Root Chakra-Gemstones

I'm reading over and over that red and black stones are good for aiding with blocked energy from the root chakra. So, I've decided that while I'm working with this I will make jewelry meant to enhance the particular chakra.

In this instance, I will be using red jasper and hematite. I have worked with red jasper before and found it to be very grounding. I've always wanted to work with hematite, but this will be my first attempt.

Information that I'm finding about the root chakra is that overall grounding works well. So, I will continue my work along these lines.

I will definitely be making a necklace and would like to also make a bracelet and earrings. However, I might not get that involved. I plan to put these together with a black suede cord hopefully incorporating the symbol for the root chakra by hand bending heavy guage copper wire.