Venus Return

In an effort to better understand this Venus Return and where the focus should lie (besides the aspects made to Venus), I did a short Tarot reading to correspond to the energy of the return.
The questions I asked were as follows:
1)What is the general energy of this Venus Return?  Inverted Hanged Man
2) What is the best use of the energy in this Venus Return? Page of Swords
3) What is the expected outcome if the chartholder follows this advice? Inverted Three of Cups
My instinctual reaction to the cards was the energy is focused upon a crossroads, in relation to the general energy (the inverted hanged man). There may be a tendency to make hasty decisions in Venus related matters. Or there may be a tendency to act without thinking through the consequences. To me, this echoes the t-square in the Venus return chart between Venus/Mars/Jupiter.
Mars is also conjunct Juno in the first house of the chart. Since it is a Venus Return and Juno is involved, I would imagine this to involve contractual partners. Most likely spouses or business partners.
Juno is a quirky bird to work with. She does express through marriage with Jupiter. But, the larger story she has to tell is about commitment in any relationship. She did forego breakup of partnership through infidelity etc if nothing for the mere sake of maintaining the partnership. While the energy of Mars/Juno can be indicative of arguments or agressiveness within partnerships, the higher expression of Mars is motivation while, I believe the higher expression of Juno would be compromise and commitment. With the t-square, I see these energies playing out in the chartholders immediate relationships (7th house) and in work (10th house) most likely driven by self motivation and a desire to commit/compromise. This will most likely be a visible act as Venus is conjunct MC and Mars/Juno fall in the first house.
Of course, there is a choice of use of this energy. The chartholder very well could be an agressive partner and have continuous fights with those around her in order to publically uphold her beliefs and values. But, it does not have to play out that way. She can choose the higher expression of these energies and forge forward changing the entire dynamic of her thinking toward relationships and partnering. With Pluto as the chartruler, finding the higher expression is definitely (if not always) recommended.
I have two resources that I consider as Tarot Bibles. One is Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack. The other is Dixie Vogel's two book set. One gathers information for the Major Arcana while the other speaks of the Minor Arcana.
I will often read the descriptions from both of these books in order to obtain additional insight. Plus, it is always good to draw out of yourself a bit for perspective.
I discoverd that on the Hanged Man there is sybolism that depicts the Egyptian symbol for life, Ankh. Sometimes this symbol is called the Tau Cross. This information jumped off the page for me as I had just been working with channel writing and had the words "Mem" and "Tau" came to me. There were several words that came through while doing this. But, the rest of them, I was able to link together. These two remained alone.
In regard to the "Cross" I've noted seeing images of a trefoil cross repeatedly in my personal diary.
As I continued reading, I discovered (according to Pollack) that "Mem" is the letter often assigned to Trump 12 (or the Hanged Man). Mem represents "seas" and the element of Water. To me, this drew in emotion (water) to the situation. And having these two words pop into my brain, when I cannot remember a time ever seeing them in print or hearing them before, of course gave validation.
Overall, I gleaned that it may be hard for the chartholder to withdrawal from the spotlight in matters related to Venus. I feel that they will be at the forefront. This is also reflected in the chart as Venus is conjunct the MC. The Mars/Jupiter interplay could also put her at odds (a crossroad-Hanged Man) with having to choose between valuing (Venus) her own beliefs (Jupiter) and moving toward them or defaulting to the beliefs (Jupiter) of others.
I think it is interesting to note the overall Jupiter influence here. It rules the 2nd House of Values, Mars (action), Juno (commitments) and is found directly in the 7th house (relationships) in Gemini. It's placement in Gemini indicates an expansion of thinking, particularly toward life philosophies. Being in the 7th, it seems during this return, there may also be an expansion in relationships in general. Also, being Jupiter, there will be much opportunity to glean higher knowledge from 7th house issues.
So, overall energy? Being faced with instances where she will have to defend her values to herself and others. There may not be immediate chance to withdraw from public view in order to do this. There is an indication of disagreements and a desire to react hastily. But, instead, it would be best to move forward slowly incorporating information in an effort to enhance new and current relationships while maintaining respect for the beliefs of others as she too wishes to be shown respect for her own.
The Page of Swords, fell for the question of "What is the best use of this energy." To me, the Page feels breezy. There is an attitude of observation. He doesn't rush in charging like the Knight of Swords. Rather, he looks over his shoulder in reflection.
I feel it's an indication to detach from conflict. This will, of course, call for strong boundaries. It's best to observe and learn from experience than to allow yourself to spend too much energy being confused, angered or frustrated.
Detachment indicates Uranian influence. The chartholder has this influence strongly in her natal chart. In the return chart, it is found in the 5th house/Aries. In the 5th, it will influence the Placement of the Sun, which is in the 11th house (Uranus ruled). It also makes a nice trine with Mars and the Asc in the return chart. To me, this says that the ability to detach from situations in an effort to glean insight from them is available.
The expected outcome (indicated if the chart holder effectively address the indication of the Page of Swords) is the inverted Three of Cups. Right side up, this card indicates a shared experience or celebration. Reversed, the experience becomes unique and the celebration is internalized. Chartholder may be dissillusioned to find that support doesn't exist where she thought. But, by following the Page, she will know that this dissillusionment and falling away of support from others she believed to be supportive of her in the past, is actually a pathway for her to garner more true and supportive connections.
Some friends may be lost. And, even in the spotlight, the chartholder may feel alone. But, whenever something or someone exits our life we are able to fill that void with the energy we choose--if we act to do so. Even with loss, there is opportunity for growth and enrichment.
The 12th house in this return chart also draws my attention. It is Venus ruled and contains three bodies in Scorpio (Saturn, Moon, Mercury). Saturn in the 12th gives me indication that there may be karmic interplay in some of the Venus related activities for this person through the fruition of the return (10 months). Saturn also bridges the Sun (which is very near the 12th house cusp and also ruled by Venus) and the Moon. This can provide stability and grounding. The moon in Scorpio is indicative of an emotional renovation. Which, while not always easy, does prove beneficial if approached with the proper intent. Mercury in the 12th in Scorpio says that information through dreams (or nightmares) may assist with making decisions. Meditation and prayer would be beneficial in dealing with difficult emotional issues.
Emotion (water) is VERY strong in this chart. Bringing susceptability. It is recommended the person surround themselves with positive individuals as she could soak up the feelings of others. Much better to soak up positive than negative. And, with the moon in the 12th (ruled by Neptune) this thought is reinforced.
It is also important to note the aspect of Venus in the return chart to Pluto (return chart ruler). This would be indicative of the opportunity to foster intimacy and deeper connections in relationships. She may very well encounter people who have influenced her in the past in relationships (romantic corpses, old partners, old friends, etc). These encounters should be viewed as a learning experience and the times of the relationships should be seen as checkpoints in comparison to where she is now in her current relationships. She will be able to mark her growth while learning from past mistakes and successes. This is a very prominent and beneficial aspect to have with Pluto ruling the entire chart and also ruling Scorpio which contains the return Mercury, Moon and Saturn. Also, the chartholders natal 9th is covered primarily by Scorpio and contains natal Mercury (again, the 9th bringing in Jupiter/higher learning). In the natal chart, Sun, Ceres, Mars, Uranus, Pallas and Pluto all fall in Libra's 8th house making each of them Pluto/Venus influenced. Not to mention that this return marks Saturn's first steps in it's trek through Scorpio lasting for the next 2 and half years falling in the chartholder's 9th house.
The return Scorpio moon makes direct contact via trine to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in the return 4th. Also, return Chiron is in direct contact with the chartholder's natal Pisces Moon at the same degree. Saturn, again, is there to provide grounding and stability which is greatly needed with this much water/Neptune influence. I would say, much of this could foster great healing in the realm of Venus matters. That healing (with Chiron in the 4th and moon in the 12th) will affect both the core and the subconcious. I cannot imagine that to be anything but good. But again, not necessarily easy.
In conclusion, I've noted that the chartholder should pay attention to transits of inner bodies and luminaries (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury) around the mid degrees of mutable signs (Sag, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo). This will, indeed, trigger the t-square of Mars/Juno, Venus/AC and Jupiter. It will be particularly felt with transits to the mid degrees of Pisces as this will fill a grand cross in the chart while also involving her natal Pisces Moon. She should pay attention and track her lunar returns over the next 10 months.
Transits of Mercury to mid-degrees mutable (information, communication):
Saggitarius Dec. 22, 2012 (after turning direct in Scorpio in late Nov.)
Mercury will conjunct the natal moon in Pisces on 1/9/13 then pass through the mid degrees of Pisces 1/16/13. Chartholder is advised to pay attention to information received during this particular Lunar Retun in January.
Mercury will then retrograde back to the mid-degrees of Pisces (reflection/review) 3/3/13 and pass through the area one final time while in direct motion on 4/3/13.
Transits of Venus to mid-degrees mutable (values, relationships):
Sagittarius Dec. 28, 2012
Natal Moon and Mid-Pisces ~ 3/11/13  (See above, as Venus and Mercury will be traveling together with a stellium of plants through Pisces during this time)
Mid Gemini 5/22/13 (Venus will revisit the same degrees that held the "rare transit of venus" during the summer of 2012 and catch up with transiting Jupiter while squaring natal Venus/Vertex).
Transits of Mars to mid-degree mutable (desire, motivation, action)
Conjunct Natal moon 1/9/13 and passing through the mid-degrees of Pisces 1/22/13 (note, this corresponds with the transit of Mercury described above)
Mid Gemini 3/19-3/23/13 (corresponding with the passage of Venus through Pisces)
I would expect the above dates and the lunar returns to be indicative of matters related to Venus. It is also interesting to note that the chartholder's natal Venus is in the mid-degrees of Virgo (mutable sign) and is also the dispositor of a 5 planet Libra Stellium while making a near exact sextile with Mercury in Scorpio.
This, to me, looks to hold great potential for transformation and enrichment in Venus matters carrying through to the next return in August 2013.