The World Today 9-2-11

Ideas fly like rapid fire today. Minds are active and going full force in several directions. Be careful not to lose control of it. You should still be mindful of your words and it’s never good to spread gossip or use such ingenious opportunity for ill service toward other people. Be mature. (Ha! Taking note of that myself). It’s a good day for being social if you can find the light heartedness in this and take everything toward humor instead of irritation. Look out for the person who knows no consequence for their words. Protect your computer. Anti-virus update, anyone? When my mind is on “pop rocks” I have a tendency to be a bit impatient. That tendency will be there today, I’m sure. But, avoid taking on too much at once and becoming overwhelmed. Step back. Ground and move forward. Harness that mental energy. After all, there are goals to be met. You have a chance to embrace the social or disconnect from it. Impatience leads to disconnect and irritability. For me, that leads to escape..such as full on intoxicated just to get a release. The reverse leads to the embrace which is less likely to have such a severe hangover.