The World Today 8-23-11

It feels like it has been a one long black day. But Little Orphan Annie just said yesterday, “The sun’ll come out..tomorrow.” Well, it is tomorrow. And the sun is likely to shine somewhere in your life today. For one brief moment everything is going to be alright and you should ENJOY IT!

But, (dontcha love that) don’t think that the challenge is over. You have built a good foundation and you should be rewarded for that and proud. But don’t quit building the dream once you have the footers poured. Fat lady ain’t sung just yet.

Enjoy the sun (wear your shades) while it lasts and then back at it we go! Because if you quit now that dream you are building is going to be ripped out from under you..sold, stolen, tricked away.
But today, put on your sunscreen and enjoy the view cuz here comes the sun! Don’t be blinded by it, but definitely bask in the glow! ( it’s not the train at the end of the tunnel)