The World Today 8-8-11

It’s the morning after either metaphorically or literally. Say, you have discovered that guy isn’t the pinnacle of greatness that everyone thought he was. You went against your gut and now you are waking up thinking, “That was dumb. What the heck was I thinking?” Or, maybe you went out partying and drinking with your friends when you knew you should have stayed home. Now, you are literally waking up with one of the worst hangovers of your life. Again, “What was I thinking.”

Well, you weren’t thinking obviously or you wouldn’t be in this mess..right? You let them lead you. You left your most precious gift from the universe (your personal intuition) in the dust because everybody else thought it was a good idea. You knew better..didn’t ya..

You can’t go back and fix it. The damage has already been done. Your emotions are drained and now you are looking out on the horizon for what it was all worth.

If you start trusting yourself and quit being led by the nose, there is relief here. Remember this the next time. Trust your gut, not what other people tell you. It’s going to appear as if you are going against the grain. But you are not.

In truth, the result of this is your first step to thinking on your own. Welcome to independent thought.