The World Today 9-14-11

Got a theory? Trying to organize it all in your head and script what you want to say? Thinking of spreading some news or sharing your thoughts on a subject? Maybe you are just all caught up in the mental. Maybe you are over analyzing thinking you have it all figured out. Sometimes too many details can cloud the basics. How about you come out of your head for a minute? How about you introspect and ask that inner child of yours what they think. Take away all the bitterness, the unspoken word, and really feel what it is the innocence of that child is telling you. How does he/she feel? The answer is right out there in the open but you might be missing it by giving too much consideration to the minor details. What is real? You are gonna see it because it’s going to be brought into the light whether you want it to be or not. And it could be your most beautiful dream or your worst nightmare. You will have to be the judge of that.