The World Today 8-24-11

The world is surrounded with a palpable buzz today. It is an earthy buzz of new luck, health or work that could lead you to direct prosperity. You may have a desire for Earthly things (food, sex, money, actual earth). There is a strong desire to dig into your roots and start your own.

The circle is complete. You are right back to square one but you are a totally different person than when you were there before. Integrate..all of it..mind, body, soul, past, future, present, you and the universe. All is connected and all is influenced by the slightest fluctuation of even one element.

Revel in your well earned praise. Celebrate success. Realize the four corners (earth, wind, fire, water—north, south, east, west) have met in completion. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Yes, because this is your chance to graduate from student to teacher or apprentice to master.

Trips are well favored. Even with Mercury still in retrograde. Just be sensible and have your car or vehicle serviced before you go. Common sense will serve you greatly.

Tame the lion. Either within or without by being patient, gentle and kind. He is passion. Direct him. Don’t let him run rampant. Work with him. Realize your own strength and ENJOY THIS DAY!!