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The World Today
August 4, 2011

This is my first shot at this, so be patient. Basically, looking to see how the world feels, for practice.

I don’t use just one method, but employ many different tools to do this. So, it’s not going to be something you see floating out there everywhere.

Ok, for today, August 4, we are looking at the principle of Judgment. Again. Didn’t I just write about this?

Yes, I did and it’s in the notes if you would care to venture to find it.

But this type of Judgment is a bit different. Of course there is potential for us to be judged by the outside world and there is potential to be judgmental toward the world. Yet, what happens when we turn that judgment inward?

What that means is, all these past hauntings are in our face; the time you were a complete jerk to your best friend, the time you wore that god awful outfit, the time you lied. Even the times you were out of the way nice. These demons and angels from our past are in our minds right now. And, just as outward judgment has a purpose, so does inward judgment. Consider what we have learned about judging others and don’t forget to apply that to you as well.
There is a reason these memories and haunting are popping up. Once in a while, we all need to look back and re-evaluate the steps we have made in order to go forward. It’s called growing up, facing you, bettering yourself. It’s healthy. If you are unable to look at your past mistakes and own your part in whatever went wrong, you will be inevitably stuck in time.

Personally, I don’t like being stuck. And, I’m more than willing to pull old stuff out look at it, own it and even broadcast it to the world so others may learn as well. But others find this quite hard. When I encounter someone like this I remind them that even though they may not be conscious of it, this fear of self-evaluation hinders them. It cripples them from being able to move forward in life and ultimately ends up controlling them. Yes, controlling them. I don’t like to be imprisoned either. So, when I find out there is a way to wriggle out of something, I go for it. And to think I may be imprisoning myself..well, that’s about as unforgivable as it gets. If you think you are NOT self-imprisoned, you are wrong. But, that is another story, not for today.

So, when these demons come to visit you today, what should you do about it? There is a tendency for information to be cloudy and confusing in the atmosphere right now. You very well might not have the first clue of what it means. What you are supposed to learn might not be clear yet. And that’s ok. Take note of what you remember. Jot it down and think about how it makes you feel. Then, sit on it. Not literally, but just let the thoughts surrounding it stew. When you are able, write down what you learned. What you feel you could have done differently. Ask yourself, if a similar situation arises, will I act differently? Should I?

Introspective questions like this will help you when the messages become more clear. Know that circumstances repeat themselves. This may be coming up because you are about to encounter the same thing again. And if you don’t want to add another demon to your closet, that fact becomes very important.  

Be patient with yourself. Half the universe is running backward right now. Mercury the planet of communication and travel, Uranus the Enlightener, Pluto the Transformer, Neptune the planet of Dreams and Spiritualism, they are all moving over previous stations so we may review what happened while they are direct. Note gathering time in class. It’s not time to implement just yet. But that time is coming. Those planets will go direct and one by one beginning with Mercury and so forth. When they are direct, they will pass over these same stations again and that is our opportunity to employ the lessons we are noting right now.

We will employ our final lessons of what we learned in regard to how we relate to the world with Saturn direct (He is in Libra, the relationship guru). That is definitely worth noting. We have been learning the lessons of Libra for nearly 2 years now. Well, some of us have been learning. Things like personal boundaries, respect, consideration of everything we relate to such as people (close and loose relations), business, our job, the government, ourselves, our home, our environment have all been in question and evaluated roughly since October of 2009. This is our final note taking study session prior to the final exam which will occur as Saturn slides out of Libra into Scorpio.

Not only should we introspect but we should not attempt to draw immediate conclusions. Our brains are apt to do that. But don’t let it this time. Leave your mind open because more information will be coming and it will be more clear as Mercury turns direct.

What can we expect from this? Freedom and evolution and growth. Learning from our past mistakes helps us not to repeat those same mistakes again. We may make new ones. But, we will learn from those as well. Each misstep we take has a purpose. Disregarding the lesson in a mistake defeats that purpose. Once we get the knack of self-evaluation and change we are freed from own self-imprisonment. I can tell you, this is an elating experience.

As a result of the judgment you are feeling today, you may still feel like your hands are tied. You may feel self-doubting and insecure. Know this is not the world’s view of you but your own at this point. It won’t last forever. Your hands will be loosed soon. It’s just part of the healing process. Growth does not come without pain. But, it also does not come without reward. Know that what you felt when the mistake happened will not feel as harsh now. You are not in the moment but it is more like looking at a picture and deciding how to pose the retake.

Hang in there! The sky is rough this week. Mars has entered Cancer and that can feel a lot like “waking up the whiny controlling bitch.” Try not to express the energy like this if you catch yourself. My whiny bitch woke up this morning and I fed her chocolate. She is much better now. Be nice to yourself. Be nice to others. And if you see someone struggling offer to lend a hand if you can. If you can’t, often a smile or hug will do. Everyone is capable of that.

Expect delays in travel, screw ups in electronic devices especially those that work with communication (computers, cell phones, TV’s) and be careful while driving. People are distracted and cars are mechanical. And, I would recommend holding any strong opinions to yourself for awhile.

As a request and as this is practice, please provide feedback if you feel any of this today. I’m going to try to do this daily and as I hone my ability the feedback will help me zone in on what is clicking and what isn’t.

Much love!