February Astrology Update

February begins on a busy note with all planets moving forward. This is rare! But, the good thing is that it leads to new ground. Projects that have been contemplated or procrastinated about are either started or finished. It's a brisk scuttle forward all the way up to February 18th when the backward motion of Saturn begins (more on that in a minute) and Mercury turns backward on Feb. 28th.

February first has both Mars and Venus switching signs. Here's the good news..lol. Mars hits Pisces and Venus hits Aquarius. The good connotations of Mars into Pisces is it is a great time for sexual fantasies playing dress up and the like. And with Venus moving into quirky Aquarius that can lead to some freaky stuff. Eh, it's all in good fun. Just remember your protection if you are sleeping around because Saturn is still in Scorpio which breed diseases like antibiotic resistant gonorrhea and the like. After all, the last time Saturn was in Scorpio we found AIDS. Saturn (Deadly) Scorpio (Sex). True story.

Mars in Pisces is excellent for dancing and setting your drive to music. Want to relax..play that kind of music. Want to kick it up..pick something motivating. It's also good for movies and being motivated to go after your dreams.


the negative side of Mars in Pisces is that your energy can be zapped. You can get mad for no reason at all. You can actually get mad just by being around someone who is mad even though it has nothing to do with you. And, you can also pick up on someone else's sex vibes pretty easily.

The God of the Sea could get pissed off. The tide's comin in man..all through February so water is going to be an issue. Lack of it. Too much of it. I'm not sure. But, I'm inclined to say it will be issues with flooding, storms, problems with sea vessels, drug and alcohol issues (and I ain't talking happy drunks here..the use of these in excess could end in bar fights or aggression fostered by the same).

Think about the Pisces people you know and what they are like when they get mad. Don't they kind of run around in circles (even if metaphorically) not really sure what the heck is going on? Pisces doesn't get mad often (unless they have planets in Aries, which happens) but they are definitely not comfortable there. They would much rather go with the flow. And, they are pretty good at it.

Mars in Pisces kicks off the beginning of a pile up in Pisces that will be at it's height on March 11th (7 freaking planet pile up—that's a lot) but will be in pretty good swing by February 11th.

Venus in Aquarius is pretty cool. There are surprises in love. We are able to detach and look at our values and money situations in a non-emotional manner. We aren't as needy. We want the unusual. Good time to find love on the internet or with an alien (if you are into that sort of thing) and we will value the unexpected (surprise love notes or gestures like that). Also, while Venus moves through Aquarius it will be in happy contact with Jupiter. Jupiter is lucky and it expands everything. So it won't be a small surprise. It will be a BIG one!

While Venus is in aspect to Jupiter it's a good time to gamble or play the lottery. Best date for that? February 7th. Moon will be stabilized in Capricorn and conjunct Pluto (other people's money) and who knows..you might just get lucky! Bad side of Venus/Jupiter is laziness and a tendency to spend too much. Don't do that. Because Moon/Pluto will kick your ass. You need to be responsible and spending a couple bucks on the lottery isn't that big of a deal. BUT, spending your entire paycheck on a new pair of shoes is just kind of dumb and Capricorn WILL call you on it—if not now, later when you have no money for food.

Any love affairs started under Venus in Aqua will be exciting as hell but fleeting. So, count on it to be a quick flash of fun but you probably aren't going to be planning your retirement together.

So, that was Feb. 1st. What can I say, it's a busy month.

On the second we've got an interesting water trine going on which further connotes the influx of water over the next month or so. You will feel it today as the Moon trines Mars and Neptune (shortly after trining Mercury (planet of information and travel) out of sign. This is intuitive, dreamy, deep, creative. Definitely a go with the flow easy kind of day though you may be confronted by some deep emotions..water does that. But, enjoy this day because tomorrow (3rd) the Moon in Scorpio (which is pretty intense) conjuncts Saturn which can bring depression. But, it's just one day—remember that. It also squares the Sun (ego) at the same time so it very well could feel like everything is working against you including yourself. Breathe. It will pass quickly.

A buoyant Sag moon pops out on the 4th and it squares off with Mercury. We've got the optimist facing off with the know-it-all. They CAN work together but the know-it-all may be inclined to be pessimistic. He does however have some good ideas if the jolly moon can help him broaden his perspective. We are talking a Sheldon and Penny face off here (Big Bang Theory astrology..gotta love it). Moon will oppose Jupiter in Gemini so it's best to broaden your perspective because whether you are feeling good or bad it will be blown out of proportion. Venus will be in happy motion with Mars/Neptune. So, buy some mermaid lingerie or something..watch a chic flick or dance the night away..partner with your dream guy even if it is only in your dreams or in reality for just one night.

Speaking of Mars, it will be conjuncting Neptune from the 4-5th so all that stuff I said about Mars in Pisces will be kicking it hardcore. Poseidon is pissed. Pay homage to him. Check your boat for holes. Wear your rain boots. To me, this will be the true peak of flu season. What we see here is danger via the way of food poisoning, water contamination, fluid filled lungs, fluid imbalances. Drink plenty of water. Get plenty of rest. Be. Patient. Because you cannot fist fight Neptune. Seriously. People that will be hit the hardest by this will be our mutables (Virgo, Sag, Pisces, Gem) and our Cardinals (Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer). Cardinals will get it the worst through Feb-March, I think, because this stuff cannot be controlled. And, Cardinal likes control. Gonna have to let go of it (think of holding for dear life to the bottom of pier post at high tide. Hold on all ya want the ocean is not going to bend to your will..you are going to drown if you don't let go. Float. Don't be afraid—I'm talking to YOU Capricorn and Aries) Libra and Cancer will adapt more easily because Cancer is a water sign and Neptune is the higher octave of Venus (ruler of Libra and currently in happy aspect to Libra planets in Aquarius—detached and enjoying all this surprise love popping up).

Mercury zips into Pisces on the 5th beginning a tango that will last with Mars, Neptune and Jupiter basically throughout February. If you have ever wanted to learn something via osmosis now is the time. Watch for information to come in through dreams. Your intuition will be kicked into high gear---heed it. And, people are going to lie out their ass. Seriously. You will hear some of the biggest “fish that got away stories” you've ever heard. This is another reason you need to rely on your gut instincts. Believe NOTHING of what you read..hear..NOTHING. Especially anything published (ruled by Jupiter which is off the chain as it goes direct in Gemini). This also affects politics, law. Check facts. Check them again. Don't get excited. Rely. On. Your. Gut and how you feel about something.

Mars/Mercury in Pisces is high chance for accidents related to water. Drowning. Car wrecks due to high water. Boats capsizing on angry seas. Miscommunication especially when someone is angry or intoxicated so ask for clarification before you get mad or if you are confused.

Unexpected clarity comes for Mercury (information, communication) between the 12th and 13th with a trine to Saturn. Moon is in Aries that day and conjunct Uranus so it's likely to hit you out of the blue and could quite possibly provide a rude awakening. Clarity for Mars comes shortly after with a trine to Saturn between the 15th and 16th. Things will be more stable then with the Moon in Taurus and people will be seeking comfort and stabilized with the moon's opposition to Saturn.

Biggest chance for the whopper of fish tale comes on the 9th and expanded qualities of Mars (anger, aggression, sexual desire) on the 10th with both making squares to Jupiter on those respective days.

All of this sets us up and quickly follows the New Moon in Aquarius on the 10th. New Moons are for new beginnings and for setting intentions. Wants (Venus) and Needs (Moon) will be in harmony and aligned with Ego as the sun is still in Aquarius. Intentions should focus on friends, wishes, community, technological projects and fostering insight into situations which will be a good counterpoint to the wave crash of Mars/Mercury in Pisces. The moon will square Saturn the day before. So that's a bit of a downer. But, by the New Moon it's completely possible to foster a new hope. Afterall, that is what Aquarius is all about.

Valentine's Day has the moon in Aries making a nice sextile to Venus and the Sun. Mars will have hit Chiron on the 13th, which can be painful. But, with moon in Aries and moving on Uranus it is a good day to be brave and put your heart out there.

On the 18th, Saturn stations retrograde bringing an end to all planets forward. What happens here is a review of the lessons we have first encountered with Saturn in Scorpio. Who can you trust? Where are your resources? Are you getting a grip on your paranoia? How are you doing with handling your finances? Where do you need to make tweaks? Are you making any progress toward fostering intimacy? What are your barriers to that and can you start a plan to rid yourself of them?

The fun in Pisces really gets fuzzy when Mercury turns retrograde on Feb. 23rd lasting until March 17th. Grab onto your patience and hold on. This is the prime time for communication problems, phone and email issues, car trouble. Don't start anything new during this time. Review information and get ready for a second conjunction with Mars on the 27th. (See those issues previously mentioned and prepare to revisit them).

Mercury doesn't go backward enough to hit Neptune again. But the fish tales will be back with a square to Jupiter on 9-10th of March. There is a chance for a break of clarity with a trine to Saturn retro on March 7th.

To back up a little, the Sun hits Pisces on the 18th. We may become confused about who we are. We could be forgetful, dreamy, tired..again, fluids and lots of rest. There IS an antidote to Neptune. First is Saturn. Write stuff down. Find a way to be grounded..get outside when you can. Work on an indoor garden..get one of those zen things. But, getting outside is best. Connect with water..baths, saunas, hot tubs. Second, there is the Hematite. If you don't have some. Get some. I use the kind that isn't magnetized but I've got a lot of Aqua/Uranus influence. Buy some of each (it's cheap) and see what works best. But, this will keep you grounded and keep you from taking on the emotions of others which is a HUGE Pisces thing. They are susceptible to their environment so surround yourself with positive people and create some good emotional boundaries. Even if you have good boundaries, use the hematite because they will be hugely tested during this time.

Venus joins the party in Pisces on the 25th and 26th which corresponds with the Full Moon in Virgo. Shew. It's been a busy month eh? This is going to be a confusing one because it sits on top of Neptune. Who am I? Where am I? What's the address on the mailbox so I can call a cab to pick me up. Who ARE these people? Seriously. I'll write more about this as it gets closer but it will be a confusing time.

I have the most concern for people with Saturn or Chiron in Pisces. Native Pisces Suns/Moons will get hammered with their Solar and Lunar returns but Saturn and Chiron in Pisces are pretty sensitive. You have Saturn in Pisces if you were born between 1935 and 1937 or December 1964 to March 1967 or January 1994 to April 1996. Chiron in Pisces folks were born between March 1960 and January 1969.

Even though all this Pisces stuff will be hitting Jupiter in Gemini, these are both pretty happy signs. So, laughter will be the best medicine. Forgive yourself if you are tired or forgetful. Foster the ability to laugh at yourself. Look for the deeper lessons in disappointments. Be easy on yourself and patient with others. And..just keep swimming..just keep swimming :)