The World Today 9-1-11

Have you ever seen the Titanic? I know you have. The part where the boat finally sinks and everyone who was left on it is now plunged into the ocean. At that point..who did they have to rely on? Ask Jack..nobody. At a point like that, survival comes only up to you.

Now, lets say you are in that ocean with no support..what should you do?
You could panic. You could flail around and try to swim to that unforeseeable shore. You could scream for help out into the nothingness. But, what are all those things going to do for you?

They are going to drain your energy..that’s what they are going to do. You are not going to last very long before you become exhausted. The best thing to do is conserve your energy and float. As long as you can..float. Right Rose? That’s how she survived. (that and she was able to overcome hypothermia..and she kept her thoughts on survival..and sang her way through—transcended it, if you will).

Pick your battles today because you are going to feel like you are out there all on your own without support. But if you are in an ocean..the water is supporting you by allowing you to float, isn’t it?

In the end, you’ll see where your true support is. Those steadfast things that never left you in the first place that you just take for granted will always be there..therefore not really giving them the credit they deserve. And who knows, maybe you might overcome a little of that pride and actually ask for help. Either way, you’ll know who and what really supports you.