The chart definitely echoes change.

I can't help but be drawn to Jupiter in this chart. He is seen widely as beneficial. But nothing is “all good.” I've had a few personal bouts with Jupiter that haven't been all that pleasant. He has a tendency to blow things out of proportion. Something good turns into something absolutely without a doubt the best thing ever! And something that would be considered irksome on a regular day becomes horrendous. Jupiter can be pompous. He can be an in your face smart ass (especially while hanging out in Gemini). He can be preachy and self-righteous. Humility IS NOT his forte. He's pretty full of himself if you ask me.

{Jupter et Thetis-Jean Ingress-1811}

If you've read anything about the mythology of the marriage between Jupiter and Juno, the negative aspects of Jupiter are revealed. He was quite the playboy. And from the looks of his position (courting  all the girls except his wife—Vesta, BML, Ceres) in this full moon chart, not much has changed. He is, however, in cohort with Uranus in Aries and has been for sometime via sextile.

I find it interesting that I've not run across much on the astrology blogs I frequent talking about the very long close tie between these two giants even though evidence of the pairing is cropping up all over the place. Seen anything in the news religiously oriented that has people wagging their tongues lately? Pope? Anyone? And that's just the big example I can think of. There have been others occurring on more personal levels all over the place..unexpected opportunities, shocking news, etc.
In this chart, the pairing of Uranus to Jupiter occurs from the 9th house to the 11th. The 9th house is ruled by Jupiter..the 11th is ruled by Uranus. By a stretch it is a type of mutual reception according to house position. This is a good thing. It links religion and community, the judicial system and friends, hopes and dreams with higher learning. Right?

Jupiter and Uranus are the freedom kings. Neither one like to be tied down. They are the eternal bachelor and the rogue. So working together they are bringing the opportunity to foster freedom in many areas. But, let me remind you, freedom is NOT free nor painless. Uranus is still in the sign of the warrior and Jupiter is in fickle chatty Gemini. So, it's likely freedom comes via a string of shocking (Uranus) messages (Gemini) which inevitably strike some sort of chord (viola square to Chiron from Jupiter) giving a person the desire (Mars rules Aries) to break free. Not painless. But, very effective.
Uranus in Aries is also semi-sextile Chiron/Sun in Pisces. It's almost as if he is saying, “Come on Sun and Chiron..come out of the fog..deal with your pain..free yourself and get over it already..bust through these illusions” This is more harmonious than Jupiter's approach which can be likened to a wicked laugh followed by, “Here, Uranus, let me help you out. Watch how they react when I tell them this”

Speaking of Jupiter, I like to look at how his spouse is handling things when he is acting up. In this chart, Juno is in Capricorn in the sixth house basically unaspected. She is toiling away. Working. Serving. Performing her daily life. She has removed herself from this mess. Smart lady. That doesn’t sound like a bad plan to me. She could be over there doing her work and muttering under her breath nit-picking away at how Jupiter is showing his ass or worrying about how all this is going to turn out. But, to handle it, she is channeling that energy into work and service and responsibility.

{Juno feeds Herculues, Rubens, n.d.}

Hello. What about the Moon? Is this not a blog about the Full Moon?

Indeed, it is.

For this full moon we find the Sun in dreamy and confused while the moon resides in worry. They stare at each other across the polarity of Pisces to Virgo. The Sun is not alone in its confusion. The ruler of Pisces, Neptune, resides in the sign and is currently presiding over the way we communicate (Mercury) and act (Mars). Some are carelessly floating where the tide my carry them. Some are struggling, struggling, struggling to stay afloat. Some are undoing themselves with their actions and their words and they don’t even fully realize it yet. And, then there are some who are just drunk or stoned.

The Moon is watching this from across the zodiac wringing her hands. She needs to make order of this. She is nit-picking everyone’s decisions apart whether they are floating or drowning. She wants to help but isn’t sure how. And, with Jupiter staring down at both Sun and Moon it’s all taken quite to the extreme right now.

Foundations are being eroded. Pluto is at work and many feel as if the rug has been ripped out from under them. What they “thought” to be true is gone and they are left questioning, “Who am I without this? Who am I in this flux? I don’t know where I stand anymore.”

“Where is that stable foundation?” asks the Moon.

That foundation is literally sitting right underneath this mutable t-square. It forms the base of an Ariel formation making contact with both Sun and moon via sextile from Moon to Saturn and a trine from Moon to Pluto. Then, via sextile from Sun to Pluto and a trine from Sun to Saturn. Plus, Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception while forming a sextile between them. That’s a pretty firm foundation right there, if you ask me.

But, how do you use it? First, you become brave and realize you have two legs to stand on even if there isn’t a rug beneath them. You take this ugliness that just washed over you and look at it. Forgive yourself for it. Forgive others. Recognize and own your projections. Realize you have a shadow just like everyone else. You work. You re-build while choosing more sturdy lumber this time. You learn. You grow. You heal and help others heal with you. YOU FIND HUMILITY (because it’s better to choose humility than have it force fed to you).

By now, hopefully you have learned a little about where your true resources are. What is a mutually supportive relationship? Where is the fair give and take? Who can you lean on? Who are you available to support? Where are the energy drains? Are you one? This full moon could very well put that question in your face because it is certainly something we are to learn with Saturn in Scorpio. Since Saturn will be retrograde during this full moon we may be asked to re-evaluate some of those structures we once deemed as trustworthy and important.

Religion is at the forefront and will continue to be an issue throughout the year. It will become a more prevalent topic as Jupiter enters Cancer in the summer. We may encounter people who have had the foundation of their faith shaken to its core. Saturn and Pluto are exposing skeletons and leveling playing fields all over the place while Uranus provides the shocking catalysts of freedom. Some of the scenarios that come to mind that would foster a widespread shaking of faith is scary. But there is a main point, that I think is important to remember. It is also something that I think you may see inkling of (even if only subtly) during this full moon.

What comes forth is a crescendo. A climax. The last straw. Reactions will be inflated. Remember, it’s probably not as bad as it seems. And, if it sounds too good to be true, it very well could be and it’s best to proceed with caution. I’m not suggesting you let opportunities pass you by. I am suggesting that you take your initial reaction and scale it back two or three notches before you actually do anything. Ground it. Gain perspective. Chill and proceed as appropriate.

To deal with it best, Virgo loves to clean. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to start some of those spring cleaning projects now (your list of chores could very well begin to feel overwhelming as we draw nearer to the full moon). Rid your home of some clutter. Rid your MIND of clutter. Unplug. Help someone. It’s a great time to volunteer with Venus still lingering in Aqua (community) and Moon transiting Virgo (service). Detach from the media for awhile. Ground. Get outside. Find a happy distraction. Produce something.

Stop listening to what is being said and chattered about. One thing that is largely overlooked, I think, is the fact that Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces. Therefore, Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Gemini are in mutual reception. They are in cahoots too. But, the key to this is to not listen to what is being shouted but to FEEL what is NOT being said.

Mercury and Mars are headed for another collision soon. These two ships passing in the night do not necessarily proceed without waves. Be cautious out there.

As a side note, I’d like to say a little bit about Chiron in Pisces that is tied directly to this entire mess. Chiron in Pisces is a spiritual wound. And, unfortunately, I expect some new spiritual wounds to be implanted during this passage. For those that already bear this type of pain (ie: Chiron in Pisces, in aspect to Neptune or in the 12th) there is a chance to heal. Perhaps you had a bad experience with some strict religious folk and you harbor resentment and anger. This is not uncommon amongst the spiritual community.

{Chiron instructing Achilles with music, Bernard Lépicié n.d}

You may be faced with one of these people who have had their faith shaken to the core. You may meet someone who has built their entire way of thinking around an established religion only to watch its leader fall from grace. There are many ways this could come about. This is an opportunity to treat someone how you should have been treated. Its an opportunity to foster compassion and forgo judgment. Now is your chance to handle this possible reversal with understanding and acceptance. It’s a chance to remember this is not your path but theirs and we are all in this together even if we come from different directions.

Sure, there are plenty of staunch religious folks out there who believe their way is the only way and who will stand firmly in rejecting anything else while glaring down their nose at anyone who does not follow suit. There are plenty of religious folks who live the life of a hypocrite. But, there are also a lot of folks who follow a particular religion that in turn fosters a sense of community, a foundation of “right” and a sense of compassion and charity. Whether we agree with the basis of their actions or not matters little. It is still possible to foster these things between people who have a common intent but different backgrounds.

Besides, Spiritual snobbery and a tendency to judge and become hypocritical is just as prevalent as Religious hypocrites, snobs and judges.

Leaders will fall. The powerful will be swayed and corrupted by greed. Religions will be perverted. Spiritual concepts will be misused. But, when all this is washed away what you have left is a group of people who were following in good faith because they want to do the right thing and leave the world a little better for the generations that follow. That group is made up of some very diverse members who could learn a great deal from one another.

Overall, it will help to maintain a good sense of humor and a certain level of detachment so that you are not inclined to take anything too seriously. Full Moons are not the end of the world. Astrology can be subtle. "As subtle as a baseball bat to the head," as one of my friends said trying to give me a chuckle. Remember to clean and charge your stones. Light a candle in honor of the reflection from the moon and release..release..release.