New Experiment! Tarot and Chakra. Post 1

I'm trying something new. I love to do that.

I'm working with my tarot in conjunction with studying my chakras.

You are welcome to follow along. This is how I started.
I first did a bit of meditation to get in touch with my overall energy. Then, I pulled 7 cards and laid them out in order of how the chakras fall in the body starting with the root and moving to the crown. The purpose is to have a card show which chakras may be blocked and give cues as to how to enhance each.

This is how the reading unfolded for me:
Crown: Inverted 7 of Wands
Third Eye: Three of Swords
Throat: Inverted King of Pentacles
Heart: 5 Cups
Solar Plexus: Heirophant
Sacral Chakra: Inverted 3 Coins
Root Chakra: Inverted 3 Cups

Ok, at first glance, I was able to see that I had 4 inverted cards which tells me the energy in those chakras (root, sacral, throat and crown) could be blocked. I've never worked with chakras before so my next step will be learning about how to unblock these.

Looking at the other cards, I realized that even though they may not be inverted, they definitely give cues about what is holding me back or affecting full function of the other chakras. From the Heirophant at the Solar Plexus, I see that my work in spirituality has been of benefit but cultivating a routine may be of help. From what I've read, the Solar Plexus works also with digestion and I've had some issues here for sure. But, I also know this is because my diet is off the charts as far as not  being regulated. So, while I'm working to unblock at the root, sacral, throat and crown, I will also be more dogmatic about what I put into my body as far as nourishment. It's a reminder to me about the importance of this. Spiritually, I've spent a lot of time learning. Now, it is time to employ that in a ritual that suits my lifestyle. Time to bring it down to an earthy matter, says Taurus. In tandem, I think these two suggestions will play well together.

I'll be beginning with work surrounding the root chakra to unblock. When I saw the inverted 3 of Cups, I knew instantly what that meant for me. This card has come up in several readings about my family particularly the relationship between myself and two female cousins. We were raised like sisters. Right now, however, we are at odds. I'm stuck grieving the loss of the relationship (which at one time WAS the picture of the 3 of Cups upright). To help unblock, I will be working on releasing and working through that grief. This is something I know I need to do. But, I'm unsure how to begin so I will be looking to information about it and meditating in that direction.

The next few blogs will track my progress with this (starting with the root and working upward). If you would like to play along, feel free. Or, if you have suggestions/references for chakra work feel free to share.