Root Chakra Jewelry

I finished the necklace and wore it today. I like it. It's made from hematite and red jasper. The hematite is very heavy, so instead of my typical simple leather strap, I incorporated a chain and wove the leather through the links.

I found the necklace to be very grounding. The hematite really enhanced my clairaudience. I was unable to wear it while I was asleep because I was not comfortable with the increased tinnitus. I don't know the cause, but I felt the energy as soon as I held the hematite while making the necklace. I've always liked the effects of red jasper.

The middle piece is not exactly a depiction of the symbol I found for the root chakra, but I feel the triangle made a good representation.

Overall, I'd say the necklace is a success and I plan to continue wearing it.

What can I say..I have a little Libra :)