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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The World Today 8-31-11

There is a new idea-- a new thought or concept. Your mind is active and ready to discuss and explore it.


There is always a “but” isn’t there?

You are in that situation, again. Damned if you and damned if you don’t. You struggle between expressing yourself and being ostracized and being silent and afraid to think or do anything therefore becoming oppressed.

It really isn’t an easy decision to make-- even though I often portray it to be. Usually when I see damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I’ll say, “Might as well do it then.” Yet, you have to consider the consequence of each choice. If you do, is the backlash worth it? If you don’t, is this level of oppression livable?

Only you can answer that. Either way, if you base your judgment of the situation in what is true to you then you gain control. Honestly, you can’t just go around blatantly expressing thoughts that are considered formidable by your surroundings and society and continue to be effective. If you feel like what you have to say is going to cause a reaction that outweighs your purpose of discussion maybe you should keep it to yourself for awhile until you figure out the best approach, at least. If you feel like you are going to explode and spiral into misery if you do not say something, then being ostracized may be worth it.

It is fully an individual choice.


I’m still debating.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The World Today 8-30-11

Have you ever known someone who is just lucky? It’s like fortune smiles on them and everything comes to them on a silver platter. What would happen if that person’s luck ran out? What if they had to rely on their own efforts to get where they needed to go? Would they be able to do it? Would they be as adept as a person who has always done this? I don’t think so.

Take away luck and you are left to make your own. That involves work and creativity. It also involves tenacity and endurance. If you feel like you have been stuck in mud lately and are ready to get going, today is the day when you can start moving forward. Resistance is less. But, you are going to have to take a stand.

It might not seem like much of a competition. It may be more similar to the playful fighting practice you see between two puppies. Most likely it seems this way because we have all been (or should have been) pushing and pushing forward in what I can only liken to knee deep hardening concrete. Don’t stop now. Keep pushing forward. Keep fighting.

Ah, but key here is to remember what it is you are fighting for! Look to that goal and keep it in the forefront. Avoid those distractions even if they appear minor and the course becomes easier while the goal become closer. Victory is entirely possible when all the tools are being used for the same purpose. Narrow down your objective to one obtainable goal and focus on it only. Don’t think there will be no obstacles; just have confidence that you have the ability to pass through them. And, don’t think that just because you reach victory that it is the end of your journey. It is only the beginning.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The World Today 8-29-11


Do you really want to know?

We are looking at some ugly emotional stuff today. Depression. Gloominess. That pull at the pit of your stomach that something is just not right (on the mild extreme). On the harsh extreme we have someone who is depressed to the point they may be considering suicide. Any one person is likely to fall somewhere in between. There is a potential for emotions to travel to a dark and ugly place.

Look to the mind. Logic. Textbook answers to guide your actions. Forego the emotional by playing up the facts. Things seem too hard to bear? Before you act on your emotions, ally them with cold hard documented truth. Make sure things are as bad as they seem before you blow everything out of proportion and add to the drama by overreacting. And if you cannot handle it, I highly suggest seeking the advice of a trusted professional. Sometimes we all need this outside perspective.

Some wishes don’t come true. Families fall apart sometimes. Crying can be unavoidable. Bad things happen. You can’t stop it. It doesn’t seem fair or just but know in the grand scheme there is a purpose. Have faith that there is. Stay true to who you are and don’t give up. Look for support where you can find it and definitely support others when you can.

Be careful traveling in or around water. This includes swimming, boating, or anything of the sort. Take extra precautions or stay away from it completely.

Oh yeah..Happy Monday

The World Today 8-29-11


Do you really want to know?

We are looking at some ugly emotional stuff today. Depression. Gloominess. That pull at the pit of your stomach that something is just not right (on the mild extreme). On the harsh extreme we have someone who is depressed to the point they may be considering suicide. Any one person is likely to fall somewhere in between. There is a potential for emotions to travel to a dark and ugly place.

Look to the mind. Logic. Textbook answers to guide your actions. Forego the emotional by playing up the facts. Things seem too hard to bear? Before you act on your emotions, ally them with cold hard documented truth. Make sure things are as bad as they seem before you blow everything out of proportion and add to the drama by overreacting. And if you cannot handle it, I highly suggest seeking the advice of a trusted professional. Sometimes we all need this outside perspective.

Some wishes don’t come true. Families fall apart sometimes. Crying can be unavoidable. Bad things happen. You can’t stop it. It doesn’t seem fair or just but know in the grand scheme there is a purpose. Have faith that there is. Stay true to who you are and don’t give up. Look for support where you can find it and definitely support others when you can.

Be careful traveling in or around water. This includes swimming, boating, or anything of the sort. Take extra precautions or stay away from it completely.

Oh yeah..Happy Monday

Friday, August 26, 2011

The world today 8-26-11

Here's an interesting dilemma. Let's say you love something that is impossible to love. It or they are impossible to love because there is a burr in the saddle. Something, an action, a thought process, a past incident that is prickling away and eroding the relationship. You don't want to cut this person off. You love them. But your ability to love them is hindered. In a family situation, this could be the mentally ill family member. You know they are mentally ill and you love them, but they refuse treatment. It could be the lover with an addiction. You love them. You see the problem and know it can be fixed but the person denies a problem exists or knows a problem exists but enjoys the drugs or addiction.

Leaves you with a lot of questions. The given is, you do not want to stop loving this person or you simply cannot. Please don't make me go into the enabler speech in reference to codependency. Know that you can love someone and hinder them and debilitate them at the same time without meaning to. There are milder forms of codependency that would not be referenced as clinical but they are just as dangerous and destructive.

Of course, you are going to feel trapped in a situation like this. Especially if you are the only member of a group or family that can see the problem. You might feel like you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Well, in that case, if you are damned either way why not make the decision that allows you to sleep at night. Speak up. Say something. Don't be afraid of the verbal backlash from those that don't agree. Be afraid that something might happen to this loved thing if you don't speak up. If you love this person, say what is on your mind and ask for help. Otherwise, you are going to be eternally trapped and the person may never seek help or may think no one even cared enough to intervene. Big picture. You have to think BIG PICTURE here.

If you do not relieve yourself of the self imprisonment of this situation you are basically shirking your responsibility as a loved one. You are allowing the mess to perpetuate. You're mistake is just as big as the person who is denying the problem or the enabler who keeps someone addictive so they may maintain emotional control over the situation.

The time to speak is now. Today. The astrology is right as well as the general atmosphere of the outter realms. Go for it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The world today 8-25-11

Oh the wheel in the sky keeps on turning..I love that song.

Are you ready for some karma? I hope so, because it's coming your way today. For some, it might seem like something good out of the blue. But for others, it is that smack in the face..but you know what, either way you deserved it one way or another. The act is good. Even if the smack does leave a sting take it as a signal “don't do that again.” Work on figuring out the “what” was.

It's going to be a surprise for sure. But, all indications are that it is for the best. Santa Clause is coming to AUGUST! Are getting coal? Or are you getting that shiny new bike you've always wanted.

LOL, that is yet to be seen. I'm hoping for the bike, myself.

When it first happens you might not feel a thing. That's called shock. There is good shock, you know. As in, what do you mean I just won the lottery? Or where did that come from? There is also the shock of “what the hell just happened?” Be numb. Good or bad..just go with it.

You have a choice about how to take this. Bad karma smacks you, you can be the martyr..the victim OR you can overcome that and learn from your previous actions/mistakes. I don't believe in bad karma really..karma is karma. You are going to get back what you put out and that's just how it goes. Being the martyr isn't going to help anything your next go around. So don't do it.

If you have a positive payoff..after the shock wears off everything is going to be glowing. Keep those good vibrations going! Look to someone who is suffering and uplift them. Share your wealth. Nurture those around you with those good vibes. Negative, look for the uplifted and see what they are doing that you have not.
Karma..gotta love it! Or at least I'm hoping you do today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The World Today 8-24-11

The world is surrounded with a palpable buzz today. It is an earthy buzz of new luck, health or work that could lead you to direct prosperity. You may have a desire for Earthly things (food, sex, money, actual earth). There is a strong desire to dig into your roots and start your own.

The circle is complete. You are right back to square one but you are a totally different person than when you were there before. Integrate..all of it..mind, body, soul, past, future, present, you and the universe. All is connected and all is influenced by the slightest fluctuation of even one element.

Revel in your well earned praise. Celebrate success. Realize the four corners (earth, wind, fire, water—north, south, east, west) have met in completion. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Yes, because this is your chance to graduate from student to teacher or apprentice to master.

Trips are well favored. Even with Mercury still in retrograde. Just be sensible and have your car or vehicle serviced before you go. Common sense will serve you greatly.

Tame the lion. Either within or without by being patient, gentle and kind. He is passion. Direct him. Don’t let him run rampant. Work with him. Realize your own strength and ENJOY THIS DAY!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The World Today 8-23-11

It feels like it has been a one long black day. But Little Orphan Annie just said yesterday, “The sun’ll come out..tomorrow.” Well, it is tomorrow. And the sun is likely to shine somewhere in your life today. For one brief moment everything is going to be alright and you should ENJOY IT!

But, (dontcha love that) don’t think that the challenge is over. You have built a good foundation and you should be rewarded for that and proud. But don’t quit building the dream once you have the footers poured. Fat lady ain’t sung just yet.

Enjoy the sun (wear your shades) while it lasts and then back at it we go! Because if you quit now that dream you are building is going to be ripped out from under you..sold, stolen, tricked away.
But today, put on your sunscreen and enjoy the view cuz here comes the sun! Don’t be blinded by it, but definitely bask in the glow! ( it’s not the train at the end of the tunnel)

Monday, August 22, 2011

The World Today 8-22-11

This is a time of new ideas. Did the world just take off in another direction?
Maybe. The slowness is about to speed up at least mentally. But even though that new thought or idea is right on the tip of your tongue YOU are at what may feel like your wits end.

Hang in there. STAY patient don’t give it up just yet. Something has been accomplished and you have had to work your tail off for it. But the opportunity you are expecting has not yet arrived and you might feel like throwing in the towel. DON’T. Good grief, trust me on this one, don’t give up just yet. Evaluate your work be it physical or mental and take stock of it. Watch for that opportunity and be ready to recognize it when it knocks on your door.

As a result, you’ll see..yeah, you’ve lost a little. Maybe you have lost a lot. But what is true, rewarding and stable is still standing.

And on a side note, I’m just as tired of telling everyone else to be patient as I am tired of telling myself. We had a bit of a breaking out of this over the weekend, but it seems like even though there was good news, bad news was right before or directly after. Welcome to life. Some ups..some downs..but eventually it all plays out just like it should.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The World Today 8-19-11

Have you ever floated in the water? Just let everything go and let your body’s natural bouyance overcome any fear of drowning? Perhaps you used a floatation device and just allowed the water to take you where it would as you quietly watch the sky float by. It’s a time of suspension, this floating. You have surrendered your control over the situation and just let things be as they will. Doing this, using floating as an example, allows you to see a different perspective—that is unless you are used to walking around staring only at the sky and not watching where you are going.

You may feel as if or have witnessed an ending. At the same time, nothing new has been introduced. A new beginning has yet to begin and you are lingering in that in between state. You may feel sensitive, vulnerable and introverted. Nothing looks the same to you as it does everyone else. Go with that. Quietly. Surrender all that you thought you knew and see what occurs to you as you look at life from a new floating perspective.

Disregard those who may come at this time forcing their opinions down your throats. Take no direction from someone pushing their own agenda. In turn, don’t be that person either.

Take that swirling idea that is in your head and quietly contemplate it. Look at it. Study it. If there is no swirling idea, stare at the blankness. Let the dots form pictures. Let the clouds take shape and liken them to images in your imagination. Again, internalize what you are learning.

Life is a constant evolution of thought and being not to mention an opportunity to grow in spirit. There are two ways to about and achieve change. The direct and honest approach or the sneaky around the corner approach. However, if you follow the direction given here allowing the swirling to swirl, surrender to the “water” and the “suspension” in regard to direction you will not only find new insight but also be ready to act upon it in a more direct manner.

For now, let your thoughts flow. Meditate. Pray. Find the quiet and avoid those who are not.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The World Today 8-18-11

Your chances of receiving assistance today are greatly increased..if you ask for it.

How's that for simple.

Fortune cookie style..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The World Today 8-16-11

Lies..gossip..and more lies.

The know-it-all who won’t shut up and absolutely cannot keep a secret or tell the truth is out and about today. *sigh* Look for him on the news. At your office. On the other end of your phone. Know that it doesn’t have to be a “he”. If you feel compelled to repeat gossip know you are no better than this guy. Want to tell an untruth? Make it a good hearted fictional story and not anything malicious. Trust nothing of what you hear today and keep your secrets to yourself.

Expect delays..blocks..and overall frustrations. Slow down. Take your time. There is opportunity out there to be happy if you can transcend all this.

Otherwise, keep your nose to the grindstone and toward what you know to be solid. This is the pinnacle of the week. It’s all down hill from here. I just hope there isn’t quick sand at the bottom. LOL---kidding J

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The World Today 8-16-11

Disillusionment is a tough pill to swallow. I had a dream once that I saw these brilliant dancing lights off in the distance. From my perspective it looked very much like a carnival! I found this exciting in the dream (I just love carnivals). So, I rushed off toward it waiting for the sounds of the carnival music. However, the closer I came I noticed the carnival music was never heard. I slowed my pace and kept walking toward the lights only to find that it wasn’t a carnival at all! There were bright lights there and they were moving but there were violent and awful things being done at the place. I was both scared and mad. Scared because if the violence I witnessed. Mad because I really wanted to see a carnival. But alas, that’s not what I found. I stood for a moment and looked at the scene and in the end my fear overcame my anger and I slooowly backed away from the scene as quietly as I could. “Back up..walk awaaay from the crazy people. Shhh.shh..quietly”

It is disappointing when we encounter such things in real life. I don’t know about you but my first instinct is to run and hide. Bury myself away in a safe place. I might become mad and bitter. Or I might just be sad. Either way, I typically feel completely confused and in the dark. Often disappointment and disillusionment can lead to a very dark place where light itself is afraid to enter. It’s a scary thing. For some, disillusionment and disappointment are so common that it wreaks havoc on their psyche. They become ill and do terrible things to others as a result of their internalized anger. There rationale is shot. They become hopeless, angry, confused and their reasoning is completely debunk.

If you encounter this today either within yourself or within another person I’ll reiterate my warning to myself in the dream..”Back awaaaaaay from the crazy people…shhh..quietly.” If that crazy deluded person is you hopefully you will recognize it. If that crazy person is someone else don’t bank on the fact that they will recognize it. Just turn away because there is no reasoning with stupid or insane. Give it up. Get out of the situation. Do not cooperate. Do not negotiate. Pass GO really quick collect your $200 and keep moving!

Instead, focus on something concrete. What have you been working diligently on? Give focus to that. Once you are out of the mentality or situation, slow your mind down. Take everything one little piece at a time and concentrate on the mundane details of it. If you are weeding a garden, weed it meticulously. If you are cooking something, pay extra special attention to the details of the recipe. What ever it is focus for only your sake. This will take your mind off the disillusionment and direct your energy into something worthwhile. Even if it is only worthwhile to you the attention to the detail will create a better quality product. Know that you may be the only one that notices it at this point, and that’s ok. You didn’t kill anybody right? You did something productive instead. Pat yourself on the back for that one!

On a side note, electronic communications are still a befuddlement right now. Automobile mishaps are rampant from cars breaking down to accidents. So by all means if you are traveling take all safety precautions. Slow down. Watch others on the road and be careful! Know that your computer is really not going to be your friend for awhile. You may have to rely on the standby of pencil to paper (do they still make that stuff?) But hang in there. Be patient with yourself and others. And if all else fails, scurry to that safe place for awhile where you know the crazy clowns can’t find you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The World Today 8-15-11

Nostalgic romance. I remember Valentine’s cards from when I was a child. My favorite were the ones that looked like they were generated in the early 40’s or 50’s. Do you know which one’s I mean? They are all flowery and detailed, sometimes cut to a certain form. They are not anything like the fold in half one’s that kids give out today with Sponge Bob and Scooby Doo on them. These types of cards have a different feel to them. It’s a nostalgic type of romance that is basically non-existent in today’s time for a variety of reasons. For one, in my opinion, women are afraid to be women and men are afraid to be men. I’m not talking about sexual preference here. I’m talking about some women are afraid to fulfill the natural urges of womanhood. They feel guilty for staying at home with their children instead of taking on a career. The reverse guilt of that is true as well. Some women feel guilty because they are indulgent in their career at the expense of starting a family. Men, well, that’s an entirely different story. Our men are taking a beating right now and it will continually get worse, says I, as over the next 12 years or so the role of “men” will gradually be torn down. Remember your grandfather? They don’t make them like that anymore do they? No. And there is a reason for that but to get to that you are going to have to bear with me.

Right now, women are at battle with themselves to normalize, to find balance between their instinctual desires and the demands of society. Society has changed drastically since the days of the proverbial “stay-at-home” mom. We, as a collective, have pushed the pendulum in the opposite direction. Now, women have more choices but at the same time are feeling the pressures of society. Eventually, that pendulum will swing from the extreme to a happy balance. You see, even though we can look back at those times and think about how children came home to a mother who had just made cookies and patiently wait their father’s arrival from work so they could have a family dinner and think, “Whatever happened to those happy days” we often forget that the picture is not as happy as it seems. Women were oppressed during these times. Not all of them, of course. But some married and had children and remained in that family situation because there were no other choices. The changes of the feminine revolution have changed that and now there is a plethora of choices. Maybe too many, because some women are still very confused about how they fit into the role of society. Like I said, that will stabilize and find a happy balance and the role of Mother will be restored but more as an “option” for a lifestyle of women rather than a requirement.

The same thing is happening for men. We are breaking down the role as a society and eventually we will rebuild that role without some of the traditional mindsets that have been hindrances for this gender.  Think about it. Do you know any men who are frustrated because they are expected to be both Masters of the Universe and The Ultimate Sensitive Guy? Would you not be confused and frustrated? It is going to take a very long time for the rebuilding to happen. But then again, this model with all it’s good and bad was not built overnight.

Basically, you may feel nostalgic today. You may flip through a photo album and find a picture of something you loved from long ago. It may instantly bring a smile to your face. Perhaps it was a relationship. Perhaps it was something else. Whatever it was you remember it as a happy time.
However, I encourage you, while you are enjoying that glimpse back, not to forget that at first glance things seem rosy and bright. But, do not forget that time is over for a reason. Something wasn’t right. Something didn’t fit. You’ve matured and grown since that time. Imagine trying to go back as the person you are now. It wouldn’t be the same. Gather those lessons you’ve learned since that time and apply them. Happy times are still coming. There is no need to live in the past but that does not mean that you cannot remember, enjoy, and learn from what you recall.

As a result, you will see that relationship is over. But, you are not over. You are still standing and can move on. Although, you may be moving on separately at this point you are carrying the lessons of the past with you. And you can rebuild new happy memories with those lessons that may last longer. They will be stronger, healthier relationships if you allow yourself to move on and not repeat the same mistakes.

For example, I got married on Friday. It was a bit off-putting as far as the circumstances go. My fiancĂ© and I were married in the same spot as my first husband and I. My first marriage was a disaster. I went into to it for the wrong reasons. I stayed for the wrong reasons. And I was a standing in that same exact place on Friday taking my vows the memory of all those wrong decisions came back to me. The pain of my first divorce quickly followed. But then, I looked at my now husband and could only smile. We were there for the right reasons. This is something we have worked very hard together to achieve. Even though the location was the same, I was completely different person than I was when I stood there the first time. My husband is a completely different man than when he was first married. This was a conscious choice not made from nostalgic romance but made from reason and cooperation and even though it doesn’t seem very romantic the day absolutely beat any fairy tale I’ve ever read. We mutually agreed to commit, forsake all others, to cherish eachother in sickness and in health and it was easy to do! We have plans going into this. What will we do if we get into trouble financially? What is the method of raising our children? What do we want to do when our children are gone and we are ready to retire? Do we support one another’s personal goals? Do our personal goals align with our marriage goals? We actually sat down and talked about these things openly and found a common agreement on many things. I know what is expected of me as a wife. He knows what is expected of him as a husband. How often does that happen?

It’s something to think about as we, the collective, move forward into change.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Word Today 8-11-11

Wasting energy. Have you ever done that? Let’s look at energy like money. You never really know how much money you are wasting until you start keeping track of it. Does that makes sense?

Say, every morning you go to work and stop at the gas station. At the gas station you buy a couple of little things that don’t really add up to a lot. Just a few bucks that you never miss. Well, if you start to think about $5 bucks a day, 5 days a week for 52 weeks is $1300. Do you really need $1300 dollars worth of snickers bars and tic tacs?

Energy is the same way. Waste a little here, give away a little there and before you know it you have exhausted yourself.

Just as in dealing with spare change, spare energy adds up. I just cashed in a big bucket of change and ended up with over $300 that I never knew I had. Also, never would have missed it.

Imagine if you banked your energy like that? How quickly would you get things done? Just how much could you accomplish by zoning out the little distractions that you might not even think you are giving much attention to. It sounds kind of complicated. Afterall, energy isn’t as tangible as a coin. But, if you start paying attention, I think you’ll catch on.

Are you over multi-tasking? Is that working for you? Often it doesn’t work for me because I end up half-assing everything. Everything is done, but nothing is of quality. However, if I slow down and focus on…time, when I’m finished the stuff is of much higher quality. I’m less stressed and can move on to the next thing.

Of course, in life, things don’t naturally balance. So, in taking your time, you still have to be mindful of your other tasks. So balance it out.

The best reward of taking inventory of how you spend your energy as far as getting things done and then banking the rest is by the end of the day you have more energy to spend doing the things you actually want to do. Remember that quick little piece of paradise we talked about yesterday? Well, banking your energy and being mindful of how and when you spend it gives you plenty of time and energy left over to enjoy that little piece of paradise a little bit longer and little more fully..versus rushing around all day like a chicken with your head cut off..accomplishing nothing..until finally you crash on your bed and wake up to do it ALL again tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The World Today 8-10-11

But then, it happens anyway. Funny thing, I’ve noticed about myself, is usually the absolute worst that I dream up is far worse than what really happens. Often, I will obsess over something and give it a lot of energy and think, “OMG! This cannot happen! It will kill me!” Then, I’ll be darned if it doesn’t happen and I’m still standing there. Not dead.

It’s like you play out worse case scenario in your head. Get all dramatic about it. Maybe you curl away in fear. Maybe you go at it full force. Maybe you just swim in circles of frustration and worry.

Whatever your initial reaction, it’s draining. Why the heck even worry about something or harp on something when it truly does no good.

Well, that thing you are so afraid of just might come up today. You just might have to face it some way. It will probably hurt. And most likely there won’t be a bed of roses following the event. But, what you’ll find, if you let yourself is that things didn’t exactly end in that ultimate destruction like you anticipated. No roses. But you are still standing. And not only are you still standing, you are freaking exhausted. You may feel like the entire world has stabbed you in the back. This is not something to make light of. These are big fears with big consequences. Your dearest friend may have betrayed you. Right after that, your boss jumps your ass for no reason. Then, your kid calls and says you are the worst mother in the world! And that’s when you start feeling it. Defeat.

If you are a fan of Shakespeare, like me, you may even utter the word’s “et tu Brute” as you feel the final blow of your demise.

What should you do? RETREAT! No, I don’t mean run away. I mean find that little piece of paradise that you have left and sit your big ass right down in it. Wallow in it.

You might thing..paradise? How the heck can I find paradise in a place like this?

Well, you can’t with that mentality. But I can tell you, the whole world could turn against me today and I still have a bathtub at home with hot water. I still have candles and a lighter. If my Ipod quits working, I still have books on my shelves that I can escape into. If your legs still work you can take a walk and enjoy the weather. Bottom line, find that little piece of what is left for you and indulge in it. Take care of yourself. Flip everyone else off, lock the bathroom door and steal your kids/grandkid’s bubble bath.  You need to recoup and no one can do that for you.

Hold your relationship boundaries tight. Other’s very well may need you today. But, feel free to let them know that even though you do care about their crisis, you are having a little one of your own right now and are unable to deal with theirs. Suggest they do the same as you plan to do. Go. Relax. Heal thyself.

As a result, when you emerge from that piece of paradise, there will be a new sunrise. Some things, including you will still be standing. Take inventory of them You have, after all, survived. And things weren’t quite as bad as you had imagined they would be. That’s a blessing in itself.

There is no promise that the world will fall in line after your retreat. Just that you will feel renewed and ready to face..whatever..again. It’s progress. Rejuvenation. A brand new day. You may feel proud for getting through it. But don’t be overly proud the whole picture is still unfolding. So while you should try to maintain your renewed self and remember that paradise, also remember you might fall again. You might not. But that is the chance we take everyday right?

Stand strong. Know you have backbone and the power to transcend and flame from the ashes.

Take care of you.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The World Today 8-9-11

The world today 8-9-11

Ever feel like you are fighting a losing battle? Imagine two sides of polarity battling it out. You are one of those polarities and it seems like the harder you try to get your point across the more muddled your message becomes to your audience. You may feel like you are wasting your breath or talking to a wall and WOW do I ever know THAT feeling!

The best thing to do in a situation like this is just shut up. That’s right. Put a lasso on your mouth and walk away from this. There isn’t a solution right now because communications are obviously hindered. Introspect about things you can control, like your approach. What are you really trying to say? Why are you having such a hard time getting that across? Is the battle even worth all the time and energy you are putting into it? Answering these questions will help when/if you faced with the same or a similar situation in the future.

But right now, today, a resolution just isn’t coming so let it go. Do something else.

The result of this will appear hopeless. But in fact, what you have done is removed yourself from an all too frustrating situation. The spotlight moves off you and onto something else and allows you deal with the one thing you can control, yourself.

Maybe read a book or listen to some music or watch a good movie because you are not going to get your point across today. But it’s not forever. Who knows, if you are less stubborn about it and give it a rest, you might just have a good day after all!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The World Today 8-8-11

It’s the morning after either metaphorically or literally. Say, you have discovered that guy isn’t the pinnacle of greatness that everyone thought he was. You went against your gut and now you are waking up thinking, “That was dumb. What the heck was I thinking?” Or, maybe you went out partying and drinking with your friends when you knew you should have stayed home. Now, you are literally waking up with one of the worst hangovers of your life. Again, “What was I thinking.”

Well, you weren’t thinking obviously or you wouldn’t be in this mess..right? You let them lead you. You left your most precious gift from the universe (your personal intuition) in the dust because everybody else thought it was a good idea. You knew better..didn’t ya..

You can’t go back and fix it. The damage has already been done. Your emotions are drained and now you are looking out on the horizon for what it was all worth.

If you start trusting yourself and quit being led by the nose, there is relief here. Remember this the next time. Trust your gut, not what other people tell you. It’s going to appear as if you are going against the grain. But you are not.

In truth, the result of this is your first step to thinking on your own. Welcome to independent thought.

Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5- The World Today

Well, this is going to be easy.

There is opportunity out there today if only you look around long enough to see it. If you ALLOW yourself to see them! The best way to start is to rejoice with someone. Congratulate them. Hug them. Be happy for them. Read the news. Realize how truly blessed you are and rejoice in that. That feeling of rejoice is contagious you know. If you don’t have it right now, find someone who does. And it will surely spread all over you.

Spread that smile in a dismal area. Share it. Let it glow.

Then, gather up that which is yours and take it home with you.

At the end of the day, you’ll be lying in your resting spot a know life really doesn’t get much better than this. hope.

Need a starting block? Here you go..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fulgora's First. The World Today

The World Today
August 4, 2011

This is my first shot at this, so be patient. Basically, looking to see how the world feels, for practice.

I don’t use just one method, but employ many different tools to do this. So, it’s not going to be something you see floating out there everywhere.

Ok, for today, August 4, we are looking at the principle of Judgment. Again. Didn’t I just write about this?

Yes, I did and it’s in the notes if you would care to venture to find it.

But this type of Judgment is a bit different. Of course there is potential for us to be judged by the outside world and there is potential to be judgmental toward the world. Yet, what happens when we turn that judgment inward?

What that means is, all these past hauntings are in our face; the time you were a complete jerk to your best friend, the time you wore that god awful outfit, the time you lied. Even the times you were out of the way nice. These demons and angels from our past are in our minds right now. And, just as outward judgment has a purpose, so does inward judgment. Consider what we have learned about judging others and don’t forget to apply that to you as well.
There is a reason these memories and haunting are popping up. Once in a while, we all need to look back and re-evaluate the steps we have made in order to go forward. It’s called growing up, facing you, bettering yourself. It’s healthy. If you are unable to look at your past mistakes and own your part in whatever went wrong, you will be inevitably stuck in time.

Personally, I don’t like being stuck. And, I’m more than willing to pull old stuff out look at it, own it and even broadcast it to the world so others may learn as well. But others find this quite hard. When I encounter someone like this I remind them that even though they may not be conscious of it, this fear of self-evaluation hinders them. It cripples them from being able to move forward in life and ultimately ends up controlling them. Yes, controlling them. I don’t like to be imprisoned either. So, when I find out there is a way to wriggle out of something, I go for it. And to think I may be imprisoning myself..well, that’s about as unforgivable as it gets. If you think you are NOT self-imprisoned, you are wrong. But, that is another story, not for today.

So, when these demons come to visit you today, what should you do about it? There is a tendency for information to be cloudy and confusing in the atmosphere right now. You very well might not have the first clue of what it means. What you are supposed to learn might not be clear yet. And that’s ok. Take note of what you remember. Jot it down and think about how it makes you feel. Then, sit on it. Not literally, but just let the thoughts surrounding it stew. When you are able, write down what you learned. What you feel you could have done differently. Ask yourself, if a similar situation arises, will I act differently? Should I?

Introspective questions like this will help you when the messages become more clear. Know that circumstances repeat themselves. This may be coming up because you are about to encounter the same thing again. And if you don’t want to add another demon to your closet, that fact becomes very important.  

Be patient with yourself. Half the universe is running backward right now. Mercury the planet of communication and travel, Uranus the Enlightener, Pluto the Transformer, Neptune the planet of Dreams and Spiritualism, they are all moving over previous stations so we may review what happened while they are direct. Note gathering time in class. It’s not time to implement just yet. But that time is coming. Those planets will go direct and one by one beginning with Mercury and so forth. When they are direct, they will pass over these same stations again and that is our opportunity to employ the lessons we are noting right now.

We will employ our final lessons of what we learned in regard to how we relate to the world with Saturn direct (He is in Libra, the relationship guru). That is definitely worth noting. We have been learning the lessons of Libra for nearly 2 years now. Well, some of us have been learning. Things like personal boundaries, respect, consideration of everything we relate to such as people (close and loose relations), business, our job, the government, ourselves, our home, our environment have all been in question and evaluated roughly since October of 2009. This is our final note taking study session prior to the final exam which will occur as Saturn slides out of Libra into Scorpio.

Not only should we introspect but we should not attempt to draw immediate conclusions. Our brains are apt to do that. But don’t let it this time. Leave your mind open because more information will be coming and it will be more clear as Mercury turns direct.

What can we expect from this? Freedom and evolution and growth. Learning from our past mistakes helps us not to repeat those same mistakes again. We may make new ones. But, we will learn from those as well. Each misstep we take has a purpose. Disregarding the lesson in a mistake defeats that purpose. Once we get the knack of self-evaluation and change we are freed from own self-imprisonment. I can tell you, this is an elating experience.

As a result of the judgment you are feeling today, you may still feel like your hands are tied. You may feel self-doubting and insecure. Know this is not the world’s view of you but your own at this point. It won’t last forever. Your hands will be loosed soon. It’s just part of the healing process. Growth does not come without pain. But, it also does not come without reward. Know that what you felt when the mistake happened will not feel as harsh now. You are not in the moment but it is more like looking at a picture and deciding how to pose the retake.

Hang in there! The sky is rough this week. Mars has entered Cancer and that can feel a lot like “waking up the whiny controlling bitch.” Try not to express the energy like this if you catch yourself. My whiny bitch woke up this morning and I fed her chocolate. She is much better now. Be nice to yourself. Be nice to others. And if you see someone struggling offer to lend a hand if you can. If you can’t, often a smile or hug will do. Everyone is capable of that.

Expect delays in travel, screw ups in electronic devices especially those that work with communication (computers, cell phones, TV’s) and be careful while driving. People are distracted and cars are mechanical. And, I would recommend holding any strong opinions to yourself for awhile.

As a request and as this is practice, please provide feedback if you feel any of this today. I’m going to try to do this daily and as I hone my ability the feedback will help me zone in on what is clicking and what isn’t.

Much love!