The World Today 8-30-11

Have you ever known someone who is just lucky? It’s like fortune smiles on them and everything comes to them on a silver platter. What would happen if that person’s luck ran out? What if they had to rely on their own efforts to get where they needed to go? Would they be able to do it? Would they be as adept as a person who has always done this? I don’t think so.

Take away luck and you are left to make your own. That involves work and creativity. It also involves tenacity and endurance. If you feel like you have been stuck in mud lately and are ready to get going, today is the day when you can start moving forward. Resistance is less. But, you are going to have to take a stand.

It might not seem like much of a competition. It may be more similar to the playful fighting practice you see between two puppies. Most likely it seems this way because we have all been (or should have been) pushing and pushing forward in what I can only liken to knee deep hardening concrete. Don’t stop now. Keep pushing forward. Keep fighting.

Ah, but key here is to remember what it is you are fighting for! Look to that goal and keep it in the forefront. Avoid those distractions even if they appear minor and the course becomes easier while the goal become closer. Victory is entirely possible when all the tools are being used for the same purpose. Narrow down your objective to one obtainable goal and focus on it only. Don’t think there will be no obstacles; just have confidence that you have the ability to pass through them. And, don’t think that just because you reach victory that it is the end of your journey. It is only the beginning.